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  1. Android is similar. On my Android phone signatures do not appear. They do appear on my Android tablet.
  2. No need to get so protective. Blindly rushing into rah rah mode is not productive. Not being within manufacturer oil level specifications on all engines should make anyone wonder. Suggesting otherwise is nonsensical.
  3. Unlike picture files (jpg, jpeg, png,etc) other file types display as links. The content must be downloaded by users for viewing. In order to view the content a user needs to be able open the file type on their device. This is not a given so posters should try to use only the most commonly used file types. If the scanned documents are in pdf files, use the "Click to choose files" link. On a mobile you may then have to select an app to use for file selection. If so you will need to use a file manager / explorer app. Photo gallery apps typically will not provide access to non photo / video file types. On a Windows pc, you may have to change the file types displayed in the selection dialog.
  4. broberts


    To test attaching different file types.
  5. Use the browser on your phone instead of the app. I find my browsers bookmark feature useful for rapid access to frequently visited pages.
  6. It is on my tablet but not my phone, both Android. I think it depends on the viewport size, which is mostly determined by display resolution.
  7. There are two magnifying glass icons. The one on the CC banner searches the entire site. The one I suggested using is on the blue toolbar. It only searches the boards or some portion thereof. The white CC banner is always displayed. One may have to scroll to the top of the page to bring the blue toolbar into view.
  8. The time limit continues while one is editing a post. If one takes too long the edit will not be applied.
  9. Not even close to an analogus situation. If a minor is served alcohol after presenting a fake id the bar is still guilty of serving a minor. It might also see a civil suit by the victims family. The minor is guilty of breaking one of more laws related to using a fake id, dui, and causing death.
  10. I don't find it frustrating. What may be contributing to a feeling of frustration is the connection speed. People with lower Wi-Fi / cell data speeds may conclude that the site is slow when in fact it is the connection, not the site that is slow.
  11. On a mobile it is the magnifying glass icon on the blue toolbar above the posts. On a pc or wide display mobile the search is an oval containing the word Search upper right of the page under the user name.
  12. I hope all of you have a great cruise. Come back and let us know how things worked out.
  13. Not really. CC is a website that delivers valid W3C content to browsers. Tapatalk is not a compliant browser.
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