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  1. Click / tap the bell. Click / tap the Notification Settings link in the top right corner of the popup. Scroll down below the first Save button. The settings in the Notifications column control items that appear in the Notifications list. As far as I know only items in the General (second) section apply in CC. If you maker any changes may sure to click / tap the Save button below the list.
  2. In Windows one can also right-click on the post number and select Copy link address. On Android devices a long tap (press and hold) of the post number will pop a menu with Copy link address.
  3. Tap/ click on the second from left filter. This should drop a content Type list. Topics should be checked. Click / tap the drop-down button on the right. Then click / tap the Select button. If necessary, click / tap the arrow head beside Categories to expand the list. Scroll through the list of topics and click / tap to change the sections. Click / tap arrow heads to expand or contract SUB categorieas. Click / tap titles to select / deselect a topic.
  4. I'd suggest editing the stream and checking the forums being followed. CC may have made some changes.
  5. There have been a number of threads with similar questions . Typically they are posted in the forums of particular cruise lines. You might also consider posting in https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/69-ask-a-cruise-question/.
  6. You might try running a malware scan.
  7. Try using the Android back button, (below the screen, left or right depending on system). This should clear the keyboard without affecting anything else.
  8. Use your browser to get to https://boards.cruisecritic.com
  9. Didn't work on my Android phone. Does work on my Android tablet and pc. On higher resolution phones it may work if the phone is rotated into landscape mode.
  10. After you inset the photo into a post double click/tap the photo. A properties from will pop up. Change the width as desired. The system will adjust the height to keep the same aspect ratio when you exit the field.
  11. I believe this is the roll call for your voyage. Click / tap on the title to visit that thread. Then click / tap the blue Reply to this topic button and submit your request.
  12. From the OP description of events the tour delivered exactly what its title promised.
  13. Personally I think one has to be particularly gullible to believe a company with no nautical experience can go from the idea for a unique ship to maiden voyage in 3 - 4 years.
  14. broberts

    Visa for Sri Lanka

    You have posted in an area intended for questions about using the website. Try posting your question in https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/43-asia/ or in the roll call for your voyage.
  15. Have a great cruise. When I read the original post it made me wonder if the kids are in connecting bedrooms at home?
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