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  1. Kiwi Kruzer

    Attempted murder

    It would spoil the cruise for those who had to witness it . https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6293631/Man-charged-attempted-murder-trying-throw-girlfriend-overboard-luxury-cruise-liner.html
  2. AIS is showing her docked now. Local time 11am as I post.
  3. 2 Princess ships in town today. Note the container train leaving the wharf , from the bridge cam .
  4. The site has been down for the cruise .Heres a few grabs of arriving in Sydney.- Melbourne, -Hobart and a track of the Fiordland cruise. The cam is not updating from Fiordland. Dunedin tomorrow wnen she wil be in port with Golden Princess
  5. While the boards were down I checked out some of the port cams. Heres a shot from Port Otagos cams of the new extension at Port Chalmers. It looks like it can easily take up to 3 large cruise ships at a time.
  6. Radiance leaving Sydney last night. 4 pm 16th Oct. At the same time as she was leaving TV NZ had a live feed for the 6 pm news from Sydney..re Royal Visit and Radiance photo bombed the feed by blocking out the view of the Opera House.🤣 finding my way around ..much easier to post pics. also found the preview button, and the emojis
  7. Kiwi Kruzer

    Testing this new format

    I clicked on , signed in ,and no threads were showing so I posted on the Princess board which was up and running, then came back here and found it is now up and running . May take a while to find out how to navigate around the boards,
  8. With the new format I can see all boards except Au/NZ . The stickys are there along with some sections of photos , but no threads. Is it the same for everyone else?