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  1. Seems as though the cruise companies are getting desperate for cash flow.
  2. I'm sorry for the crews being left in limbo. Also, I have a soft spot for Indonesian crew as I lived in Indonesia for a short time many years ago and found them to be wonderful people with a great sense of humour..
  3. Agree. Even US port communities are are not wanting their own citizens off loaded.
  4. Or he could wait and buy back in at a bargain basement price.
  5. WT? That is exactly what was implied in my post. Where did I say, or even infer, they should be "sitting aimlessly at sea"?
  6. A good point raised there. The crew have looked after many of us in the past. Is it not our turn to look after them? I'm sure there would be future benefits for Australians cruisers in the future if we did.
  7. You're correct. Sorry, my mistake. Virgin Australia is partly owned by Virgin Group (10%). Etihad, Singapore Airlines and others are also part owners. Is there any reason Sir Richard would prop it up except for maybe sentimental reasons?
  8. Fixed it for you. You are also correct. Along with Hong Kong and S Korea they learned something from SARS.
  9. This morning I was watching on TV an interview with a UK doctor in isolation as he has tested positive. He is one of Britain's top immunologists. He was very critical of the government and its handling of the situation, particularly in testing. He also emphasised that this virus is not acting like a flu virus and stressed that it is more like malaria. Malaria is rife in hot, tropical, countries. It, the virus, is now spreading like wildfire through Indonesia. That is not like flu. This virus is no respecter of climate zones. Did anyone not notice it came out of China in mid winter and was spreading as the weather was warming up? We will know for sure what, if any, effect climate will have for another 12 months or more.
  10. That is sad for the many who enjoy cruising. For me it it wont make much difference in the future as I cruise for ports and destinations and I've pretty much done all those reachable from OZ. With the exception of perhaps cruising Scandinavia/Iceland, I'll be looking at land tours. The dealer in trips has $5000 of mine held over to next year for my cancelled Azerbaijan/Georgia/Armenia 26 day tour that was due to start in a few days. It will be my last tour with them for reasons too lengthy to detail here but there's a lot "not happy Janes" on Google.
  11. The local media now has its sights fixed on backpackers. Perhaps with some justification but that still remains to be seen.
  12. Sir Richard no longer owns Virgin Australia. It's mostly owned by Delta and Air France/KLM. I hope it doesn't affect my Velocity points. I have almost 700,000 that I've been saving for a UK flight (hopefully, for next year now that the COVID has hit the fan).
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