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  1. The offer was only money paid to be returned as FCC plus 25% bonus FCC - so as I see it I would only have got $25 extra
  2. Yes there always seems to be some confusion about FCD and FCC terms . We do use the same terms here in Australia, I think Aussie Gal was a bit confused. FCD is definitely different to FCC. I cancelled our cruise yesterday and asked for FCD to be put back in Princess account and extended for 2 years and it happened overnight. Luckily I thought to check my husbands account as it turned out his FCD had been returned but not extended so I had to make another call. I guess I should have thought to specify I was asking for us both as we were both on the cancelled cruise but I didn't think of it, assumed it would be automatic. Sigh.
  3. Yes, I came to that conclusion. I had my Sea cruise cancelled on me and was told it might be months before the FCD I booked it with turned up in my account again to use, but that with cruises you cancel yourself there is an instant return of FCD back to account. I was worried about Princess cancelling my other cruise with them and effectively loosing that FCD too till they could get around to process them, so I just cancelled that cruise (don't like the odds of getting a Med cruise next April anyway) and they said the FCD would go back in account within a day. At least that gives me options again for rebooking if something does come up. Didn't really want to have to fork out full deposit.
  4. This might seem a stupid question, but we have always used a FCD to purchase a cruise so I have no idea what is usually charged as deposit if not using a FCD -15%, 20%? The reason I ask is I am trying to work out the comparative value of trying to retain a FCD on a cruise Princess just cancelled or have it back as FCC. The $100 FCD was always a great thing (especially with any OBC thrown in) but now interest rates are so low it has lost some of its value - money is getting nothing in bank so not much downside to paying deposit upfront (except waiting for it to be refunded if that cruise is also cancelled). Are there any general rules on what normal deposit is?
  5. Do you get any extras from booking with PVP rather than just doing it online?
  6. Stupid question, what does PVP stand for, a travel agent or a princess rep? I haven't have a personal princess rep for years since she left. and i have not booked with a travel agent for even longer, since having all sorts of problems with them in past
  7. Good point about loosing out on bonus. then again it is not a great amount on a $100 FCD
  8. Another thought - I have another FCD with another cruise that might need to be cancelled. Am I likely to get FCD back quicker if I cancel it myself rather than wait for Princess to do it?
  9. Well thanks for the info. No more booking for me till it turns up then 😞
  10. Good grief, it took 2 months for the booking to fall off??!!
  11. 31st Oct. But I don't want it refunded to credit card I want it back at FCD, don't know why that isn't system- automatic once a cruise is cancelled. How long did it take for your cruise to fall off your bookings - mine is still "live"?
  12. Thanks for that. I just got through on online chat with someone from Princess and they said they don't know how it will be treated yet, whether it will be available for reuse, refunded or turned into FCC. Very annoying, these FCD's are very valuable
  13. Cruise on Sea next May cancelled by Princess but cruise is still coming up as "live" in my Personalizer. How long is it likely to be before the FCD I used to book it becomes available again in my account? Don't want to book another cruise without it.
  14. My cruise is still coming up on Personalizer as "live". how long will it take for the FCD i booked it with to go back into my Princess account? will wait for it to appear before another booking
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