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  1. Thanks for the great pics, getting me even more excited for my Coral cruise in Jan!
  2. I sent an email to 'info@princesscruises.com.au' and got an automated response saying would get reply in 5 days but also gave a link to talk to a live chat
  3. I just did online chat with someone at Princess and they updated it immediately - much quicker than waiting for email or waiting on phone!
  4. Never buy travel insurance, it comes with my credit card
  5. Hey, it turned out to be an interesting topic! I have emailed princess and will post on what they say - might be a while till they reply but I prefer to get these things in writing and I hate sorting this stuff on the phone, queuing for ages and then hoping to get someone who knows what they are doing.
  6. Just checking that platinum status applies from the boarding of the 6th cruise not after it. This is our 6th cruise and we had been previously advised on last cruise that we were now platinum at end of 5th cruise, and we are also listed as platinum on captain circle status info online. But I just noticed that the payment summary email we just got acknowledging our final payment, and also our travel summary online on the personaliser still list us as ruby. Is this because we would have been ruby at time we booked (some time ago, after 4 cruises). Just want to make sure we have platinum status from the start - re embarkation and internet minutes.
  7. Our longest lead in is our current one, to south America/Antarctica in Jan, which we booked 20 months out, as soon as it became available. It seemed a long way away at the time but we have enjoyed looking forward to it and doing lots of homework for it!
  8. I seem to remember reading somewhere that a silver wine package is no longer offered, only a gold one? Is this right? What are the package prices and what price bottle does it allow you to buy up to. Does it give you much to chose from in this price range? I know princess doesn't publicise this much so hoping someone has up to date info.
  9. Hi, when the hotel calls a taxi is it a fixed price you are advised before or do you just pay at end like normal taxis? Can you remember how much it cost from hotel to EZE?
  10. Am after any info on transport from EZE to Recoleta hotel - I gather Ezeizataxi is the way to go - any advice? Also, what about getting from hotel to port - how much should a taxi cost so I have some idea how much local cash I need. Any advice gratefully received!
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