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  1. I have never seen these from "gound-level', only looking over from the cruise ships. You are the second person in a couple of weeks whose photo with a similar POV I have seen. I need to get back there to have a closer look I think ... 😉
  2. I wonder if this critter in the hibiscus had anything to do with the swiss cheese effect on the flowers 🤨
  3. Keeping a close eye on the photographer ...
  4. I have some catching up to do it seems ... 😉 The tawny frogmouths are back!
  5. Very sad news indeed. Thanks Stu for passing it on.
  6. This was the 'bingle' in Hamburg in Feb 2019 and this is the damaged harbour ferry that Ever Given 'nudged' . Ferry was at the wharf. Fortunately no passengers on ferry, crew of 3 only minor injuries and shock. Just to clarify/correct - there is no such thing as a 'Hamburg Canal'. The ship had left the harbour and was traveling down the river (Elbe) towards the North Sea. Also, the Ever Given did not block the the river, it continued its journey with just a short stop a little down-river (probably for some investigators to embark) The shipp
  7. I am indeed - quite a surreal experience it was too. And all the while you think "what if this thing blows?" It was rumbling all the time and the ash plume changing in intensity 😨 Your turn 👍
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