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  1. I'm sure this is here somewhere, but with all the COVID posts, I can't find it. My sister and I and our daughters are scheduled to be on Carnival Dream on August 3rd. I've cruised RC and know that formal nights run the gamut from black tie to jeans. What is the typical mix on Carnival? Do most people dress formal, or is it a mix? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I'm hoping to be on my May 25th cruise. If not then, I'll try to reschedule in September/October. I also have a December cruise booked on another line. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Blondie, there were two of us.
  4. Can't answer the Diamond question. We had the wifi package that comes with the Key (would have to look to see which one it is) and were able to text iPhone to iPhone. Had to email my son's Samsung phone and we were able to attach pictures to all.
  5. I don't see the roll call for this one, so I'm starting it! My husband and I just got off our first cruise last Sunday and waited 6 whole days before booking our next one! I'm thinking this could be an addiction! The first was on Liberty and we had a blast! I'm already counting down for this one! if anyone has experience on shore excursions, I'd appreciate the information. There seems to be very few listed now. Will more be added as we get closer? I know we want to go to Mr. Sancho's or Nachi Cocum in Cozumel, but don't see either. Do I need to book it directly? Thanks!
  6. Yes. We just got off Liberty and had the same table all except one night. That night the previous guests had arrived late, so we were seated at one nearby. We decided not to eat there one night because we wanted to see a 7:15 show, so cancelled it that morning using the app and instead grabbed pizza later that night at Sorrento's. I was kind of surprised how few people did MTD. The line for those who didn't was much longer so they had a longer wait.
  7. We just got back from our first cruise last Sunday and booked our second one on Saturday. We decided on a Christmas cruise out of Galveston aboard Jewel of the Seas. It's an 11 day cruise from 12/22-1/2 and hits many bucket list ports. Would like to hear from those with experience how many kids we should expect. Since it's a small ship without all the fancy amenities, I'm wondering if families avoid it. I don't dislike kids, and there weren't that many on our cruise, but was surprised at how many were unchaperoned.
  8. Very. Someone described it as a smoking lounge that doubles as a casino.
  9. Ship - Liberty of the Seas Deck - 9 Stateroom # - 9306, mid-ship Stateroom Category – Spacious Balcony Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Very quiet Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - Yes Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – view was great with no obstruction. Sunset for the first part of trip and sunrise for the last part. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - oversized Was wind a problem? - No If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - not at all Any other comments? - this cabin was great. It's about halfway between the two stairwells/elevator banks. It was much larger than I expected after everything I'd read about cruise ships. Closet was standard hotel size with plenty of hangers.
  10. Just got off Liberty a week ago. I purchased the Key on a sale so it was just a bit more than the Wifi. Lunch on the first day was great. They would have taken our carry on bags and delivered them to our room, but we only had backpacks so didn't need it. Breakfast on the last day was great and relaxing. Priority disembarkation was faster at Grand Caymans, which is a tender report. At Cozumel and Jamaica, it wasn't really faster. There were special seating sections at all the shows, which we took advantage of, although we could have gotten good seats without it at all but one show. We didn't do any of the special times for other events. The fruit basket in the room was.a nice touch, but no different than what you could get in the Windjammer. Unless it's very close to the Wifi price, I wouldn't get it.
  11. What I know is that the people behind the scenes are often the ones working the hardest. Earlier in my career, I had a couple of bosses who had no problem taking the credit for my ideas and hard work. When they got big bonuses, they didn't share them with me. In both cases these bosses left the company before I did and people finally recognized my contribution. That bartender couldn't do his job if the maintenance guy didn't keep the ice machine working, or if the purchasing department didn't do the inventory, or the dishwashers didn't provide clean glasses, shakers, etc., sometimes working long into the night to make sure customer service doesn't suffer. You do you and I'll do me, but at the end of the day, I know that $200 and whatever tips I decide to give out above that won't make or break me and could make a huge difference to that person.
  12. In restaurants and bars they divvy it out to all employees.
  13. The same way that restaurants, bars, hair and nail salons, hotels, and other industries do it. No it's not automatic in all those cases, but it's certainly expected and I know that it's gone from an expectation of 15% not that long ago to 20% today.
  14. So I just looked back at my statement and see $202 for prepaid gratuities. I can't believe this relatively small amount of money is such an issue for so many. My husband and I went to eat lunch today and tipped $5 for a $22 meal. Multiply that times 20 meals and that would be $100. That's for a cheap meal, which may or may not be what you're getting on a cruise, and you also get other service. You guys do what you want, but I think it's a bargain!
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