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  1. I just want to know which room it is so I can get the other one as close as possible. I don’t care about PICKING “where” the balcony is at. When I chose that option I didn’t realize they would wait so long to assign it. But they assigned our room yesterday and we were able to move the inside room 8 doors down from it so I’m good.
  2. Yes those were my thoughts exactly. They wanted us to pay the extra $200 so we could pick our room😞
  3. Does anyone happen to know what block of rooms on Deck 7 of Mariner of the Seas would be assigned to Muster Station B09? The reason I ask is, we reserved 2 rooms, one is an inside room where we picked our room and the other is a Balcony where they are assigning it. We know from our Set Sail pass that our balcony is assigned to deck 7 and muster station B09 but we have read that some people didn’t get their room number until 3 days before sailing. We just want to be able to move our inside room as close as possible to our Balcony room. Sorry for the long post!
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