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  1. Maybe just change this whole forum to the ANZ Princess Medallion forum. Everything else discussed ,is disruptive and off subject .
  2. Windjammers have them but I used to get them in the Diamond lounge with Salmon. Last season , couldn’t find smoked salmon in the buffet .So I got a fresh steak and egg cooked. Steak,egg ,cheese with some ketchup Bagel is pretty good but don’t expect to be doing much later. Im pretty sure the dining room would do a off menu LOX for you.
  3. The bagels are pretty average but most of the bread is pretty average . It’s one thing Royal doesn’t do very well is bread products.
  4. What, this thread is digressing into another Princess Medallion one too .
  5. There was a lack of salmon last season in Australia. The only place I could find it was in the Crown and Suite lounge.
  6. There are USB’s but there are very used , I would take a adapter.
  7. I believe Petra is on the itinerary or Jordon ? It’s probably not going to happen but that’s life.
  8. Rome to Dubai, I would say a lot of people are transferring. Was under the impression you were on Anthem right through Suez .
  9. I know where you are coming from, I just wake up in the middle of the night!
  10. You need something to dream about. We have plan A,B,C and now thinking about Plan D .
  11. I haven’t really thought about that mic . A cruise is filling up and it’s just customer demand.
  12. That cruise is filling up ,only a few junior suites left and standard cabins look well over half sold. It was only released last week .
  13. There was a ship hijacked just the other day. https://safety4sea.com/hormuz-container-seizure-causes-new-headache-for-the-industry/
  14. Plan A which looks like a fizzer .Plan B which I’m not real confident in and now working on Plan C . Provisions would be an issue for Royal,I don’t think they have Fosters in South Africa.
  15. I like where uncle Bob first saw Icon ,he said he let out a Gordon Ramsay .
  16. This bloke has an interesting view of Icon here Geoff . Its going to be a big money spinner as they come from near and far .
  17. It seems Anthems repo for passengers has been cancelled and they have been offered to join Voyagers
  18. You may as well transfer to Voyager,if that actually happens.
  19. It might not be practical to have passengers Ken. It would probably be broken up into segments around Africa and there might not be enough flights to transfer passengers. If you take Capetown,there might be 3,000 passengers getting off and another 3,000 getting on . There wouldn’t be enough flights to handle a extra 6,000 people moving through Capetown.
  20. That’s what I’m worried about, that problem isn’t going anywhere fast.
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