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  1. I think that was it. It was close to the river and seating was almost all outside.
  2. I don't mind bratwurst. I I'll have to remember to get some there next time I go shopping. Aldi can leave the sauerkraut in Germany. I tried some while on a Rhine cruise last year. I was on an Avalon cruise and all passengers were given vouchers for a free beer, sausage and sauerkraut lunch at a popular restaurant. Everyone liked the beer and sausage but most of the sauerkraut was left behind.
  3. I used to buy the Aldi macadamias but found the Coles ones are much nicer although dearer.
  4. I had one of their chunky beef pies yesterday for lunch with peas, gravy and chips. They also have chicken and vege plus the standard beef pies. I do my usual shop at Aldi then go to Coles for their macadamia nuts and the occasional roast chook. My dishwasher was an Aldi special, had it for about seven years and it's still going strong as well as my self propelled, mulching, lawn mower. I buy a lot of their specials including my motorcycle gear. At the moment I need a new helmet, boots and pants due to my recent get-off in NZ. I'm expecting them to be on special soon.
  5. For anyone doing a self drive tour of NZ I highly recommend renting a GPS audio tour guide from here, http://www.krusenz.com/ It's NZ$10 a day and worth every cent.
  6. Akaroa is nice, I've been there three times, however there is lots to see in Christchurch. Traveling to Akaroa and back takes a big chunk of time out your day.
  7. I agree. Next time I'm down that way I would like to do that tour. Last two times to NZ we've missed Milford (once due to weather and once due to a medivac after leaving Melbourne)
  8. As the OP is not using the train to the city they would not need the $35 load.
  9. Opal card issue is free and minimum load is $10, I believe the daily cap is $15.80. It would depend on how many trips are planned and over the cap is free. You're right, a fee free card would be convenient. Compared to the cost of the vacation any fees could be peanuts. I have a seniors' Opal card which is capped $2.50 a day. It's the only benefit I get and I love it.
  10. Wouldn't that be expensive with rate conversion fees, presuming their card issuer charges them?
  11. In Dunedin, I recommend a tour of Larnach castle and a visit must include the historic and beautiful Dunedin station. There is plenty to see in Christchurch. For something different there is the cardboard cathedral. In Tasmania a tour of Port Arthur penal settlement.
  12. you will find this question has been asked here. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2581655-april-21-2020-millenium-japanese-explorer-cruise/ enjoy your cruise.
  13. I've done it four times, each time was two weeks. April/May would be a great time to do it. I've always booked Black Prince Holidays narrowboats. From memory I think they have nine bases around England, Scotland and Wales.Book two weeks and you get the second week 50% off.
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