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  1. IIRC, back when I did Nasho, mass inoculation for some vaccines was done using a pneumatic gun pressed against the skin, no needles, just compressed air. A quick way to do it but some vaccines may be unsuitable which could preclude doing the same with COVID vaccine.
  2. You made the mistake of letting the jack down. Easy done.🤪
  3. Take the tyre off and rotate it 180 degrees so that the flat bit is now at the top.😈
  4. Heard on the 11am news a half hour ago that cruise lines are working with the government to get started up again domestically. Before end of year was mentioned but I doubt that. No mention of vaccinations. Prolly get more details in tonight's news.
  5. Too bad you had to cancel the Trans Siberian. My wife and I were similar in age to you when we did it. We took the Zarengold and loved it all. A highlight (one of many) was an overnight stay in a gur in Mongolia. There were only 5 Aussies on the train and the only ones who got that experience. There were about 200 Germans a little ticked off because they didn't get the same. 😒
  6. Except for waste water testing. The last positive was Benalla region on 20/11. All other test sites were negative.
  7. At first I thought it was one of those live sheep (export) ships. On reflection I think I was right.😉 Photoshopped. Shadow angles are all wrong for a start.,
  8. I recall seeing an hilarious You Tube video like that a couple of years ago. The caller inadvertently called the number of an anti spam techy guy who proceeded to have a lot of fun pretending to cooperate with the caller who wanted to remotely access his computer. The spammer was trying to guide the guy by telling him what to click on the screen. The problem for the caller was the techy was using Linux, all the time pretending to be cooperating, but nothing was matching with what the caller was trying to describe. IIRC this went on for 20 minutes or more with the caller getting more and more
  9. Good graph. I'd like to see a realistic roll-out time line alongside it. By realistic I mean somewhere between a best case/worst case scenario. I'm also guessing that, ATM, it would be very difficult in light of non-cooperation of the outgoing government so far as federal planning (if any) and also not ignoring states' approval and readiness. Tall order?
  10. Is there now a little (or more) irony that someone is hiding away in a cellar, only coming out to play golf. Cue Nero fiddling.
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