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  1. You're lucky. I checked prices again and still couldn't get them lower than the final price I got by bargaining down the UK agencies. I'm happy with the prices I've got, just wish us UK cruisers could take advantage of possible price drops without penalty.
  2. Well that plan has now gone down in flames! 🔥 I've been going to and fro between 2 UK online agencies and the US one. It ends up that the total price for the US agency is £384 MORE than the cheapest UK quote. The US confirmed (in writing) that I could cancel without penalty to rebook at better rates if the cruise line drops the price which is attractive to us in the UK, but it's a large price difference that could even increase if the exchange rates change not in our favour. So I'm sticking with the UK. My next dilemma is whether to be done with it and book now, or hang on for a while to see if RCI bring in some incentives that appeal to me like a drinks package and/or free grats. Or will they increase the base price of the cruises to offset the freebies?! 😊
  3. Thanks folks, it's Royal Caribbean cruises I'm interested in (a back to back). I've just got quotes through from a US based agency and they're slightly more than the quotes i have from UK ones. I do like the idea though of being able to take advantage of price changes as I come across them. I think I'll get back to the US agency to see if I can negotiate lower prices and for them to confirm whether or not my deposit is refundable. If it all ends up significantly lower than UK prices, I'll be tempted to go ahead. My credit card is fee free do I'll also double check with them if I'm covered for non UK transactions if things go wrong.
  4. I'm looking at 2 cruises on the same ship (back to back) for January 2022 - yes nearly 2 years away!! 😊 I want to make sure that I keep the same cabin for both cruises but I don't know if I'm jumping the gun if I book so early. Does anyone else do this? Am I likely to miss out on any cruise deals that may be offered nearer the time? I'm in the UK and we don't have the luxury of booking then cancelling without penalty if there are price drops or free extras offered, we lose our hefty deposits.
  5. Got some good prices from a travel agency in the US for a couple of cruises. If I go ahead and book, do I qualify if either the cruise line or the travel agency drop prices or offer any free incentives to encourage new bookings before the cruise date? If so, how does it work? Do they just adjust my booking or do I cancel and rebook without penalty? Also, if I pay with my UK credit card am I covered by my bank if anything goes wrong?
  6. I won't bother then this time. Thanks for the replies folks.
  7. Oh well, I don't think it's worth us bidding then if my sister can't join us too. If I put in a bid and it's accepted, do I have the opportunity to accept or decline it, or am I then committed to keeping it?
  8. We're thinking of submitting a bid to upgrade our Large Balcony room to a Haven Forward-Facing Penthouse with Balcony on the Getaway. Thing is, my disabled sister is also travelling with us and will be in one of the solo studio rooms. If our bid is successful, would she be able to accompany us into the Haven for sunbathing? She's quite self conscious being 'on show' on a normal crowded sundeck, but because of travelling solo it's far too expensive for her to consider upgrading. Someone told me that they once stayed in a Haven room and their teenagers were in a regular room, but they often all went into the Haven together. It would be great if my sister could do this with us. Also, if our bid was successful, would we keep our current booking perks (free drinks, free tips, free internet, shore credit)? Thanks!
  9. I rang NCL and they said that I couldn't have a discounted price to upgrade the internet before cruising. I have to wait until I'm onboard and they couldn't/wouldn't tell me what credit I'd be given for my 250 minutes. Not very helpful!
  10. No, there's definitely nothing showing for upgrading the wifi however I check my NCL account. I wondered if it could be something to do with being UK based rather than US. Our cruise is for 9 days and my Explore & Plan shows the price for me for the Unlimited Wifi Package to be £172.58 ($222.41) which is supposed to include a 15% discount for booking it online prior to the cruise. That works out at £19.17 ($24.72) per day inclusive of all fees and taxes, so it doesn't appear to include any credit for the free minutes I already have. I think I'll ring NCL tomorrow to ask them,
  11. Thanks folks. My NCL account online doesn't show any discounted prices for internet, just full price. Is it too early yet (74 days until the cruise) or because I booked through a travel agent and not directly with NCL?
  12. We're 74 days out from our cruise on the Getaway and have 250 mins plus another 60 mins each of free internet included with our booking and I'd like one of us to have unlimited package for the length of our cruise. Does the NCL app ever offer an upgrade to pay the difference between the minutes we've got to an unlimited package before sailing? The app just shows the options to buy packages at the full price, not taking any existing credits into account. Do they actually offer this?
  13. I realised earlier that I was comparing P&O prices to Wetherspoons prices where I've been the last few times I've been to a pub. Wethies are very cheap compared to other pubs and my husband says that P&O prices aren't too bad. RCI have massively increased their booze priced, probably to try and force passengers into buying drinks packages. Wish I could get a G&T on a ship for £2.99 like I can in Wetherspoons!!
  14. Is the beer package bottles or pint draught? Seems expensive if It's bottles.
  15. We usually cruise with Royal Caribbean and always get the drinks package for free. We've booked our first P&O Caribbean cruise which didn't come with free drinks, but as we've got £450 free on-board credit we're just going to use that towards drinks. It will be interesting to see what our final bill will be, my husband reckons it will be less than us buying a drinks package.
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