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  1. I have been to Jordan and Egypt. Tipping local currency is the way to go.
  2. No need to take a jacket unless YOU feel more comfortable wearing one.
  3. Time for another hint. "A" for starters.
  4. With snakes there are bound to be skins. Or, where there are snake skins there are snakes.
  5. Not Snake Island but there are pretty little snakes there.
  6. Time for another hint. The house there does not weigh much.
  7. Time for a hint. Medusa sheds these.
  8. This pic of our two sons was taken 40 years ago on a Pacific Island (hint). I'll give more hints if needed.
  9. Divina, on some decks, is like negotiating a mirror maze. Take care to avoid flat nose syndrome.😄
  10. Australia circumnavigation is not a long cruise? 30+ days. I've no idea how many kilometres/miles that is but it's a long way and longer if you add a repositioning before or after.
  11. It has. Tax and excise on tobacco here has been a cash cow for the federal government. However, they (government) claim we are balancing the cost of treating smoking related illness in our public health care which is federally funded. I'm inclined to go along with that. Tax increases have seen only slight decrease in smoking over the last 5-6 years. Annual decrease is now less than 1% to an all time low of 11% as of Jul 2020 from 12.2 in 2016. Disclaimer: Some sources statistics differ by about 2-3% ref: Cancer information and support | Cancer Council
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