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  1. Artania left just after 1.00pm today, stacks of people in cars (and out of them) down at South Mole to see it off. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/artania-cruise-ship-leaves-fremantle-after-fatal-covid-19-outbreak-amid-three-more-wa-coronavirus-cases/ar-BB12OKUJ
  2. Love the free unlimited WI FI. Can share with family all the goings on any time. They're under strict instructions...…………...don't call us - we'll call you, we will be far too busy enjoying ourselves.
  3. Woo hoo, electric sliding door to our balcony at the stern. Great to have early morning fresh brewed coffee and read the ship daily and work out how we can divide ourselves into four to take part in all the events taking place throughout the day on board. Ah, virtual cruise so we can do everything 🤣 I am an early riser and always had inside cabins and had to traipse up on deck for early morning coffee in throw away cups. Yuk. Now I can just switch on the coffee maker, shower and ready to start the day
  4. Apologies OzKiwiJJ……………….. I did try to correct it, and it all got muddled up, and I thought I'd lost the post, please don't send me to the brig, I promise to behave on the cruise. 🥴
  5. Never been to Sydney, so flying in from Perth, staying overnight in a hotel near the quay. Dropping the cases at the terminal at 11.30 ish in the morning and go to the Opera house and Circular Quay where we have heard there is a fabulous fish and chip shop. Gather up tourist information stuff for our 3 day stopover on the way back. Back to the cruise terminal for boarding 3.00 and off to the bar for a Baileys banana colada on lotsa ice, hubby with Jim Beam and coke. Grab the daily ship news, sit on the deck and read and discuss to see what's what and where the sail away is being held. Down to our balcony cabin, check it all out, unpack and get ready for the safety drill. Then sail away party. Casual for us on the first night, stroll around the decks checking everything out. Stopping at the bars on the way of course. Gotta keep the fluids up.
  6. It's bin a hard days night, I've bin working like a dog, but there's something in the way bins move that make us all come together. Bin day in Claremont Perth. Because bins go out more than we do.
  7. In WA over Easter there were 3 fines, each $1,000.00. Whilst we have strict ISO regulations, it seems common sense seems to be the go. They used drones over the beaches, and did say ground level photo's give a totally different outlook to the drone pics, which they did when shown side by side. We read some "odd" fines being issued over east.
  8. This idiot was originally in isolation at his girlfriends house, (they came in on the Vasco de Gama) they fell out, so the police moved him into a hotel with other Eastern Staters, (WA travellers were isolated on Rotto). He then skipped off three times, all on hotel video cam. Police hauled him back, off he went again. So he got arrested at his girlfriends house, thrown into jail for 12 days and the rest is history. Now that has got to be DUMB. Meanwhile, everyone else who was isolated with him were out and about on Apr 7th. No brainer, He'll find out what compulsory isolation is like now. He's got 30 days of it. 😷🤣
  9. Oh no, still, overall that's good. Ooops that doesn't sound quite right, none is better. Hope you all understand what I mean😜
  10. That looks good - 3 Aus wide. SA, WA and QLD 1 each - remainder zero.
  11. Just an aside, in WA a slab is 30 cans, and a carton is 24 (bottles or cans) All usually 375mls. 6 is a pack. Yep, we are big on fluid replacement. The tax man loves us.🍺
  12. Might not be posting in the right spot - but all threads are getting mangled up. All Vasco de Gama passengers that were isolated in WA are out of quarantine, and no cases reported on that ship, at this time. Looking good. Sadly, it won't be able to carry on with it's itinerary in Aus.
  13. Need the trains, boats and planes world wide to be on the same page, in an ideal world it should all be at the same time. Meanwhile, all keep talking about the yummy meals you keep making and eating. 🍽️😜 We can all join weightwatchers together - bulk discount 💰
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