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  1. Waves hand *in number 8 lockdown* January 2022 cuising. Not going to happen. Western Australia will not even allow international flights. So I can't see how they will let a cruise ship in. But they rolling in cash.
  2. Definately. I think we need to start focussing on what ahead of us. Nice spotting 🙂
  3. Melbourne wear a lot of black, gray and darker colours. You have to prepare for all weathers because even in Summer the temperate can drop 10 degrees in 10 minutes.
  4. Nice. I saw all the suites are gone. I get daily emails from Princess asking if I want to use my FCC
  5. Lonely Planet has released its new titles travelling books for 2021.
  6. Except it wasn't fake news. Howard government baby bonus The payment now known as Baby Bonus was introduced by the Howard Government in 2004. It was then called 'Maternity Payment' and was a non-means tested lump sum replacement of the First Child Tax Rebate and the Maternity Allowance.
  7. Well that Australian Government. You got a payment for having a baby. It was Howard Government I think from memory.
  8. Why not. This country has prior form. They used to give money to have kids.
  9. Doesn't really bother me. It was so slow at times.
  10. Home Affairs boss Michael Pezzullo has confirmed there will be no significant reopening of the international border before June 2022, but says discussions about travel bubbles with Singapore and Pacific countries are still a possibility before then. Source: www.theage.com.au
  11. Well reining in would be a form of censorship. I think Morrison needs to get some different vaccines and then people can have options. At the moment there only 1 choice and people are going hmmm nope. Blame the EU. They didn't give us the vaccines that Australian ordered and paid for.
  12. Another update about what happening in the Land of OZ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9548073/New-South-Wales-records-one-new-Covid-case-state-reveals-new-restrictions-including-masks-indoors.html New South Wales brings in new restrictions including indoor masks and no more than 20 in a home after recording one new case of Indian Covid strain in BBQ man's wife and tracing infection to US traveller. The new restrictions come into effect at midday on Thursday, will be enforceable from 5pm, and will stay in place for the course of the weekend. So they be watching this very closely. I be watching to see whether other States slam their internal borders shut.
  13. Here's my thoughts on the situation. I think Australia will look to try and assist Australians who are stuck overseas first home and see how that goes on whether it creates spikes in COVID19 cases. There some pressure coming on the Government to assist Australians trapped in India home. However, there really needs to be some facility to process them that not a quarantine hotel arrangement. Not sure why they can't use Christmas Island. There is very little active COVID19 cases here. And not many have been vaccinated. Partly due to not being able to get the vaccine supply, another part to the issues surrounding the various vacines and another part where people either want to wait and see what the impact of these vaccines are or refuse them all together.
  14. Just read this article Australia's border is set to remain closed until the END of 2022 as government warns it 'won't be flung open' even after mass vaccinations https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9547631/Australias-international-borders-set-remain-closed-year-Covid-19-vaccinations.html
  15. So long as not trading to collect new deposits for future cruises to fund out cancelled cruises.
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