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  1. Well, this has been enlightening. Thanks to the many responses. A few notes from me: 1) Many of you were right. I contacted cruise companies and none are able to provide the breakdown I would need to provide my employer. I've decided not to do the cruise option and now am a little smarter on vacation-making. Thanks! 2) Yes this was a serious post and question. There are indeed employers (including the U.S. federal government) who will pay for portions of a vacation. You may not like it but it is what it is. 3) Sorry I didn't respond fast enough to some of the doubtful (and vitriolic) responses. I know you felt like you wasted time responding to a board post. You didn't. I read each of your posts with joy. 4) The cruise community is an emotional roller coaster. The genuinely helpful responses were great! The snarky, oddly bitter ones were amusing but make me question why you're surfing a cruise website board when it clearly upsets you. You should relax. Maybe...take a cruise? All best my friends, OP
  2. Hello cruise friends! I am currently searching for cruises and am very excited. However I have a slight issue. My company pays for the travel portion (eg airfare, train, etc) of my vacation but not food, amenities, etc. I’m struggling to get a cruise company to give me a price breakdown of the total fare. For example, if my total cruise fare is $5000 I need to know what part of that is the transport equivalent. Does anyone have experience getting this price breakdown from a cruise company?? Please help experts!! Thank you in advance :-)
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