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  1. I agree, it's stupid and unnecessary. And also, unless you have super loooong arms, aren't your faces closer than the prescribed social distance of 1.5 metres if you are touching elbows?
  2. I'm exactly the same as regards getting dressed up for embarkation! It's an event as well as being the start of your journey so it deserves the same attention as any other part of the trip.
  3. Send that email on to both Cunard and your TA as proof it has been paid and was supposed to be allocated to your replacement cruise. You have the proof, now you just need to press them to complete the transaction.
  4. I don't imagine there in any chance in the world of a cruise season happening in Australia this summer.
  5. Surely being down low in the bowels of the ship is the worst and cheapest position on the ship? I can imagine that people who fear high seas might wish to be down there but in my experience from sitting in the theatre near the stage you feel and hear it more down there.
  6. I've sailed on QM2 in a P2 on deck 10 - right at the front near the bridge. I found it a wonderful location - crossed the Tasman which is reputedly quite rough but never felt it. It's also very interesting as you can watch the officers on the bridge from your balcony! It gives you a bit of exercise getting to and from the PG dining room which is always welcome; good to have an extra chance to stretch the legs (that may not suit everyone though, I acknowledge that). Don't discount them due to position is all I'm saying.
  7. I think it was Brendan Murphy who said today that Australia's borders would (probably?) remain closed until there's a vaccine. I think that statement doesn't refer to a trans-Tasman bubble though. Alan Joyce this morning saying Qantas wouldn't be resuming flying international routes before next July. I've found the quote below from Murphy; in that context, I would suggest 'relatively near future' would mean by mid next year. Possibly take until end of next year to roll out the vaccines. At least we'll be able to enjoy our own backyard, travel-wise, not literally. But that too, of course. "To fully open the international border without any quarantining or any restrictions probably will require a vaccine to be able to adequately protect vulnerable people in the community," Professor Murphy said. "Until that happens, we're going to have some sort of border measures … and if we don't get a successful vaccine in the relatively near future, then we have to re-evaluate."'
  8. This isn't from WHO but from CSIRO. I, for one, feel so depressed whenever I see comments saying there won't be a vaccine so I'm sharing the information that the CSIRO has put out. I just got this today in their newsletter. The scientists working on this seem to feel confident that they have a very good chance of success. https://blog.csiro.au/two-vaccine-candidates-acdp/?utm_source=Snapshot-June-2020
  9. Dan Andrews is very popular in Victoria. He's done a very good job during the pandemic and has garnered a lot of respect.
  10. And my experience with the current state of Qantas refunds is that they will tell you 8-10 weeks (or whatever they happen to say on that day) and then in 12 weeks or so you'll try to chase them up and they'll will tell you another '8-10 weeks'. I've been waiting for refunds since March for flights that were booked as 'full refund possible' fares. I had 8 flights booked; I have had only two refunded. One in April and one in May. I have chased them a number of times. I feel sure that it will take the rest of the year. Personally, I find their way of handling this very disappointing (in fact, disgusting). As a company, I understand they have cash flow issues but they have also received a huge bail out from the Federal government. To be holding out paying individuals who, like myself, have had their own income vastly reduced (wiped out) during the current economic difficulties is unconscionable, in my opinion. I won't bother flying with Qantas in future, if there is an alternative available to me for where I need to get to. How companies, and that includes cruise lines, have treated their customers during this mess will shape how their former customers respond to them in future.
  11. Does it matter, male or female? Dan Andrews is so 'paranoid' that he cooked up 21 new cases in last 24 hours! Still like us to join you for our holidays?
  12. I'll add my experience with Qantas and trying to get refunds. I booked full-refund fares around January and February, planning to take a cruise from Sydney but also planning to fly to NZ in May and stay for a few weeks to see family. Qantas sent me a personalised (read, targetted) double status credits offer so I went ahead and booked a few options for NZ, not knowing exactly which dates I'd travel as I was trying to fit in with a family event, the date of which wasn't fixed due to factors out of our control. So I booked the 'full-refund' fares knowing that very soon I would know when I had to travel and cancel for refund the flights I didn't need. I realised pretty quickly that I wouldn't be travelling at all and cancelled all the flights in mid-March - ever since I have been having a nightmare time contacting Qantas via various routes (they have removed from their website a lot of their contact information). So far, I have received 2 out of 8 refunds due. I have a lot of money tied up with them, money that I thought would be returned quickly. And every time I contact them they tell me it will be two months; and then I contact them again and again and more months go past. I'm so disgusted with them. I've been a loyal Qantas frequent flyer for many years but that doesn't matter at all to Qantas. I won't fly with them again unless there's no alternative (and there always is).
  13. Don't they need our universities? From the reading I've been doing recently - international students here talking about studying here - it seems a lot use it as a way of getting residency here. Also, in terms of overseas study for them, it's a very safe alternative (despite the best efforts of disinformation campaigns) and also our currency probably provides a more affordable alternative, as well when compared to US or UK or most of Europe. And our climate is very mild as well - very liveable compared to a lot of places.
  14. I should have thought so, too. It is a huge expense to undertake to study overseas (my kids would have loved to but we couldn't dream of affording it for them) so I would have thought that whoever is backing the students (families, I guess) would be able to pay for quarantine for them - it should be viewed as a necessary expense from now on, in studying in Australia.
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