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  1. Trouble is that now they have an enormous backlog of FCC passengers.
  2. How about the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne?? https://www.thehotelwindsor.com.au/
  3. I have previously asked the question - hear and elsewhere - "what will happen when positive cases are found onboard a cruiseship" ? - I guess the answer lies in the situation that has happened on the MSC ship doing an "Around Britain" cruise. Refused entry to a Scottish port, she sailed along to the next English port. Britain = 3 different States , with differing Governments and attitudes. Here in Australia we have 6 different States - all also with very different approaches to Covid. The situation regarding cruises "around Australia" is untenable and unworkable - and will not become workable until the paranoia dies down - and I think that will take some years yet.
  4. Because , as PT Barnum once famously said - there's a sucker born every minute!
  5. They certainly wont be getting any of my cash for such a proposal - would you pay a deposit for an "off the plan" Apartment - in an Apartment building which may or may not be built in 2022???
  6. Just got an email from a TA for a repositioning cruise --- HELLOOOO!!!
  7. Has anybody actually watched the vid?? 🙂 - what are your thoughts on this new ship? - on her current inaugural cruise??
  8. I asked a young Indian Assistant Waiter why he had started working on the cruiseships. He said that he intended to work long enough to go home and buy a house. He said - where I live , no house no wife!!! :)
  9. As P T Barnum once famously said - there's a sucker born every minute! In this instance, I am thinking of those fools who would outlay real cash for a cruise at the moment, either deposit or final payment.
  10. A few days ago, the PM said that the International border will be closed indefinitely - regardless of the level of vaccination in Australia- until they get definite experience of how the vaccines cope with the new COVID variants.
  11. At age 80+, even the healthiest/fittest of people have a high statistical likelihood of dying at any time. For overseas travel, the cost of transport/evacuation of a body from say London or New York would cost a LOT!!!!! Insurance premiums are worked out from statistical data. https://understandinsurance.com.au/understanding-risk
  12. No - neither am I ! It has been widely reported that the vaccine neither stops you from getting the virus nor spreading it further. But it seems to me that many people are unaware of this or it's meaning - or are ignoring it and allowing their wishful thinking fantasies to guide their thinking. I am just wondering how this will affect Govt and peoples decisions when the reality of this fully sinks in. What will Anastasia do on the first time that a vaccinated health worker is tested positive - after having been out in the community???
  13. We were on that same cruise - had a great time - I made a blog about it here http://pacificpearltotahiti.blogspot.com/
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