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  1. I'm fortunate I'm in Regional Victoria and we hardly had any cases. However, we don't want people sneaking up into the Country areas making the problems worse. The lockdown restrictions doesn't apply to us. I hear that they going to set up roadblocks.
  2. China including Hong Kong is not really a place to visit in the near future.
  3. Not going to happen. Metro Melbourne is locked down for 6 weeks. I cannot see any cruising happening this year.
  4. I wanna go cruising again. Pete not so keen. I said if a big long cruise comes up and its nicely priced. I going. You can decide whether you want to or not. He rather just travel around Australia.
  5. I got sent an email about it. I don't have that email now. Sorry can't help further.
  6. If you paid by your credit card get them to refund it. 3 months to me = they got no $$
  7. Also Alan Joyce made some comments regarding international flights Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said most overseas flights are cancelled until mid-2021 A travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand was set to start next month Scheduled flights 'crossing the ditch' to NZ until September will still go ahead After this, Qantas will run a skeleton international service until July next year It comes after the airline announced it was slashing 20 per cent of its workforce https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8458027/Qantas-warns-trans-Tasman-bubble-wont-happen-2021-international-destinations-cards.html
  8. Hopefully, it start earlier. But I just can't see it. This latest set back in Victoria. Plus Australian citizens so slow to come home. They should have been ordered home weeks ago. Otherwise stay where you are. Panic hoarding buying started again in Melbourne suburbs. Hasn't hit Ballarat yet. But I haven't been out of my house for a couple of days. I work from home and I go once out for shopping on Wednesday morning 7 am and sometimes Saturday we go for a drive out in the country away from people so I can get out of the house and get some fresh air and stretch my legs.
  9. My prediction is cruising won't start up until September 2021.
  10. I got an email from one of the TA's a couple of days ago. I deleted it.
  11. I know some online TA's are trying to tempt cruise bookings with $1 deposit. However, read the fine print carefully as it might say full payment made 6 months prior to cruise date. I;m not booking nothing until there is a much clearer picture. At the moment they just trying to raise revenue off you.
  12. I done two cruises with PO UK. Very good experience. British style cruising traditional without all the formalities of Curnard.
  13. I wouldn't be booking anything at the moment that requires full payment or even a very large deposit. There will be a lot of TA's at the moment trying to do package deals and waiting it all paid up front. However, how can they confirm flights or cruises will even go ahead. Nice to know they will get paid. But the ultimate question you need to ask yourself - will you get paid back if it doesn't go ahead.
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