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  1. Yes - someone on the cruise phoned Celebrity and were told that a decision on the 1st April Cruise will be made about 3 weeks before the cruise..... But from what I understand other cruise companies that were due to go to the Samoa's and Tonga in the next few weeks have already pulled those ports from their itinerary.... one has replaced them with Tahiti / Bora bora - I wonder if Celebrity will do the same?
  2. We are booked on Millennium in March 2021 Hong Kong to Tokyo and we are seriously considering cancelling with our TA and getting the deposit back Tonga and Samoa have also 'closed' their ports to cruise ships and we're due to go there on our Solstice cruise 1 April - and we're more than a little worried (but still optimistic)
  3. that's very poor on princess cruises and the captain.... they should get regular updates regarding weather conditions and any other port information..... but for the captain not to know about what was going on in Samoa - that's pretty poor
  4. thanks for the replies..... We were on our first cruise (on Solstice) in 2018 from Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef and were unable to tender into Airlie Beach due to the weather, so I know what it's like to miss a port.... My wife thought Celebrity would remove Samoa from the itinerary and replace it with an overnight in Tonga or another port well before the cruise starts..... but as most of you have said Celebrity will monitor things on a daily basis and if we are unable to go to a certain port because of weather / concerns about coronavirus or something, then we'll just have to stay on the ship and make good use of our beverage packages... and that's not a bad thing
  5. before or midway through a cruise? We are on the Auckland / Fiji / Samoa / US Samoa / Tonga / Auckland cruise on April 1st, and we're really looking forward to it. However, last week the Samoan Government issued a notice to all travellers planning on entering Samoa that they will be required to provide a medical certificate no older than 3 days - proving they are free from all infectious diseases. This will be impossible, as 1) many people on the cruise will be coming from overseas to start the cruise in Auckland and 2) We don't actually get to Samoa until day 7/8 of the cruise. Someone joked on the Facebook page for the cruise that the Ships Doctor could check all 2800 passengers and give them medical clearance to Enter Samoa - this would be impossible unless the ship had dozens of doctors on board. would Celebrity just wait to see if the situation regarding Samoa changes / improves and make a decision closer to April 1st or during the cruise? - or would they make the call earlier? I've just been reading comments on CC about the 1 February Millennium cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong that had to be cut short because they were not allowed to go to some ports and weren't allowed to dock / disembark in Hong Kong..... although I think Celebrity did the right thing by offering refunds / cruise credits.... it would have been very frustrating for most passengers - as many (like myself and my wife) have been planning for ages for the cruise of a lifetime.... I'd be annoyed if they told us midway through the cruise that we can't dock in Samoa or something. what do others think Celebrity would do?
  6. as others have said it depends on the person(s) being truthful.... banning people with Chinese, Hong Kong & Macau passports is one thing - but what if that person has lived in say Australia for 2 years and has had zero contact with anyone from the coronavirus affected countries in that 2 years - will they be banned from cruising just because they hold a passport from one of the 3 affected countries?? What if they are able to prove they have not been to or not been in contact with anyone from the affected countries - will they still be banned?? and what if a traveller from the UK or Canada has been to one of the 3 affected countries in the last 14 days.... are Celebrity requring ALL cruise passengers to declare what countries they have been to prior to boarding? - or is the onus on the passengers to tell Celebrity? I'm pretty sure there will be people who have spent thousands of $$ and 1-2 years planning their cruise - who won't be honest and say they've been to one of the 3 affected countries if they know that it might mean they are not be allowed to board.... I'm also concerned that a princess cruise has removed the ports of Pago Pago (American Samoa) and Apia (Samoa) from one of their upcoming cruises from Hawaii to Sydney..... we're on a Solstice Cruise in April that goes to these 2 ports and there has been no word from Celebrity if these ports are going to be removed from our itinerary and replaced with other ports or anything.... I hope this Coronavirus dies down a bit.... because I'm really looking forward to going to Apia (Samoa) and will be gutted if Celebrity decide at the last minute that we can no longer go there
  7. maybe he can go busking outside the Sunset bar and get some free drinks? 🙂
  8. Cafe al bacio is where you’ll get proper coffee. If you have a beverage package the coffees will be included. You can also get coffee at the Ocean view cafe there are no kettles in your room unfortunately, but some people have said if you ask your room attendant they will get one for you im not sure what the cost for individual coffees is at cafe al bacio if you don’t have a beverage package
  9. Beverage package?? - you can do it in your cruise planner online or if you booked through a TA they can do it for you
  10. ok I've just figured it out...... you just choose the class(es) you'd like to move up to and move the slider underneath to the amount you want to pay per person per cruise to upgrade. what surprised me the most is that concierge and aqua class staterooms are the same size as a regular balcony stateroom... I always thought the higher class staterooms were bigger. quick question - if we upgrade, do we still keep our perks? (wife has updraged from Classic Beverave Package to Premium)
  11. Literally 2 minutes after I posted my question we got an email from celebrity!! it says Aqua class from $150 NZ pp, concierge class from $80 NZ pp - is this the price to upgrade per person per day or $150 per person for the entire cruise??
  12. A couple of people on our upcoming cruise have posted on Facebook that they received Move Up offers from celebrity and they have put in bids to move up we’ve not received any such offer from celebrity cruises through email - is this because we transferred our original booking to our travel agent?? I don’t know what the criteria is for getting a move up offer, but keen to know how to get one thanks in advance
  13. We are on the Pacific Islands Cruise Auckland to Auckland on April 1st and we've not received any notification from celebrity or our TA about Solstice going into Dry Dock Where did you read / see this information??
  14. I'm looking at upgrading from Classic to Premium beverage package for our up coming Pacific Islands cruise on April 1st looking at the cruise planner it says from $17.76 NZ per day ($11.57 USD) - total $248.64 NZ or $161.98 USD My question is - the cruise is for 14 days, but the 14th (last) day we arrive back at Auckland about 6:30am So if I upgrade, do I pay for 14 days or 13 days? - seeing as it is no use on day 14 if we are disembarking after breakfast. Can anyone help?
  15. My wife is trying to convince her mother to come on our cruise in April, as there are staterooms available. Her mother is 79 and replied - "I thought cruises were full of old people"
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