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  1. Excellent information. thanks you. European river cruising is hardly cheap, but I guess we have more choice and competition. We do have a few "budget" river cruise products.
  2. Thank you! I was not aware of all this. However, I was aware of the issues NCL had with "NCL America". I note that a cruise onboard "Pride of America" can cost twice the normal. I cruised on "American Queen" a few years ago. What a wonderful ship! She will be a sad loss, if they scrap her. I've always wanted to cruise the Great Lakes, but the fares that I have seen make my eyes water! I also have to add the long haul fare from the UK.
  3. Hmm...the way Viking keep expending, ACL need to be scared! Just found thsi: American Cruise scraps Countess, Duchess, evaluating Queen, Empress (seatrade-cruise.com)
  4. So why has ACL scrapped American Countess and Duchess, when they paid over $3 million dollars for the pair? It also sounds like they are going to dispose of the wonderful American Queen too? Can anybody tell me why? All three ships must have had some life left in them, especially Countess and Queen.
  5. It's funny, people never used to need TVs, balconies, atrium, hot tubs and water parks, on their cruises.
  6. Titanic II should be relatively easy to build, being a small ship, by modern standards (56,000gt). The engines/pods are all of a standard design. There's no LNG capability. I'm guessing that the external apperance and internal decor will be the biggest challenge for Tillberg. Modern fireproof materials will have to be used instead of all that natural wood. There will be some extra fire exits too, in some public rooms. Surely, even even 'steerage' cabins will have private bathrooms. There will of course be no atrium, no pools or hot tubs on deck, no balcony cabins. Palmer even said no TVs and no Wi-Fi.
  7. Palmer now says it was Covid that delayed the project, rather than 'second thoughts'.
  8. OK Hot Hattie, they have strong similarities. As exlondoner said, it was going to be QV then they changed their mind half way-ish.
  9. Hi Victoria 2, of course Cunard cannot just appeal to "history buffs" and "ship nuts". Anybody is welcome to enjoy their experience, like yourself. However, I would suggest much of what you enjoy about they has been carried over from the past. If you don't need that, you could choose Celebrity, Princess, NCL or RCI etc. (By the way, P&O's Arcadia is the same ship as Queen Victoria). For me TA' are what Cunard do best and the QM2 is easily their best ship. You are welcome to disagree. What you have said, in my humble opinion, is a bit like saying "I've just purchased a vintage Rolls Royce, but I have no interest in historic cars". For me they go hand in hand.
  10. Yes: QM x 2, Queen Vic X 1 and QE2 x1 Surely Cunard's unique selling points (brand) is "history", "tradition", "class" and "formality". I'm suggesting that they offer an 'ocean liner' (retro) experience rather than a conventional modern cruise ship one. That's why there QM2, QV and Lizzy all have rerto 'ocean liner' style décor (Art Deco etc.). That's why their ships are full of painting of other historic ships. That's why they still offer white-glove afternoon tea. That's why they have hung onto their dress code, more than most cruise lines. That why the QM2 in particular, is a 'real' ocean liner offering regular transatlantic voyages. The element of "fantasy" is the fact the the QM2 is a modern ship (although designed as an ocean liner) and her other fleet mates look like ocean liners (dark hulls etc. Ocean) but are really cruise ships in disguise. If you dream of going to New York onboard the Titanic, the SS France, the original Queen Mary or Normandie, TODAY the QM2 is you best option.
  11. ...I meant the entire Cunard onboard experience!
  12. Don't Cunard offer an ocean liner type 'fantasy'?:-)
  13. Exactly! How could he possibly provide costumes for 2,435 passengers!
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