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  1. I like the comment of a unusual 30 year commitment. Probably expanding the market and phasing Radiance class out. But the ships will have to go somewhere in the northern winter.
  2. It looks like Royal Caribbean is committed to the Alaska market for another 30 years. Hopefully we will be getting their ships in Alaska off season for another 30 years. https://www.adn.com/business-economy/2024/04/21/with-commitment-from-royal-caribbean-alaska-railroad-advances-137m-plan-to-revamp-seward-dock/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR068KYPegivoR_fpFQENRcHjIcvnz-byeP_BnMkn4TpP0sqLNvI45gXQ-E_aem_AUqndKfTUb5x3EkdKoKD1JzTCOrM7Xnqx8GMfbnmZDlCTq28ItS8lxMHf-iGst8nE-lHp90Pprmhb42Gbd3GfVgd
  3. Spectrum’s return to Shanghai had a pretty cool drone show.
  4. I remember when people used to put red food colour and they had red mouths.
  5. This is a family forum ,children may be reading !
  6. P&O are very supportive to the islands. https://www.dailypost.vu/vanuatu_sports/p-o-cruises-australia-supports-vanuatu-paralympic-for-paris-paralympic-game/article_440d7c88-c011-5918-bf89-9398975033c3.html https://www.dailypost.vu/news/mystery-island-receives-500-life-jackets-from-p-o-cruises-australia-and-vmsa/article_641ade8c-a54e-56da-b1a6-5b799edb90aa.html
  7. I would guess Voyager will go to Singapore but wouldn’t it be good to have a ship over winter.
  8. What about invisible monkeys in the middle of the night Mic ?
  9. Short cruises ,short distance and more port days keeps their carbon emissions down
  10. I think someone said Serenade has a few port bookings in the Caribbean but bring a extra ship to Sydney.
  11. You might save a couple of bucks but I like to pick a cabin near the lift. It’s a big ship and it will probably just be floating around off Newcastle for a couple of days . I doubt you will get sick ,they give out seasick tablets at guest service.
  12. It looks like @springaussie was correct. I don’t know why my agent said it doesn’t exist.
  13. My agent said that is no more ,it was the cruise with confidence program which has ended. I called RC and they where a bit vague about it and just didn’t give a clear answer. Their website says it’s only within 3 days of booking,like a cooling off period. I hope you are right Glen but prices don’t seem to go down anymore,they just go up.
  14. I believe Spectrum is home ported in Shanghai and Ovation is in Tiajin .
  15. I think HAL will start cutting itineraries also. Carnival group are a bit behind in addressing the incoming emission laws. They have old ships that just won’t be viable in the near future. Celebrity Edge will certainly impress and so will the price.
  16. You have been watching to much science fiction Geoff .think monkeys,trunk monkeys.
  17. I didn’t think Shanghai would take off for Royal Caribbean but here’s some Chinese propaganda. Nice cruise terminal we could do with something like that in Sydney.
  18. I think there’s only Pinnacle ,the key and suites express, the rest of us are with the great unwashed.
  19. No 500 ml bottles of soft drink as we call it that I know of. Just 375 ml then it jumps to 600 ml. They are pretty layed back in Sydney,if you split up you might stretch the the rule.
  20. Me mate asked his dog ,and the cat had a Princess Medallion hanging on its collar. So I don’t know how credible my source is ? I’ll try to find out what colour the cats tongue was or if it was forked.
  21. A mate down the pub said his dog overheard two cats talking about it.
  22. Rumours are ,they are close to being sold .
  23. Two vision class , I believe. https://www.qpsships.com/copy-of-s2397 https://www.qpsships.com/cruise-ship-2400-passengers--s2388
  24. Just give your cabin attendant a couple of bucks ,$20-$50 if you think he’s worth it.
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