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  1. I have been on many cruiseships including a couple of Royal Carribean ships - and I cannot recall anywhere that there are "opening windows" of any kind. I have heard it claimed that there are such things on the "pool deck" of Freedom of the Seas? Any thoughts please?
  2. Don't think so - we haven't done much with P&O for years - mostly been on Cunard over last several years.
  3. I do seriously dislike the Cunard website!!!! I don't know who designed their website - but it is atrocious to use!!!! 😞 For me , it is just simple things like trying to find out what ports a ship visits - they have this interactive "thingie" whereby you have to click though all the ports individually - I would just like to see a simple list of ports !
  4. Have cruised 3 times on Pac Dawn - but not since 2013 when she did the inaugural cruise to PNG. Will be flying to Singapore for a week before cruising her back to Brisbane. I guess we will see a few changes?? - mostly the new arrangement for the old "buffet". Any other significant changes ???
  5. I usually "budget" a couple of thousand Dollars each for return trip by air to anywhere overseas ( mostly Europe) - I remember our first trip to London about 25 years ago, I am sure that we paid $2500 each for Qantas return from Heathrow - last year we paid $1600 each return by Emirates. Anyway, I can "relax" now because I just booked a one way flight Qantas to Narita for $690 each and got it for $976 total after using some old Qantas FF points which had been in my FF account for quite a while 🙂 There is a "Limousine Coach" https://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/areas/bus_stop/nrt/ycat/dep/23/via3 to Yokohama which stops outside of three hotels near the port area - as well as stopping at a bus terminal in that area also. It will be dark by the time we get there so getting dropped off at the hotel appeals to me 🙂 Thanks to everybody for all the assistance here to help me decide what was best for us.
  6. It will be in May next year - so 12 months away. I am not too sure about your assertion about booking early to get cheaper flights - Qantas are quoting around $700 one way in July this year ( by booking now) and $1400 for April next year.
  7. I think I might be over-panicking about the need to book a hotel so early. We were in Southampton UK last year for 3 cruises - the hotels there were packed out!!! But then again there were multiple ships in port . I just did a test - Diamond Princess is sailing from Yokohama on 19July this year, only 7 weeks away. - so looked for accomodation on 18 July -- there is plenty of availability!!!! I thought everything would be booked out!
  8. Hmm - It all sounds so simple - but as always the Devil is in the detail. At this time it is really too early to book any flights , hence cannot book any hotels either 🙂 But from what little info is to hand so far, the only decent flight would be a non-stop Qantas to Narita (around 9 hours) - all other options so far listed for flights into Haneda are much much longer Qantas 12 hours and arrives at 6AM necessitating 2 nights hotel before departure rather than 1 . SIGH!! Decisions - decisions!!
  9. I have booked a Cunard cruise which departs Yokohama Japan. The ship departs at 6PM - I am wondering what kind of window of time I have between the earliest and latest checkin times??? Trying to decide which hotels to book pre-departure - could book one at the port but would possibly be more convenient to get one at the Tokyo airport and make our way down to Yokohama the next day ( well before 6PM)
  10. It is still too far out to book air - but kind of automatically thought of non-stop to Narita from Brisbane - is the convenience of a closer (to Yokohama) Hanada airport sufficient to overcome the inconvenience of a stop at Singapore??
  11. Thanks - how did you get to Yokohama from the airport or Tokyo??
  12. We have now booked the 38 day cruise Tokyo to Vancouver - with a circumnavigation of Japan added to the start and a 8 day Alaska cruise added to the end. We first went on QE and QV during one of the 3 Queens cruises round 5 years ago - we subsequently went on QE for a couple more cruises and our memories of QV told us that she was our favourite. However last year we did another 3 Queens and preferred QE this time. 🙂 BTW - how did you get from Narita airport to the hotel?
  13. I have accidentally booked 38 days on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth - circumnavigation of Japan and cruise across to Alaska/Canada. Have never been to Japan and know very little about it - so our first visit will be quite daunting
  14. I think I have found your 7 hour tour - it looks good. https://vancouvertours.com/tour/sea-to-sky-tour/ I am not sure about your comments about having to be dropped off at the airport though - they seem to mostly do hotel pickup and dropoff ??
  15. My question is identical to one further down - but we will have going on 15 hours to kill after disembarking early morning and flying out to Australia at just before midnight. Luggage will complicate things as well. Any thoughts please?? Day use hotel could be an answer but normally hotel rooms can't be accessed until around 2PM. A day tour where we could take luggage with us could be another option?? Don't necessarily want to see or do anything really around Vancouver - although it has been quite a while since we were there last - just don't want tyo hang around like lost souls for so long 😞
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