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  1. Australians are the one leaving the ship at moment. They just had it on the news. It’s the Australian Government evacuation flight for them. The Australians are taking New Zealand passengers as well. I believe there is 15 people who chose not to go mainly because they had relatives in hospitals in Japan and wanted to be with them. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8018995/Qantas-takes-extreme-measures-protect-staff-coronavirus.html
  2. Only vegetable that makes me gag is Brussel sprouts and that stems back from having too many as a kid. Stuff of nightmares. Japanese food is very healthy, but as you said a lot of people don't eat a lot of vegetables besides potatoes.
  3. His latest Facey post. The REAL David Abel at 11:45am on 19th. Please do not read between lines making 2+2=5. I have tried to explain what is happening yet the more I say, the confusion increases for some people. No live feeds are continuing here or YouTube. No TV or news interviews are being given. All friend requests are being ignored until back in UK. What’s App messages are remaining unanswered. In an attempt to discover the truth we have located a Doctor who speaks English. We are confirmed having the virus. We are going to a hostel for 4-5 days until we can be transferred to a hospital for treatment. Can you understand how the message yesterday was easily misunderstood? We both feel fine but have indeed tested positive for the virus. Hopefully this now makes for a clearer understanding. Unfortunately comments will not be answered. Our focus is now very much on our family. Thank you for your continued love & support. Sally & David
  4. We miss Mr Gut. Rest up and come back soon.
  5. Fair enough. I haven't listen to all his videos. Just the last one and only couple a week ago.
  6. He's still onboard. This was his post from 3 hours ago. "From the REAL David Abel 🙂 Sally & I packed and waited 8 hours in the cabin to be transported to a hostel. We are still on the ship! They do NOT send folk with the virus to a hostel! Massive communication error yesterday. The Japanese quarantine officials to not speak any English. They came to our door & told us to be ready to be taken to the hostel. My mindset was ‘virus’ and said ‘positive then’. He nodded. I don’t think he was saying yes to the virus but positive we were moving out?? He followed up by saying it will probably be just 4 or 5 days. You would not say that to a virus victim. The consulate in Tokyo are being very good with me. I am being listened to and Sally & I feel really well. I will get more info out when I know what’s happening. Thank you for your love and concern. Sally & David xx" I can't find the word "sorry" in there. Maybe my reading skills not great . . .:D He's only doing UK media interviews now. . . Could have done a deal for his story aka 60 minutes or whatever the equivalent is over there.
  7. He should be apologizing. He went off on a huge conspiracy theory that people were trying to silence him. Totally not so. Yesterday, he was back complaining about the food saying he only eating cornflakes and milk. Didn't he say that he be happy to eat cornflakes and milk that that is all he had. Surely, of all of the food brought to him there could have been stuff he can eat. He's been very harsh on the UK Government. I bet they have been trying to find a solution for them. Now that he has moved is stuff to you tube I wonder if its being monetised. As he getting like 75K views a vlog. I guess now he built up a profile he could branch out and do $$$ interviews, write a book etc.
  8. Yes. But they are on home soil. I think that is the biggest challenge at the moment.
  9. Why would other countries not follow the US approach. If its not okay to come back to the US for certain period of time why would it be acceptable for any other country to allow them in?
  10. All about control with the Chinese. If they let in help they lose control of the narrative. I suspect its a lot worse than what the Chinese are telling anyone.
  11. Well they made their decision. I guess they on their own. US government made an offer to evacuate them they turned it down. Its like the Australians, who are thinking about turning down the Australian Government offer. I would have gone. Too many variables staying.
  12. They should also be informed if they turn down this Government assistance then don't come bleating back later on when they find themselves trapped. Decisions have consequences and it goes both ways.
  13. Downloaded the file from facey then re uploaded it here.
  14. Okay bingo. Its not a very good image but you can just make it out. Okay. I see Melbourne cruises. They were the original Sapphire bookings. Nothing for Melbourne for the new deployment.
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