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  1. Definitely an Aussie. From memory he grew up on a property in Western NSW and made is fortune in mining companies in Africa. He gave two talks about himself and the islands on the Noordam when I was on a PNG cruise in January. A very interesting bloke. He looks amazing for his age, he's 70 something, I think, but looks about 50. No bag of fruit for him at the talks. Shorts, colourful Conflict Island T shirt and sockless sailors' shoes. https://www.cici.net.au/about https://www.yourinvestmentpropertymag.com.au/success-stories/ian-gowriesmith-from-farm-boy-to-highflying-investor-191502.aspx
  2. The Conflict Islands are privately owned by an Australian. He has done a deal with Carnival Corp for their ships to visit. Proceeds are going towards a turtle research and conservation facility on the island. Access to the beautiful reefs there is well controlled. Best snorkeling I've ever done is there and, unlike other islands, its in a spot where snorkelers can't walk on the coral.
  3. There's an excellent display of vintage aircraft here. https://hars.org.au/
  4. You would need to have a close look at the dividend yield of the shares or their potential for capital growth then weigh that up against the value of any perks. You may well find other shares that could do better. ATM dividend yield is 4.2%. CBA shares are 5.37% and Westpac 6.36%. Current price is USD49.66. What is the minimum number sale parcel required?
  5. I have done that cruise with HAL and also as far as Bali doing a half circumnavigation of Oz. Both times the seas were calm. April is pretty much the end of the cyclone season but ships are able to skirt them well enough. You'll have a warmish cruise as you are heading into the tropics. Expect every day will be over 20c, even in Sy6dney. You'll have a great cruise.
  6. Been to Devonport twice now and each time my wife and I did a Segway tours. We were in our mid 60s at the time. Easy to ride them as you receive instruction and a guide for the tour. Google Magic Broomstick tours if interested. They are on the dock at Devonport.
  7. Just got a message from TA mentioning the drinks package is back - for a "limited time".
  8. Wife and I cruised on her 6 years ago and she was having water leak problems, toilet problems and some smells then. Seems like nothing's improved. Still enjoyed the cruise except for MDR - food definitely below par.
  9. They haven't heard about bitou bush eh? Thrives in salt air.
  10. Methinks we would soon have extra large ports to handle them if there was enough room on board for a load of coal or iron ore on their return to northern climes.
  11. I'm starting a list myself for a 7 day road trip starting Jan 26 2020 before boarding Massdam back to Squidley. I've done it before but my traveling companion has not. I'll definitely be renting a Kruse guide GPS which I think I mentioned previously.
  12. I agree. We flew Sydney to Ft Worth then to Calgary. Heaps better than going through LAX. Although our luggage got delayed. It was during extensive renovations which, I would assume, have been completed by now. I remember the flight well as it was our first time with Delta. Doing self check in in Sydney I had a look, (mainly from curiosity as it was an option) to see if there was any chance of a Business class upgrade. There was. AUD630 each. Thank you very much, we'll take it! Made the 15 hour flight much more comfortable.
  13. A tour to Mt Wellington can be a bit hit and miss for weather. I've been twice and each time the views were obscured by cloud. One time it was snowing - in December!!
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