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  1. That’s a reasonable price ,nothing wrong with that. I have got a balcony for $170 a day on Ovation.And I’ve paid $300 a day each (got ripped off).But it’s what we wanted at the time. Ovation is a big ship,it’s a mass marketing ship .All the cabins are identical.like the MacDonalds of the sea. $223 per head and if there’s a special cabin you you want and if you’re comfortable with that I would go for it. But if I were you wait till December there’s usually some good prices but the cabins maybe hit and miss . December is the best time to get a bargain with Royal Caribbean. you said you want a high deck. deck 13 forward elevators,as close to the elevators as possible. with a big ship like Ovationthe problem is the crowds of people,4500 passengers. The forward elevators aren’t as busy,deck 13 you are one flight of stairs from the the pool deck and the solarium bistro will be your private cafe. one flight of stairs for a coffee and cake or even breakfast.
  2. I can come in and give you good advice on Royal Caribbean. But you’re question is vague Time ,destination,cabin or suite?? we are here to help. $200 a day on average.
  3. Very interesting,two helicopters and a submarine?
  4. There’s nothing like your own bed. As you said ,the expense ,you have to make the best of your trip. One BIG thing I have to suggest is a couple of days in Queenstown. So a couple of nights in Sydney is ok (you could stay more),Fly to Queenstown for a few nights,Auckland and then home. I presume you’re flying with Air New Zealand they should do you a good deal.
  5. Sydney is the 2nd most expensive city next to Hong Kong. The closer to the harbour the more expensive. Sydney has a fantastic public transport system,so if your budget doesn’t allow a premium hotel at the rocks there’s plenty of alternative areas such as darling harbour and you are only a short train ride away.
  6. That’s the biggest mistake people make is trying to do to much and see to much. Half seeing someone and rushing on to the next and half seeing and doing. Money rich but time poor.
  7. I googled the meaning of culture ,I don’t think shopping would fit into the definition. A lot of women believe it’s form of art.
  8. I suppose the word culture wasn’t the correct word I should have used. just referring to the influence of different immigrants,street cafes and the ethnic diversity ,the atmosphere. Sydney used to be just a business centre,a concrete jungle but it has changed over the last decade and is improving.we have 24 hour trading now. Just tiring to find someone good about Melbourne I’m sure there’s something?
  9. It’s going to be hard to do something successful with that venue. 20or 30 metres away is Windjammers ,the food isn’t as good but it’s free .its only a snack while at the pool. If they do a venue that gives a memorable dining experience,then it’s not the place next to the pool . MAKE IT INTO A DIAMOND LOUNGE.
  10. That’s what was called earlier in Australia and then it went to pool side dining. Everyone told me I was wrong,I thought I was seeing things.
  11. I think Royal just likes to keep everyone confused.
  12. Sydney and Hell A doesn’t have much in common.only traffic.
  13. I would further suggest to see some of country Australia. As big M said sydney -san Francisco ,Melbourne Vancouver. But what about the little towns in between????
  14. Sydney or Melbourne,mmmm? I’d say Sydney. Even though I live in Sydney , it does have the wow factor of Sydney harbour ,and it is impressive. Melbourne as a city does have more cultural and is a lovely place but doesn’t have as good a harbour. To get the best experience you need to spend time outside the cities and see some of rural Australia.one city isn’t much different to any in the world. As for flights qantas,United,virgin,delta and American fly none stop. Air NZ are usually very competitive but you will have to stop in Auckland.
  15. Excellent choice,we had the cabin opposite a couple years ago. right at the elevators one flight of stairs up to the solarium bistro for a snack and the pool deck. The cabin further back have the overhang of the pool deck and also have large struts.which should be classed as partially obstructed. Also there’s nothing wrong with deck 6 in that area
  16. Chops is good, wonderland is fantastic probably a better option. As said in chops ,order as many as you like but only one main. The solarium is good,a couple of up charge items but mostly free
  17. Clockwise or counterclockwise around NZ ,there’s only a couple of ports in NZ such as Fiord lands and bay of islands,that matter For Sydney,port side.
  18. Auckland is a fabulous harbour and who ever pays it money well spent. Auckland as a cruise port is up there with the best.
  19. I’ll give you honest feedback (we on Ovation February) Main dining room we didn’t like. There was some overselling but not excessive. Crowded public spaces is a problem ,yes Usless high end shopping,yes As for the crew , we been on Ovation 5 times.when the ship was new ,the crew was bad ,very bad,but each time they got better.The ship in general evolved In February,the crew was fantastic.They all had big smiles on their faces,very warm and friendly and couldn’t do enough to please. Even in the lifts people were talking about the crew.At the captains corner people complimented captain and applauded.
  20. Been on the old girl 5 times and booked for a February cruise.
  21. Ovation goes to Singapore after the 2020 Aussie season and I believe it will be due for a dry dock. My guess is it will get a spruce up ,put in a Johnny Rocket and head back to America. That Kung fu noodles was a total disaster and the pool side dining isn’t much better. Hardly ever saw anyone in it. Ovation is royal’s second biggest moneymaker next to Harmony. And they’ll want to make more $$$$.
  22. Specialty chops,Jamie’s,izumi,wonderland and a cafe by the pool.. free windjammers,the solarium (has some up change) cafe 270 ,cafe promenade. Doesnt have a main dining room but has 4 restaurants,grand,chic,silk and American icon which has someup charge and serves the same food as the buffet Windjammer. If you have a suite there’s coastal kitchen. For specialty coffee there’s a coffee shop in the promenade and also cafe 270 a up change
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