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  1. Bye Bye Brilliance - ships that pass in the night
  2. I am pretty spoilt next year as it goes. 1/2 a world cruise and a 60th birthday cruise on my favourite [off-topic cruise line] ship. With that in mind, I am not really looking for anything else for the 2025 part anyway. What is new in 25/26 - the Wiggles, but we don't have young kids. I had a brief look at birthday #61 on an Anthem weekender or maybe the 5 night Hobart cruise in March, but that has passed-by and my wallet is still in my pocket. There is a serious lack of variety across all of our local itineraries. Once we get the big stuff out of the way next year, I think I will take a look at a Daytona 500 combo with B2B or S2S Caribbean itineraries.
  3. Sorry, I was busy washing my hands with the Solvol.
  4. It is up there for Anthem, but still looks to be cheaper than similar itineraries on Ovation next season. I haven't bothered with looking at Voyager at this stage.
  5. Majestic is now heading to Cook Strait, so looking to arrive at Picton as scheduled.
  6. Even though Ovation had a major direction change, they have still been in 6.5 metre plus waves for most of the day. It should start to improve for them overnight. Majestic is still listing Picton as her next port, .She has headed south to circle the rough conditions, but the longer she stays on this track, the more it looks like they are hoping to do Milford Sound as a substitute.
  7. There is a reason that the hole has been left. I don't recall sending it off topic to begin with. There is also a double entendre line here about cougars, but that would also be off-topic.
  8. I always wondered where the most reliable rumours started 😉
  9. Ovation has skipped Picton to get a head start back to Sydney. They have headed north to circle the worst of the seas, but are still cruising at 20 knots into a gale with 4.5m seas. Their original schedule would have had them traversing 9 metre seas tomorrow night.
  10. There is, but is a very specific one. PNG from Sydney doesn't fit. They have tried and it wasn't popular with retirees and was heavily discounted. I wish they weren't so boring with their itineraries, but they do know the what, where, when & how as they piece together their itineraries. For them, new itineraries add risk at a time when a lot of their traditional customers don't have spare cash to spend. They will stick with what worked best last year, also considering that both Royal & Princess are taking away a ship next season and that will result in even less choice. In comparison, we are not so different either. You mention Icon. Over the next two years, it visits only 11 ports and every cruise is a 7-nighter and only one cruise skips Coco Cay. It is a defined offering, and designed to generate maximum profit.
  11. Leaving bang on time 😉 AIS destination is showing Picton, so it looks like they are hoping to make up for lost time.
  12. In general for the cruises that size, Ovation's suites are currently 40% more expensive next summer than the equivalent ones on Anthem the following season. There is heaps of availability, so it isn't like they are selling out. In comparison, I could do a 5 nighter on Anthem for around the same price as a 3 nighter on Ovation. I guess that is why I haven't already booked on Ovation.
  13. Now that Barb has a confirmed surgery date, if it is successful, it looks like we might be able to look for something late this year. Time for me to compare prices between Ovation this coming summer with Anthem's prices.
  14. Yes, Voyager has booked entries at Yorkey's with QLD Ports.
  15. I am even weighing-up whether to put my retirement back another year and spring for a 5 nighter to Tassie.
  16. I think that is right. It is a bit like having concierge class or club class on other brands - a mini suite with at least some of the suite perks. I would think anything Sky class would include the things listed in that section here: What benefits are included in each Royal Suite Class Tier? | Royal Caribbean Cruises
  17. I think I found one. The lure of the Wiggle Friends is just too much, so I think I can afford a two night weekend birthday party on Anthem.
  18. Yes, It started with Royal class, so it was Royal & Majestic this season, next season it will be just Royal Princess. In 2025/26 it will be Discovery Princess.
  19. I will grab a stiff drink later and make sure I take my medication before I take a look.
  20. I can't see your pics Phil. What do the prices look like? These are decent typical Royal offerings on feature packed Royal ships. The disappointment for me is that it is just too typical, and the local office is a victim of not delivering on their aspirations. Over the past 10 years, the travel media bites have been: - We will have a ship here year-round - We are bringing an Oasis class ship (by 2020) - A Perfect Day at Lelepa Instead, we get the same stuff less a ship downgrade. I will poke through the dates and have a look at a shortie on Anthem. Apart from that, I am also on the sidelines awaiting some exciting news for 26/27.
  21. Yes, Solstice. I was thinking just through the heads was for Solstice going, but was for Majestic coming.
  22. I hope so too. Looks like a bumpy couple of days, but the seas are declining ahead of them. The timing is a bonus, but leaving 6+ hrs late might incur a modified itinerary. They may go slow and skip Picton, which would be a shame.
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