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  1. Enjoying our wonderful cruise!! This experience has exceeded our expectations and I can't say enough about what a good time we are having. There is plenty to do....or you can do nothing at all. As I write this, I am enjoying the moonlight dancing off the water in the quiet on the early morning sitting on our starboard balcony.
  2. I wanted to say thank you again everyone....we are just a week out from our sail date and I cant believe its already here!😊 Your hints and tips have been invaluable and I am all set. Thanks to your suggestions, I contacted the shoreside concierge via a call to the Captains Club and spoke to Alex, as Edwin was not available at the time. I will call back Monday if I don't see the Special Delivery placard in my email. I have wheelchair transport arranged for my Aunt and a wheel chair will be in our room just to have in case of rough weather, etc. I will report back after or perhaps even during the trip....oh, I can't wait!! So many great new memories to be made.!😊 So, thank you!!!
  3. Search on you tube.....there is a video taken by a member of an Eqionox Facebook group. Celebrity Equinox Celebrity Suite cabin 1233 on the hump
  4. Happy Cruise Day! Thank you for taking us a long! I have learned so much from the nice folks on CC and look forward to hearing about your experience. My hubby and I will leave our three fur babies home in March as we set out on our first cruise so I understand missing them. By the way, I am an Air Force brat who married an Army man (now ret).
  5. Passports and additional travel documents are in order as well as the applicable travel insurance......😊
  6. Re: Equinox, March sailing First thank you for so much for the time you have put into this board, I have poured through the posts and now feel pretty prepared. From Chemmo sharing of experience last fall in the the very Royal Suite we have reserved, to so many others who have chimed in on various posts, I believe we are prepared for this trip of a lifetime. I have reserved a wheelchair for my 92yr young Aunt just in case it is needed during the cruise, I have prepped a list of questions for the shoreside concierge, gathered sundries from sunscreen to dental kit, reserved the Tuscan Grill for the first night and Murano for the second (although I think I need to cancel and wait until we are on board), we have lanyards and an extra plug with usb connectors, insurance, and even straight razor shaves scheduled to pamper my husband. As my Aunt likes to say, she just wants to sit with a drink in her hand and look out at the sea....I am sure we will enjoy the various locations around the ship to enjoy said drink! 🙂 This trip is more about enjoying the ship, the cruise, and not so much about the destinations. What have I forgotten? This really is a trip of a lifetime....a gift from my late Dad to his sister decided upon when he was in hospice last summer. He wanted to spoil her as his last gift to her and knew I had already made plans to take her on a cruise. As he was trying to think of something to do for her, his eyes lit up and said I know what I want you to do....I want you to find a ship with a suite and spoil her rotten. So that's what I am doing. Thank you in advance for all and any suggestions......
  7. It sounds like you are healing nicely and you are smart to plan ahead. Here is what I have done in planning to cruise with my 92yr young Aunt in March. 1. I contacted Celebrity and asked to have wheelchair assistance boarding from the terminal. The request is now noted on my reservation. When we arrive I need to request assistance in person and then be patient as they are helping others 2. I contacted Specialneedsatsea.com I reserved a reserved wheel chair to have for the week, on and off the ship. It will be waiting in our stateroom and we leave it in the stateroom at the end of the cruise. I hope this helps!
  8. Dear Carrie and Family, While I did not know your beloved Marilyn outside of this forum, her generosity of heart and enthusiasm for sharing her experience and helping others was evident and will live on in her legacy of posts on this forum. Over the next months you will get to know more about your Mom and her selfless character through many communities that she influenced like this one. She provided suggestions for my upcoming cruise and I will miss sharing my experience with her. You know someone is unique when they influence someone from afar like that. Carrie, my deepest condolences and my wish is that you find some peace in seeing g the influence your Mom had as you discover her broad reach during this most difficult time. Sincerely, Janine
  9. Thanks for taking us along with you and for the nice recap!
  10. Thanks for taking some of your vacation time to share your experience. As a new cruiser, I especially enjoyed the posting of the daily information which has provided insight as to how to plan my day, if needed. There are definitely activities that I didn't know existed and it's nice to get a feel for the musical selections around the ship. Sounds like the Ensemble and Sunset bar may end up being my favorite venues to enjoy music. Your review has helped to paint a picture of what we may expect aboard and added to the fun anticipation that is part of the waiting for a trip!😊
  11. It's cruise day!!😁 Bon Voyage! Can't wait to hear about embarkation, your cabin, and your first day on board!
  12. Since you mention deck 6 specifically on Edge, you may want to view some of the video tours of panaramic views on you tube, etc. Then decide how important the view from your room is to your enjoyment. I did a quick search and several rooms had obstructed views looking out onto the tops of lifeboats, with an overhang that further cut into the view. Balsony or not, if your view is not what you envision when you think panaramic, you may want to go for the Equinox.
  13. "I asked the Shore Side Concierge about the robes and she said it has to be arranged on board with the butler" Thank you for the heads up. Knowing this, I will try to be proactive with Celebrity ahead of time to see if I can't facilitate the butler knowing the week prior so that the monogrammed robes can be on the bed when she walks in. What a wonderful personalized aspect that she would just see as over the top indulgence, just as my Dad wanted. Who knows what the process will be by then, but now that I know, I can try.
  14. Chemmo, my Aunt and I are in 1612 in March! 😊 We too looked at one docking position in particular, Key West ....where the port schedule shows us docking at the downtown location. We chose Starboard because it overlooks the town and if my Aunt does not want to walk the town, she can relax on the balcony and enjoy the hustle and bustle. Of course it's not a guarantee. Additionally, I thought it looked like the entrance was fairly well positioned to the entrance to the elevator area. I so enjoyed your sharing the many experiences during your cruise, and now feel it is a bonus to know that your review was while in that particular room to boot!. 😊
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