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  1. Flying presents a much lower transmission risk than cruising. Passenger aircraft have extremely good air circulation through high grade filters and everyone must wear masks throughout the journey. Airports have sufficient room for good social distancing given the relatively low passenger volumes.
  2. There is no ship. It exists only on paper.
  3. Clear cookies for boards.cruisecritic.com and www.cruisecritic.com. Next time you visit cc you will have to login. Most people don't bother logging out. But it is a good idea of one is using a public system.
  4. Given an instant 100% accurate test the usefulness in cruising would be marginal at best. Even testing every day, statistically an infectious person will have spent 12 hours in relatively close contact with numerous others aboard As much as I hate the conclusion it seems to me that cruising is not likely to resume unless and until an effective vaccine has wide spread distribution. An occurrence that is at least a year or two away.
  5. I didn't make it beyond the first casino picture. But what I saw seemed reasonably accurate. Anyone here who has not wondered at very crowded pool areas and hot tubs that were only empty at 3am?
  6. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2758390-countdown-clocks/?do=findComment&comment=60280393
  7. Poirot episode Death on the Nile (2004). Upcoming (2020) Death on the Nile with Kenneth Branagh.
  8. Backspace doesn't work on my Android devices in Chrome. I have tried it numerous times on different devices. What does happen is the edit cursor enters the bottom of the quote block and subsequent taps erase the contents of the quote. Sadly, erasing the entire contents will not remove the block.
  9. One can ignore the entry, just don't press Submit. It can be difficult to delete a quote at the start of a reply. I've found that the easiest method is to navigate away from the thread. Upon return one can click in the reply edit area and click on the erase link.
  10. This suggests that the CDC should engage in some sort of negotiation with the cruise lines. An attitude I find worrisome. The CDC is charged with protecting people from disease, not enabling commercial enterprises. If cruise lines find the CDC guidance impossible to follow these transnational profit oriented entities should inform prospective customers. The current practice of accepting deposits for product that is true vaporware is unethical.
  11. You were trying to upload photos. Glad you got it sorted. For future reference moving data from a local device to something on the net (i.e. a server) is known as uploading. Downloading is the process of moving something from the net (server) to a local device.
  12. What do you consider the first unread post feature? On my Android tablet using Chrome, tapping the blue dot / star takes me to the first unread.
  13. You are trying to move photos from cc to your ipad?
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