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  1. Refitting any ship as a hospital would require months, if not years. A pointless exercise if intended to address short term needs. Besides assembling a large workforce in the relatively confined area of a ship could well fill the ship with patients before the refit was finished.
  2. i believe removing cookies for cruisecritic.com and boards.cruisecritic.com will force a logout. Not sure if the app maintains its own cookies.
  3. Possibly an issue with ads. You might try emailing a screen capture to help@cruisecritic.com.
  4. On pc a popup used to happen when the cursor hovered over the title. I found the behavior sparodic. Since I don't use a pc for cc now I don't know if the feature has been tweaked.
  5. To go to the first unread post click on the blue dot/star left of the link. To go to the last post click on the list count, right of the link. Click on the date / elapsed time right of the link to take you to that post.
  6. One can also use the "Click to choose files" link beside the paperclip at the bottom of the editor when making a post.
  7. I rarely logout of CC. And, since my browsers can remember login information I use the feature for CC.
  8. I found a simple page refresh solved the problem. In Android Chrome (and some other browsers) pull the page down a bit and release. In Windows Chrome (and some other browsers) ctrl+F5.
  9. If memory serves, initially user status was displayed including any currently viewed thread. A number of users suggested that this was an undesirable lack of privacy and, (sadly imo), the feature was removed.
  10. Yes, but non trivial. One has to modify (edit) the bookmark. Replace any text following /? at the end of the URL with do=getNewComment so the the URL ends with "/?do=getNewComment". If the URL does not have /?, append it.
  11. Manage Followed Content is intended for changing followed settings of threads. To view notifications on PC and some (logically) wider mobiles click / tap the bell icon near the top right of the page. On narrower displays (phones and many tablets) tap the menu icon (three horizontal bars) on right side of the blue toobar at top of page. The popup will have the bell icon. When one has new notifications the bell icon will have a red circle with the count of new notifications.
  12. If you want to be able to quickly reference a particular post you can add it to your browser bookmark / favorites. If you want to save the contents of a post on your device you can copy & paste the contents into a locally created file. Some browsers support downloading a web page.
  13. If you have multiple notifications there is no link, you have to view the notification list to see all the new notifications. If there is a single new notification clicking the notice should take you to it.
  14. If memory serves, one has to click / tap on the link in the notification. Otherwise click on the bell notification icon (mobile, tap blue banner menu then bell).
  15. Click / tap the bell. Click / tap the Notification Settings link in the top right corner of the popup. Scroll down below the first Save button. The settings in the Notifications column control items that appear in the Notifications list. As far as I know only items in the General (second) section apply in CC. If you maker any changes may sure to click / tap the Save button below the list.
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