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  1. I avoid by standing well back from the shelves until I see what I'm after then, when the coast is clear, I'll go grab my item. If people are reaching over or around you perhaps you may be in their way or taking to long? This does not excuse their impoliteness or lack of respect.
  2. If I feel like a Macattack I'll do the Angus burger. If I must have a quick feed I prefer Hungry Jacks (Burger King).
  3. November or January will be equally hot IMO. Remember the recent bush fires? This year I found the NZ weather Jan/Feb was excellent. That's what I would aim for. NZ first then Oz.
  4. Last February during a land tour of N Island I stayed in about 5 motels and none had aircon. A couple had fans and all had heaters.
  5. Bunnings only provide the BBQ site and equipment. The supply of food and labour comes from service groups/organisations for fund raising and is done on Saturdays and Sundays. My vintage motorcycle club usually does one a year and donate profits to a Prostate Cancer charity (as old(er) blokes that's a bit of forward planning😉). There's a strong demand for dates and booking is usually a year ahead. A few years back a couple of fake groups were caught out posing as charities just to make a quick quid. The onions thing is litigation minimiser thing. Normally the onions were placed on top of the snag and someone decided that this was to risky as a small bit of onion could slide off onto the ground and some poor bugger could slip on it. It was then decreed that the onions go under the sausage. My thought on this is that chopped rather than sliced onions that were more likely to fall off/out. As to whether anyone has ever slipped on a bit of grilled onion is anyone's guess. Urban myth perhaps?
  6. Best coffee I've found, so far, on a cruise ship was on MSC Divina in a couple of the bars. However, the MDR coffee was rubbish, just like all other ships. The next best was a few years ago on HAL Volendam in the Crows Nest bar.
  7. You're selling NZ short. I've seen International Roast in 4 star motel/hotels.
  8. You have just reminded me of when, many years ago, I used to have an after school snack. It was Vegemite and butter between two of my mum's Vita Wheat biscuits. I would squeeze the biscuits together to watch the black and yellow worms emerge from their holes. Mum would go crook on me for eating her Vita Wheats but it was worth for the amusement.
  9. I have noticed that also. Oh, decisions, decisions.😁 Not a problem for me. I'm not that much into seafood and I could get great local lobster at home if I desired. However, the only time I find Beef Wellington on a menu is when cruising so that makes it a bit special.
  10. There is so much good food on offer but the dish that consistently comes to mind for me is Beef Wellington, always great.
  11. No more China visits for me. On my ignore list now along with Saudi Arabia an Dubai.
  12. Any info on who hired the hotel security company yet? Inquiry? Someone needs an rs kicking, most likely the bureaucrat bean counter that hired them but I suspect they're a protected species. (Removes his cynic hat)
  13. When the MotoGP is on in Europe we only get the main event live. It usually has a 3pm start and adding another 8 or 9 hours to that means we get in the wee small hours. I've only ever been to one which was at Donning Park UK near Utoxeter I think. It was fantastic to watch a fellow Aussie, World Champion Casey Stoner riding for Ducati, blow the opposition away. However trophy presentation left us with a bad taste in our mouths when the Pommy crowd booed Casey. The pommie's favoured rider (Towsland was his name IIRC) crashed in practice, crashed in qualifying then, to top it off, crashed in the first corner of the main event. Poor losers me thinks.
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