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  1. They are claiming the Hotel Workers are not essential ,but the cruise line says they are and cannot be replaced with NZ workers who would need to be trained. If they had to be trained then surely they are essential
  2. Evidently some of the crew have visas but the others who do not were not deemed as essential workers ,.??? Gets curiouser and curiouser,.
  3. The foreign fishing crews have been coming in ,but like everyone else they had to quarantine. There may be some confusion as they could have thought that the trip down here qualified .🤔
  4. I had no problems over here doing my renewal on line .Got the photos from the pharmacy to make sure of size , background no smiles or teeth or glasses , or whatever else they decide they want from time to time , sent it off in a return paid courier bag and returned in a few , hassle free. We did have major hassles when some bright spark decided to have 5 year passports instead of 10 year ones and he was told to go to the far queue very smartly.
  5. Just clicked on and caught the rangers getting a pic
  6. The Moderna vaccine has been shown to be effective against the new variants of the virus that are emerging . https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/01/25/covid-vaccine-virus-variant/
  7. One suggestion in the States had been to give half doses as they are having supply problems.
  8. If they send 2 ships to Australia they would be be leaving port full every cruise .They are the perfect size for East Coast and Top End cruising.
  9. NZ scheduled for a March start up,but I-read the manufacturer is having problems keeping up with supplying the demand .
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9174909/Jacinda-Ardern-speaks-Wiggles-arranged-New-Zealand-concerts-without-booking-quarantine.html No quarantine no tour. The Wiggles have sold tickets to 20 shows in NZ , but have not secured bookings for the mandatory quarantine.
  11. Looks like a supermarket trolley ! 😱💲😱
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