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  1. The tropical sun can get very fierce in the afternoons but sunsets would be nice. If you are thinking of sun bathing remember the UV levels, particularly when reflected off the water as it would be at those times. I prefer a morning sun. On most cruises I find I am dining at about sunset anyway.
  2. Did you see this? It may have been added later. Editor’s note: This story has been updated with new information. I was able to find the updated info.
  3. More news reports on this coming to light that the mid 2022 opening up was only a federal budget prediction. I believe the government may be doing a back pedal here and now saying that it is not yet policy. Having said that, a recent poll showed 73% of Aussies are supporting present international travel restrictions. It's a wait and see thing ATM. We are now dealing with a surge of Oz citizens in India wanting to return home. COVID testing is required before boarding flights however there is a large proportion of the returnees testing positive, not withstanding some false positives which,
  4. I was watching a UK news report this morning where it was stated that most new cases and deaths were of people who were eligible for vaccination but had not taken up the opportunity. Can a UK CCer here verify this?
  5. I've cruised on four different HAL ships and never had a problem with cigarette smoke, which I always try to avoid due to a medical issue, caused by passive smoking in an office environment years ago before OHS. None of the four ships allowed smoking in the casino. HAL at one time allowed smoking on balconies but I believe that's now history. Noordam, Maasdam, Oosterdam & Voledam.
  6. I was at the Gold Coast last weekend and was chilly at night. Went to a wedding at Coolibah Downs Private Estate. Stayed at the Gold Coast Mercure Resort.
  7. Eating out tonight at Selina's in Belmont, mainly Italian. Been there quite a few times, very good, a little bit more up market type of Italian.
  8. I'd be leaning towards HAL. They usually have more ports in the itineraries. I prefer Celebrity but only by a whisker. Not a fan of Princess, not saying they're not good, just, not as good as the others.
  9. Tipping is rare, not expected and, personally, I would be embarrassed rather than offended if someone offered to tip me for a service for which I am already being paid. Yes, some people do tip but usually if the service is over and beyond what was expected. A few years ago, early 90's in Sydney, an American chain (Hard Rock Cafe IIRC) tried to add 10% service fee to every check which caused an outrage among the public and in the press. Some smaller cafes may have a tip jar on the counter (I have seen this in the US) into which patrons who have paid in cash may drop their change.
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