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  1. Classic beverage does include soda and basic bottled water - but for the smoothies in the spa café you'll need to premium package
  2. we bought a cheap lanyard each from a gift shop in NZ and on our Solstice cruise last year the sea pass cards already had a slot (hole punched out) on the top to attach it to a lanyard
  3. As a proud New Zealander I've been following the tragic event that happened at White Island on Tuesday - and my heart goes out to all that were involved I saw on the news this morning that Ovation of the Seas was leaving Tauranga (7am Wednesday NZ time) and is changing it's itinerary and will no longer be going to Dunedin or Fiordland - just going to Wellington / Picton then back to Sydney. So what happens if you've booked a cruise, then something tragic / unfortunate happens like this and half the cruise is effectively 'cancelled' - would celebrity offer some sort of refund or something? I can imagine most on the cruise would have booked it especially to see the Milford, Dusky and Doubtful sounds in Fiordland. we were unable to tender into Airlie Beach on our GBR cruise because the seas were a bit rough and Celebrity refunded us the port fees / taxes
  4. I can guarantee you that is not the case.... they maybe considering raising it as a result of this tragedy but as far as I am aware the alert has been at level 2 for about a month https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2019/11/white-island-s-volcanic-alert-level-raised-to-two.html
  5. My wife upgraded to Premium for our cruise in April 2020 - I'm happy enough on Classic
  6. This is correct, and my understanding is that White Island Tours get all passengers to sign a wavier saying they accept that they are going to an 'active' volcano...etc... This tour company has been successfully doing tours to White Island for many years without incident and this is a complete tragedy for all involved the 'Alert level' on White Island was raised to 2 about a month ago - it's on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being safest and 5 being catastrophic. Many people were criticizing the tour company for allowing people to go onto the volcano when the alert level had been raised, but an expert said that people still go skiing on Mt Ruapehu (Central North Island in NZ) when the alert level is raised to 2 An update on the events One further person died last night as a result of their injuries and they believe 21 people are still in Hospital - some with severe burns. Ovation of the Seas left the port of Tauranga at 7am this morning (Wednesday NZ time) and will be cutting the rest of the cruise short. It was supposed to continue to Wellington / Picton / Christchurch / Dunedin / Fiordland before returning to Sydney, but my understanding is they are continuing on to Wellington and Picton, then returning to Sydney.
  7. the Volcano in question is 'White Island' about 49kms off the coast from Whakatane (Bay of Plenty) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whakaari/White_Island the latest reports is that 47 people were on the island at the time of the eruption (2:11pm local NZ time) 38 People were rescued from the Island and 5 of those people were unfortunately deceased the rest were taken to hospitals in Whakatane, Tauranga and Auckland and 3 were discharged last night unfortunately a number of these people have serious burns. 8 people remain unaccounted for at this stage and it is feared they were stuck on the island and unable to be rescued If this is the case they will have unfortunately perished by now due to the high level of Sulphur Dioxide that the volcano emits This is very sad indeed
  8. there are a range of different wines (reds and whites) on the classic package - just ask your sommelier at the MDR to recommend a wine
  9. we cruised last year and had the classic package - I was more than happy with it.... had no problem getting a decent beer, good wine or a jim beam & diet cola..... on our cruise next year wife has upgraded to Premium because she wants to try some martinis and different cocktails and champagne
  10. My wife just did it for our cruise next year - should be in your cruise planner
  11. If you’re talking about what was listed on the menu then yes- but ask the sommelier and they will give you advice on wines..... I was able to get sav blanc, Chardonnay and different reds on the classic package
  12. we booked our April 2020 in April 2018 while on Solstice and last year booked a March 2021 cruise on Millennium
  13. Solstice will be 'revolutionized' in October 2021 - after which it will be doing the Asian routes from Singapore / Thailand / Hong Kong and Japan this thread will give you more information
  14. I only pay $18 NZD ($11.73 USD) for my haircuts... I could pay a lot more if I wanted them to 'hide' the grey hairs though!
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