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  1. Wearing a mask outside makes sense in crowds when social distancing is not possible, especially when nobody was vaccinated. As far as I understand it the masking between bites is a response to the people making one potato chip last three hours. We've had this discussion before. I reject your condescension. Your judgement of my understanding of virology, viral spread, and quarantining is meaningless. Unless of course you wish to present some credentials that qualify you to make such a judge!ent. We do not know if ships will sail fully vaccinated. It
  2. Like the US, Canada reached atgreements with several companies. At last count 8, of which only four have been approved for use at this time. Although there is some question as to continued use of J&J and Astrazeneca. With the exception of Astrazeneca and Moderna enough vaccine was ordered from each company to vaccinate the entire population.
  3. Be specific. Tossing out generalities is meaningless and certainly does nothing to bolster your opinion. What policies fly in the face of your "common sense"? When the two cohorts are not in identical environments, of course there can be different rules. To argue that a ship at sea is the same as a facility on land is ludicrous and defies common sense.
  4. Remind me. I have no expertise and don't claim any. If you would enumerate the "indefensible" action items of the CDC it might be helpful. Without that data, the post is just another CDC attack post.
  5. True. And then we have posts like this that claim an unexplained expertise while making an unsubstantiated claim of insanity within the CDC.
  6. There is a big difference for international travellers. Flights to FLL and MIA are generally much lower cost than FPO and NAS. There are also many more routing options.
  7. Sadly many of those questioning authority in this pandemic are doing so from a position of ignorance or insufficient understanding. Knee jerk rejection of authority does not contribute to problem resolution.
  8. The lengthy stays may also be to allow trades aboard for alterations to facilitate distancing and other mitigation. I'm thinking things like screens at customer service, shops, etc.
  9. 25 inches, not 25 feet. I haven't been on Oasis, but my recollection of Allure many years ago is that there was enough space between chairs to allow people to pass between. Presumably adjustments will have to be made. Are they planning to sail with a reduced capacity?
  10. I suspect the CDC appreciates the environmental differences between airline and cruise ships. I have yet to dine on a cruise ship where I was less than 25" from other diners. On the other hand I can't recall the last time I ate on a plane while not rubbing shoulders. So it makes sense to minimize times masks are not worn inflight, especially given the numerous reports of policy abuse.
  11. Exaggeration doesn't advance the discussion. By no definition I know of would a bite be considered a meal. Your characterization of the guidance matches my recollection. No detailed definitions. I suspect to allow some flexibility in implementation. Personally I would not consider a 3 course meal prolonged unless there was twenty minutes or more between courses. I do expect changes in the masking guidelines for vaccinated people.
  12. No authority has suggested wearing masks between bites. It is a canard dreamed up by anti-CDC posters. What the CDC has suggested is brief meals. A bite is not a meal. I too will not be cruising while masks are required for everyone. Politics has sadly made fully vaccinated cruises unlikely so I don't expect to be cruising for another year.
  13. So you really have no reasonable idea how procument might have been better manage. Thanks for the positive contribution 🙄. You don't think the nearly 9,000 km border with the US and the billion dollars a day in trade might pose issues not faced by the island nations of AU, NZ, and UK? Given that there is no way Canada could realistically close all its borders, closing any strikes me as less than optimal. Given our dependance on US imports enforced quarantines are also not practical. Now that vaccines are available I would like to see the government restrict
  14. I asked for specific things the government could have done to secure earlier delivery of vaccines. So far all I've seen is criticism of a supposed procument activity. https://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/comm/aic-scr/ententes-agreements-strat-eng.html
  15. What specifically could the federal government have done to procure vaccine earlier? It certainly has bought enough. By my calculations enough approved vaccines for vaccinated every Canadian three times and enough yet to be approved vaccine for another two vaccinations.
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