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  1. This is the red sauce at our house, good Canadian product. I use it on chips and my breakfast spuds...never on eggs
  2. While I was working on that artery clogging extravaganza Lynn was enjoying this. She had coffee with her breakfast
  3. This is the B52 breakfast note the sauteed mushrooms, I still think it should be called the Lancaster a good British aircraft. B52 should be biscuits and gravy with a sausage patty and a scrambled eggs (out if a carton) I washed it down with some Clamato juice (for my pills) and a nice cup of Earl Grey tea
  4. Why am I not surprised Mic? Take what is a pretty serious subject...😁 For those handy enough to sew your own masks I salute you. Remember you pay extra for contrasting stitching so turn your standard mask into the deluxe model with some stitching flair. We have a school girl who is sewing masks here and she is adding a piece of pipe cleaner inside at the bridge of the nose. Green with yellow stitching would be a good neutral motif for the proud Australian that doesn't want anything too flashy. My mask is grey with giraffes on it, unfortunately there is nothing at he nose piece so my glasses fog up🤔
  5. Wikipedia refers to them in the past tense ie: Sun Princess was and Sea Princess was. I know Wikipedia is a poor reference but was? To me was is something when the ship has been paid off and already at the breaker's yard. Like HMCS Huron was a Canadian Navy destroyer from 1972 thru 2000, her hulk was used as a live fire target and sunk, she is now an artificial reef off the coast of Vancouver Island. Was shouldn't be used for any ship that is still at sea with crew on board and life in her engines.
  6. The existing booking was almost $8,000.00 Canadian for Concierge Class and had the Classic drinks package, gratuities and about $500.00 (US) on board credit, I just emailed our TA so I doubt I will know what the price will be for a few days. The price per the website is $3,771.00 Canadian per person then tack on port fees etc and depending on perks? The standard Veranda is about $500.00 CAN per person cheaper we may look at that. We wanted the Concierge because of the priority boarding and we wanted to see what the Concierge boarding lunch would be like. The way we booked it in future cruises while on board it was only about $100.00 PP more so that seemed worth it.
  7. Docker 123, that much ketchup (red sauce) would last a very long time in our house. Lynn can't eat tomatoes and I use ketchup sparingly. We used to use Heinz but they closed their Canadian plant and the clown who resembles an orange decided to start a trade war with everyone, so being good Canadians we now use made in Canada French's brand Ketchup.
  8. Well a significant but not unexpected development in the local tourist industry. The passenger ferry service between Victoria and Seattle has announced a continued suspension of service until April 2021.
  9. That looks like a share plate for three Uncle Les. I would have the beans but they aren't part of the menu. They call it a B52 Breakfast. The place is out at the airport, it's called the Spitfire Grill. I told the server they should be calling that plate the Lancaster. Imagine calling an English breakfast after a Yank aircraft.
  10. I think I will see if I can find a decent pasty and some samosas for next week lunches
  11. Haven't brought myself to the mushy peas yet Les. My lovely wife got the sausage rolls at a local bakery, I bought the pie at a well known Vancouver Island grocery chain. They are made at their in house commercial kitchen. No dead horse by By The Bay, I'm saving that particular delicacy for my trip down under. I ate it cold, should have heated it, the bottom crust was a little smushy.
  12. Negative on the black pudding Uncle Les. I don't do Haggis either.
  13. No trouble sleeping Les. Eight hours in a woodwork shop makes for a pretty tired boy. I'll probably hit the rack in about 1/2 hour, then up to watch the F1 qualifying. Then we have to renew the insurance before we go for breakfast. I found a place that does an almost full English Breakfast (no black pudding thankfully and no beans) Bacon, Sausage and Ham, 2 eggs toast, hash browns and grilled tomato. Red sauce on the potatoes NOT on the eggs.
  14. 11 nights mid March, scratch Bay of Islands and Hobart add Eden. I like the 14 day better, I also know it will be hot.
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