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  1. I've done many cruises with my Aldi power "board" - never a problem. I'm using a new one now on mt present cruise, so far so good.
  2. There is a point system for opening bank accounts. Different types of I/D document have different point values. It's been 20 something years since I was forcibly retired from the banking system so my memory may not be perfect but here goes. 100 points required to open an account. A birth certificate or passport were 60 pts. A drivers' license or credit card 40pts. Other docs like utility bills library cards etc. were possibly 10 or 20. The minimum number of I/d docs was therefore, two e.g. Passport + D/L. Again, my memory going back that far is a bit hazy and there may have been changes during that time but it explains why one I/D doc is insufficient.
  3. For my MSC cruise in 4 days time I could not complete the on-line check in without insurance details.
  4. I've used one for several years without a problem until on a recent holiday the USB outlets stopped working and I lost one of the plugs. I have a new one now and so far so good.
  5. A pontoon based snorkeling area is about 400m from the beach and you need to book a shuttle by outboard boat to get there. I've forgotten how much it is. Also, there is a one hour limit although there's nothing to stop you buying another ticket to go back out but there could be a wait as the number in each group is limited. Snorkels, fins and mask are included or you can take your own. The pontoon is sited right on the edge of a huge drop over (volcanic crater rim). The water is 4m - 6m or more deep so there is no way you can stand on the coral, which is a problem at other islands that have been damaged by inconsiderate or ignorant tourists. I've snorkeled at many Pacific islands but none compare to this pristine site. IIRC there is a world record of 200 different species of sea life observed in a one hour period for this place. Note; there are NO private excursions available. There is a short, pleasant, shady, walk to get to the beach from where the tenders offload and it is also the spot where other excursions come and go. It is a sandy track so those with mobility aids could have a problem. At this beach there is a well stocked bar, food outlets and souvenir shop.To buy anything you need to use island vouchers which can be purchased right there with Oz cash and possibly kina. It also a base for other tours such as catamaran sailing. The beach is very nice and you can swim or snorkel there but the best is at the pontoon. I didn't do any snorkeling in Alotau so I don't know what it was like. If there were wrecks it could have gotten my interest. The group I was with opted for a morning boat trip up and down the coast with an Australian educated but local WW2 expert giving a history talk on the Battle of Milne Bay. I'd recommend that for those with an interest in WW2 history. The afternoon was a visit to a family "farm" and got an insight on village life of the people there. There was cooking and tasting of produce from there gardens and cultural dancing. Very enjoyable. Both tours were ship booked (HAL).
  6. Will you be going to Conflict Islands? Fantastic snokeling there.
  7. Sorry you had a hard time. We boarded Ovation by ferry from White Bay Dec 2017. No buses, no marquee, assembled in the terminal. No problems at all. Luck of the draw perhaps? But that's no consolation if you happen to draw the short straw.
  8. Could you add me please. 14 Jun 2020 - Lyndarra - Westerdam - Alaska 7 days
  9. I believe you can have more but you will have to declare them and pay (a lot) tax on them. Or you can buy and use them on board.
  10. Today I completed online check in for my Nov 5 MSC Divida cruise. For the first time in about 20 cruises I needed to input Travel Insurance details, along with my personal info, otherwise I could not proceed to the Check In page. And its only the second time ever, after many overseas tours. The only other time was for a Webjet Egypt tour back in February this year. I had to contact Allianz for them to email me a link to get a "Letter of Eligibility" printed out after putting in my (partial) credit card number. How do people get on if they don't take out insurance, I wonder?
  11. That's correct but it could have been one of two. Also, it was the Diggers that gave him his send off with full military honours. The rule he broke was flying to low over enemy positions while chasing an enemy fighter.
  12. The Baron didn't obey his own rules which got him shot down.
  13. Have seen this one come up in Trivia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep-fried_Mars_bar
  14. You can't blame the seppos for that, it was the Scots!😧
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