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  1. Talk to a qualified medical professional familiar with your health situation and these vaccinations. Given the total investment, a few hundred dollars hardly seems significant.
  2. Perhaps some security settings on your router or ISP servers. Have you tried using a WiFi network other than the one at home?
  3. Any particular Oceania ship? You will find all of the Oceania roll calls sorted by ship at https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/321-oceania-roll-calls/.
  4. The CC app is not supported by this version of the website. It has been so since the introduction of the new website some time ago.
  5. Some countries have either combined the functions or made the process so seamless that it appears to be one.
  6. Don't try to change the subject. The discussion is about port and starboard, not left and right. Were they the same thing I suspect mariners would not have invented port and starboard in the first place. Nor would they have continued to use them to this day.
  7. You might have to clear browser cache and cookies for any royal caribbean address.
  8. You might try navigating to https://www.royalcaribbean.com. Many modern browsers will not allow navigation to http:// addresses.
  9. Amazing how myopic some can be, assuming everyone has the same life experiences and knowledge.
  10. Click / tap on the text "Following", (on a desktop and most tablets it is above the right corner of the first post or ad on a page, on phone it is underneath the last post on a page). In the popup that appears there is an Unfollow button in the bottom right corner, it is red.) Click / tap the red button.
  11. If you are referring to the avatar that appears on the left side of your posts, click on the avatar. Your profile page will be displayed. Click on the the image button in the bottom left corner of your avatar picture. This will pop a Profile Photo window that allows you to remove or change the picture.
  12. When I go to a mechanic about a noise I always indicate passenger or driver side so that confusion about orientation is avoided. I'm sorry you feel a need to characterize factual comments as stupid. Perhaps you did not bother reading the quote to which the comment applied. Context does make a difference.
  13. Yes, and had you included that critical datum I might not have commented.
  14. Port is not always to the left, nor starboard always to the right. Perhaps that is why many find it necessary to use an aide-mémoire.
  15. This website does not support private messaging.
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