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  1. That is certainly more the case once out of the capital.
  2. It is not the Parliament build in Bratislava Slovakia or in Slovenia either. But that building is beautiful.
  3. I think an extra Vanuatu port may be required.
  4. Well they don't want it as the last 3 referendums on independence have failed and the last being 97% no.
  5. So why do they keep voting against independence in the referendums.
  6. I know that they are protesting about the rule change but it isn't independence as they keep voting that down. It was a 97% no last referendum.
  7. It is a mess, not sure I fully understand what the Kanaks actually want.
  8. I don't think you will be docking at this point.
  9. I was going to plant some herbs but I ran out of thyme
  10. I like box wine, especially if it has 12 bottles in it.
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