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  1. Somewhere in my alcoholic hase I recall . Alaska to Singapore May only have contractors and no passengers But I have been wrong before.
  2. I vaguely remember someone saying radiance,after Alaska it’s going straight to Singapore for a facelift then onto Brisbane.
  3. I think they had mattress tops ,also I like to get a extra blanket for a siesta on the lounge or on the balcony or for movies under the stars on the pool deck. your right it’s not obstructed,it’s on the hump.and it’s cheap. as I said we had a grand suite on deck 10 once and for the price 6646 is great.
  4. I’ve been on the ovation 5 times,you would think they were all the same but no. maybe as they get a bit older they wear? In that cabin 6646 they were good .not soft not hard. 6646 is probably the best cabin location we have had on Ovation. Right at the lift,one deck down to the promenade and there’s a door on deck 6 that goes into 270 and the library.So good for avoiding the hordes of people. Also if you leave the door open you can hear the ocean. The cabin attendant was the best we have ever had and we have had a few suites in our cruises. Can you please check I think I left $100 in the safe.LOL
  5. They are all good,even as you don’t like cities Auckland is a lovely city. But as you like the outdoors Bay of Islands and Akaroa
  6. First,don’t listen RC hype. just about all the cabins are identical,we had a obstructed cabin last time and loved it. Being low you are close to the ocean
  7. Nuh it’s in the Caribbean,go straight to goal and don’t pass go
  8. I was just chatting to someone on the RC forum and they got the Marriott circular quay for $US110 total price.
  9. There’s a pic someone posted on the Australian forum. I remember a burger being on the menu and somewhere saying Fish & Ships. They will probably add burger and fries for you folks.
  10. That’s a good idea,change the subject. Marriot circular quay for $us110 book it ,don’t delay. we don’t have any hidden costs,that will be the total price.
  11. Sorry I don’t gamble and don’t go to the scrap room. To me they are both a waste of valuable drinking time 🍸🍺🥂🥃🍻
  12. This maybe a sign to give up gambling? In the scrap book room,which is in the library,which is in 270. They have regular bible reading classes????
  13. It’s a fish and chips shop now. Those Scott’s are a worry and some of the kiwis aren’t far behind them.
  14. Don’t really know,I don’t gamble. I only went there to get my free crown & anchor T-shirt. looks like biker has a pic ,red . Does that matter?
  15. There’s nothing to de-asianise . we were on here in February and couldn’t see any Asian influence. Here in Australia we speak English,we eat junk food and drink beer. Don’t worry,you will feel at home.
  16. Sydney has a fantastic public transport system. You won’t be far if you’re hotel is near a train station. The further away from circular quay the cheaper but Sydney is expensive. Darling harbour you can get a cheaper hotel with a bit of a view.but nothing like circular quay.
  17. Wasn’t there a song take the money and run? Thank you both.
  18. We have a onboard credit of $1400 ,our agent said if we don’t use it we loose it. Im not sure we will use that much.Can we go to the casino and get some cash out? Any suggestions on how to recover the unused credit?
  19. I suppose something like dunk would be easy,just buy it and no excessive red tape . If there’s a resort they could have stay overs and catch the next ship. I think RC was talking about that in the Caribbean.
  20. Hope they do a few overnights,Hobart,Noumea and maybe radiance will do PNG?
  21. It’s serenade to be based in Sydney 2020-2021 season.
  22. So did I. So what’s the something big coming our way.Is just voyagers make over with a new water slide ?
  23. Don’t know what they would do with those two big ships in the Chinese winter? Singapore would be a over supply.
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