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  1. If that's the case then it's a happy day as we need all the extra time we could get. What time did you get off the ship?
  2. But I thought St. Thomas is U.S virgin islands which is a U.S terrority and therefore a US port? The next port will be puerto rico which is also another US port so I think it's unlikely that we only clear customs at FLL
  3. I heard the border formalities has been getting stricter over the years especially the recent two years so I am quite surprised to hear it's getting faster in the recent years.
  4. Thanks for the detailed information. At least it will be in an air conditioned area but we will be getting a stamp and our passport back, right? We are on the ship tours that leaves at 9am, if our tour gets delay because of immigration we won't have enough time to explore the port. Not sure if our tour will be on time.
  5. Wow that's insane! Were you on last year's cruise? Reviews suggested that some people didn't have the chance to visit st. thomas due to the never ending queue! Is immigration in one of the lounges on the ship or at the port's terminal where it might be humid?
  6. Oh but i read the reviews of last year, they said immigration was on st. thomas (not sure if it's on the ship or in port terminal where we have to stand under the sun?) and some people had to queue up for 2-3 hours. They said guest services suggests people to buy the ship tour in order to get into the fast queue. That's what we have done, although it's a 2 hour tour in exchange for only visiting the overlook. That's only 1 of over 10 places to check off our list.
  7. I assume that's on indy? How long did you wait in immigration?
  8. Hello all, We will be sailing to USA and our first US port will be St. Thomas. We have a pretty long list of sights we want to visit so I hope we can estimate the time we have and remove some places if we don't have enough time. My question is will the immigration be conducted on board during seaday or during arrival in the port? If ashore, how long does immigration usually take? I hope past cruisers can help to share their experiences. Thanks!
  9. Good to know thanks! I guess all we need is to show up with the setsail pass, ESTA and passport. Yes according to wikipedia, the online check in information is exactly the same as the APIS one but the call agent can't confirm this. Were any of your TA cruise that ends in the US on RCCL ship? Sorry for asking this silly question but i'm a natural worrier.
  10. Hi, We only have a one way flight out of the U.S because we are taking the cruise into USA. Yes we have flew to USA before and we had to fill up the APIS too.
  11. Hi kernow, So you didn't need to fill up the APIS form for the TA cruise?
  12. Thanks everyone for the response, We are part of the visa waiver program so we have our esta as well as a hardcopy of it. 5 years ago we did a cruise with NCL from canada to us and I recalled filling up the APIS form. The agent says it may be different for RCCL and also said this is not handled by reservation department. Our TA cruise is with RCCL that departs from southampton, uk.
  13. Hello all I am new on this forum. We are non-us citizen booked with RCCL US office and we are taking a transatlantic cruise to USA with RCCL. I've already did the online checkin for the setsail pass but do non-us citizen need to fill up the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) form? I've called the US office call center but the agent was like what do you mean by APIS, what's that? And after a long hold to contact the relevant department, they said we only require a passport but they sound like they were skeptical about it. Can anyone please advise us on what to do? Thanks!
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