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  1. Do tell Uncle Les, how does a quiche become a "Tradie" pie?
  2. I love roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. I do make it at home but during the summer it gets pretty hot to have the oven on for 4 to 5 hours (I roast on convection roast at about 280 Farenheit to a nice medium). I have a cast iron pan that makes a lovely job for individual yorkies. I steam potatoes to mash and mash them with milk and butter. Peas and carrots for veg such a treat. Now that we are coming into fall I think I should find a nice piece of prime rib.
  3. Sounds very tasty, we really didn't get "lunch" what was supposed to be a late lunch at maybe 2:15 turned into an early supper at around 4:00. Needless to say we were pretty hungry. The baked prawns are very tasty with garlic butter and cheese. I sometimes order the excellent seafood chowder and add some of the melted butter to the chowder and the melted cheese I spread on the toast. The "Yorkie sliders" are one of my favourites, mini Yorkshire puddings topped with roast beast and gravy, there is a horseradish cream drizzle sprinkle of green onions. I don't normally like horseradish but on this it works. Lynn had the afore mentioned seafood chowder.
  4. That's great news Les, I understand Victoria (the one in Oz) is having some good reports as well. As I said earlier, Vancouver Island is a pretty safe place with very few cases compared to British Columbia as a whole. We do tend to keep to ourselves only seeing co-workers during the work week and the odd visit for professional services.
  5. I'm sure it must seem like we Ducks seem to drive around and eat out a lot, and I guess it is true. We have had Lynn's mom living with us for the last 4 years and didn't really have much freedom to just do what we wanted. She recently moved to assisted living (which has had it's own list of challenges) so we are sort of running amok with our new freedom. Even though some of our favourite restaurants are take out only and one in particular is closed permanently (The best Greek Restaurant in town). We have a few places where we feel safe and the food is very good. Lynn had a appointment to visit her Mom (don't get me started on those restrictions) which just seems so over the top. We had planned to have a late lunch after the 1:30 visit but the place we were going to have lunch at had a long line so off to the Spitfire Grill a pleasant 20 km drive from where we were. Late lunch became early supper. I had Surf and Turf
  6. Well it looks like the ??? can be removed Sun and Sea Princess have left the fleet. All cruises that were scheduled have been cancelled. I never sailed on these ships but it looks like they were well loved. The article mentions the possibility that one or both of them have been acquired by "Peace Boat"
  7. I'm just going to go with Governor's lookout. From a Google search. It could also be the base for the "Skywalker" lookout before the lookout was built.
  8. Meanwhile Lyndarra has the next mystery shot.
  9. It was my video Mic, it plays here just fine but I tried 3 times and the video won't load. I have been to "The Garden" many times. The last time I was there was our 15th anniversary and we were there for the fireworks show which is spectacular. The fountain is most impressive at night when they add lights to the fountain's movements.
  10. I'll give you that, the official name is the "Ross" fountain. I tried to upload a short video I had of it in motion but it won't upload.
  11. Name the feature and where you may find it
  12. I have some nice photos from 1976 but they are not available on digital. One is crossing under the Golden Gate from the fore deck of HMCS Yukon (I did a 3 week deployment while I was in Sea Cadets, I turned 17 on that cruise) Coit Tower is a dead give away. If I recall correctly the Trans America Tower is not far out of the frame to the right.
  13. We do so Les, this Island is very special. I am fortunate to be in an area with a very low occurrence of the scourge of the year. We are not really under any lockdown (at least anything that effects our lifestyle). We are able to dine in at a few favourite establishments and take out. We can get whatever we want at the market and Lynn and I have not had our work interrupted. I do feel for all those friends I have met from down under (especially those from the other Victoria) who have been living under some pretty dramatic restrictions. I admire their fortitude. Be well everyone I hope we may meet in person some day.
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