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  1. I haven't read anywhere that people will not be able to leave the tour bus. Reading the MSC press release (dated 3 Aug) I found this: " ... Ashore, guests will be able to enjoy the different destinations the ships visit, but this will be only as part of an organised MSC Cruises excursion that will be delivered with the same high standards of health and safety as on board. By taking this decision the Company is able to ensure that every aspect of the guest’s time ashore meets the appropriate standards of health and hygiene from ensuring that transfers are properly sanitised, that tour guides and drivers are wearing PPE, venues and sites to be visited are pre-screened through to ensuring there are reserved areas for MSC Cruises guests at attractions. ... "
  2. A Current Affairs tonight (Ch 9) at 7 pm has another story about a man who lost his wife on Ruby Princess. Only just saw the trailer - sorry for short notice.
  3. I believe this is a grey butcher bird And these are of course kookaburras
  4. Just saw the trailer for tonight's "A Current Affair" (Channel 9) More Ruby bashing coming up - passengers banding together for justice it seems
  5. You can do better than that - learn how to make it from the guy himself: http://www.koidessertbar.com.au/classes/reecelemontart
  6. Dave, this is totally adorable 🙂 I still think that maybe you should give up your 'day job' 😉
  7. More seaside observation during the week Someone out spearfishing Little red plane did a few loops past the beach Army chopper approaches (one of three different kind of choppers that day, the others were civilian though) Birds (trying to) balance on one leg 😉
  8. Great job Stu, just one correction if I may. Cruise line for Norwegian Joy should read Norwegian Cruise Line (or NCL). No connection to Dream Cruises.
  9. I gather that should have read "sunrise"? 😉 Nice shots BTW. I'm glad I took the ferry to Williamstown that day in February, nice place 🙂
  10. On Tuesday, after completing an errand I stopped off for a "seaside fix" on a gloriously sunny and mild winter's day. An unusual buzzing noise alerted me to a drone which turned out to be one of the Westpac Little Ripper Life Saver units. It landed briefly on the sand, then took off again, to return a while later, landing on a cloth in the sand where it stayed. No human interaction observed. More details on these very useful items here: https://thelittleripper.com.au/
  11. She's now making her way into Manila Bay
  12. New arrival - Norwegian Joy is just making her way into Manila Bay for crew repatriation.
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