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  1. Go up this page under "Gallery" is "Find Your Roll Call"
  2. Due to the dragons' acute sense of smell, particularly blood, menstruating women were warned not to book tours on the island. This was on a HAL cruise I did a few years ago.
  3. The bridge was washed out the same day I came to grief, on my rented motorcycle, riding from Arthur's Pass, intending to get to Haast. Still recovering with a badly bruised lower left leg with four foot fractures. Some places near there had over a METRE of rain in one day. Arthur's Pass suffered a landslide which closed it. One of my motorcycle mates, who was riding in ahead of me, was cut off by the slide and had several hundred ks round trip to rejoin the group back in Christchurch.
  4. Left out slate boards, scholar boxes and blotters. Not to mention tin canoes made from old sheets of corrugated iron, the nail holes in which were sealed from molten tar off a road on a hot day. We didn't have night soil carters. Must have lived in a poorer part of town because we only dunny men (who went home at christmas with enough beer to last the rest of the year). Many neighbours subsisted on chokos from off the dunny rooves and/or fences. Does it seem odd that in those old days of outdoor dunnies, minimal plumbing, old phone books or newspaper instead of Sorbent, I don't recall anyone getting stomach bugs. Maybe that's what cruise ships need instead of those new fangled flushing things.
  5. At the top RH side of the page click on your Profile>Settings>Manage Followed Content.
  6. Oops, looks like you've just added another frivolous post to your score. Trying to break 120, eh?🤣🤣
  7. For sure. I've been to US, UK & Europe many times now but have never crossed the Atlantic so this is a first for me. Can't wait.
  8. 5/11/19 ... lyndarra ... MSC Divina... Genoa-Miami ... 20nts
  9. Back in Oz. Off to my GP in a few minutes to get an assessment. Business class in an Emirates A380 was nice but would have be (more) enjoyable under different circumstances. Was able to get a credit from Virgin for my untaken return flight.
  10. To protect against possible importation of staphylococcus aureus to NZ. They don't want their possums infected.😀🤣
  11. Well, at the moment I a going through the claim process with Allianz. On the 25/3 I arrived in New Zealand with five friends to do a ten day motorcycle tour of the south island. Prior to arriving I took out Allianz "Adventure Pack" because credit card insurance would only cover bikes up to 250cc. I had rented a 1200cc Yamaha Adventure bike. On the first day, 26/3, I came to grief on Arthur's Pass in the midst of the massive storm that you may have heard about on the news. I have no recollection of what happened but I am nursing a broken heel and big toe and a big concussion headache. Although the process of acquiring documentation has been slow, compounded by a weekend, and very busy demands on staff (because I am Aussie I was in an isolation ward), due to the recent shooting in Christchurch, Allianz have now approved my deportation expenses back to Oz, Business Class. My experience shows how important it is to get the appropriate insurance cover. BTW due being over 70 my premium was $30 more than my companions. I'll have rest up and make sure I'm f for my MSC Divina cruise in November.
  12. Thanks for the advice. Being single is new territory for me so I may have to ease into it. I take things a day at a time ATM. There is a roll call already.
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