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  1. I found the seat on the Whill to be a but uncomfortable, in particular very little lumbar support, big issue for me, not so much for others.
  2. Best advice I can give is try one if there is someone local selling them. As for me I much prefer, on a day to day basis, to use a small electric wheelchair to a scooter, I’ll try some pros and cons Chair. Pros light and folding for easy travel pulls right up to table Highly manouverable (whill even more so because of how it’s front wheels work) If you end up with a flat battery most are easy for someone to push you Cons Joystick Controlled (not everyone can handle the joystick to well) Range can be way lower than a scooter Scooter Pros Steering by tiller is more like steering a car (even closer to a motorbike Longer Range Sometimes a higher top speed Handles rough terrain better Will often have a better seat Cons Heavier and thus more difficult to transport (my scoter weighs about 100kg my chair under 30kg) Doest turn on a circle so needs more space for certain manoeuvres Not easy to push if you do end up flat I have a couple of wheelchairs, the one below is an Airwheel which is also capable of being remote controlled from an app on your phone an$ the newest version comes with a hand held remove control
  3. Never rented one, but have used one, range was about 15km, or 10 mIles.
  4. Unfortunately even a trip to Sydney is pretty much beyond me now. A few years ago I said no more Sydney and back in one day, now just getting to Sydney means a few days there to recover before I can do anything. So checking me in looks to be one of life’s little pleasures denied to you.
  5. Thanks, that’s handy to know if we eve4 get to go again.
  6. Cruise home, then I get back more relaxed for back to work. But cruising and work are both over, so it doesn’t matter.
  7. I guess my 33 night circumnavigation of Australia and NZ, would do it again in a heartbeat if health permitted, loved gett8ng to know your fellow travellers, but passengers and crew. had book a 115 night world cruise before Dr said “no way” was so looking forward to it.
  8. Depends on time of year, October/November, anti clockwise, Feb/March clockwise
  9. Been a long time coming, had everything set for 2002 but he cancelled after Bali Bombing, 2017 all set for Adelaide, health intervened, worst of all mid 90s (93 I think) a broke student doing work experience, we were in Sydney runn8ng a three day trial in the Supreme Court, stayed with a Barrister. Case didn’t finish on Wednesday, go back to barristers place, we knew he was at the Macca concert that night. Next morning “***** if only we had known you’d still be here had a mate couldn’t make it so could have taken you”.
  10. We expected the same, tickets don’t go on sale till next Friday to the general public, to some last Monday, but our son knew someone who had super early bird access to Melbourne tickets and asked, his friend said “Yeah I can get Newcastle ones too if that works better.”
  11. I don’t tip on land but do on a cruise, usually steward, waiter if I have had the same one many times, any regular bar tender. But they are happy with pretty much any currency, I was once in a Supermarket and a crew member was struggling to work out what money to use and asked me, he had almost every currency you could think of US$ NZ$ Aus$ Yen Lira Pounds Euro no wonder the poor kid was confused
  12. We sailed with them once, if we were still cruising wouldn’t hesitate to go with them again. US$ if memory serves, probably describe it as a more casual line, they do tend to price slightly higher but we snagged a pretty good deal. We did a Tassie cruise.
  13. It’s for him, Coming up from Melbourne, and the rest of my birthday and Christmas presents for life. Even Mrs G doesn’t get to come
  14. Well I have a rock theme, son just rang to say he has scored 2 tickets, one wheelchair for a little concert in Newcastle, 24 October.
  15. Best advice I’d give is check what options there are to hire and then visit a store and try them for comfort
  16. The Whill is great, but for me the back doesn’t give enough support.
  17. Haven’t stayed there for awhile, it was looking very tired, but is sooooo convenient if you are sailing from the OPT
  18. There are some great deals out the Cross area, dodgy would refer to it having strip clubs, and the like, but my no means would I consider it dangerous, maybe a bit noisy, but to be fair I haven’t stayed anywhere other than home and hospital for a few years.
  19. I see Garlo is having another crack at the U.S. market.
  20. The filling was roast vegetables in a mornay like sauce, browned on the top. I have had a Mexican Pie, but not a big fan of beans.
  21. She enjoyed it, so did I, (but I also ha$ a chunky beef) she considered a Red Lentil Pie.
  22. Not a meat pie But a baked vegetable pie, not bad, not a case of I’d go out of my way to get one, but will probably have one from time to t8me if I am nearby, nice mornay type sauc3 and topping, a bit of zing to it too.
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