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  1. Yes - the actual Club level - Platinum in our case. Strangely enough, since our last cruise with Cunard 2 years ago, my wife's number (only hers) has changed and they deny that her old number ever existed!!!! 🙂
  2. Not too sure of what you are thinking??? We have already been allocated an outside cabin number. I knew that this Queens Grill thing was too good to last!!! 🙂
  3. I cough all the time !!! - the smallest crumb or air bubble going down the wrong way sends me into paroxysm of coughing. Bit like late onset ashthma.
  4. Yes - I have the info on my TA confirmation. I would just like to see it in "writing" from Cunard before we board.
  5. Yes - the TransPacific cruise is a Guarantee ( but would like to confirm the Stateroom class) - the second cruise in Canada/Alaska is a specific cabin allocation ( not in the same cabin class as the first) cabin.
  6. I have booked back to back Cunard cruises with a TA - who has booked me into a certain Cabin class and certain cabin numbers as indicated on his "quote" to me. But being a cynical old man who trusts nobody, I thought I would check the Cunard cruise personaliser to check all is OK ( this being something that I always do when cruising with other cruiselines). But - lo and behold - unless I have become more blind than I thought, the info is nowhere to be found in the cruise personaliser. We did 3 cruises with Cunard 2 years ago and I can't remember (being an old man) how it was back then. Any advice please??:) I am thinking that it will eventually show on the eTicket but that is apparently not available until one week before departure. Just as a side issue, I will be "at sea" one week before my second cruise departure!!!
  7. We are staying on QE after it gets to Vancouver - for a 10 day cruise that was part of our original (now cancelled) itinerary. BUT - we will be moving back downstairs to where we belong for that one. 🙂 Will have a window though!!! 🙂
  8. bazzaw

    Deck 6 on QE?

    We have an outside Stateroom 6002 on QE which is far forward and faces forward. Hence the window basically overlooks the small forward deck on Deck 6. I can't remember if the access doors to that deck are usually open?? How is your memory?? 🙂
  9. bazzaw

    Dress Code

    Our last cruise with Cunard was a "3 Queens cruise" out of Southampton - quite popular with Aussies. One of the passengers for the three cruises was an old Aussie farmer - a huge man with size 96 (or something) feet. He had recently retired and had had a lifetime of fighting floods, droughts and fires in the Aussie outback. He was a TRUE "Gentle"man - but he had never been anywhere or done anything other than to farm the land. He had never even heard of Cunard!!! before he landed on Queen Mary 2!!! His wife had done all the organising, had bought all the necessary clothes including a Tuxedo --- BUT, on the flight over to the UK, his feet had swollen. On the first formal night , he could not get any of his shoes onto his swollen feet - so he turned up at the entrance of the restaurant dressed in his tuxedo , asked for the Matre'D - and asked if he could dine in his rubber flipflops as they were the only thing he could get on his feet. !! 🙂 He made for a marvelous table companion for the cruises to the Baltic, the Norwegian Fjords and across to New York . I often wonder about the tales he would have told to his mates in the local country pub on his return. Every time I saw him he was always gobsmacked about something or other!!! 🙂 "Judge not lest Ye be judged" !!!
  10. bazzaw

    Dress Code

    He may have been the richest man there!!
  11. bazzaw

    Dress Code

    Anyway -you won't find any of those young male models (or anything like them) dressed either casually or formally on a Cunard ship!! 🙂 and the bright red cummerbund with the black tie !! No sir!!!!! - just not on!! 🙂
  12. Yes thankyou!!! Took your advice and managed to jag a Q4 Queens Grill Penthouse for half the daily fare that we usually pay for an inside cabin!!!! Thanks to the very low fares offered - plus the generous 25% extra provided over and above our full refund for our cancelled cruise. This will be our 9th cruise with Cunard - 4th on QE - but we have never flown so high as the Queens Grill. Just hoping we don't get nosebleed!!! 🙂
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