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  1. Me and the husband are going to be on this cruise and we are also likely going to be booking into the Retreat! Don't worry, won't stalk you!
  2. This reminds me of when me and my husband were dining in the Epicurean on Azura in December. 2 men arrived with a little girl (from over hearing them talking, it was grandad, son and granddaughter). It all started going down hill when they wanted to order the sharing beef dish each, ie 4 main courses between the two of them. After checking they were waiter was very polite in saying they wouldn't be able to do this. It all calmed down then until about 30 minutes later, we are halfway through our main and the son audibly broke wind, me and my husband sort of looked at each other to say "*****?!" and then his daughter (only around 6) told him off and told him he was disgusting. On the plus side, the little girl was an absolute delight!
  3. Hi All We are going on our first cruise that could potentially be hit with an abundance of kids on school holidays. Britannia Med cruise on the 18th July. It’s not that we hate children, we just hate screaming noise whilst we are trying to relax, I am just wondering on peoples opinions who have gone through this, would you recommend booking into the Retreat? Or is not as bad I am anticipating it will be? Many Thanks as always
  4. That is great, thank you so much everyone! I love how helpful this board is :) Many Thanks Reece
  5. Hi Everyone! Just logged into my peninsular club account for the first time since our December cruise, all my previous ones are logged but it is saying I have no future cruises booked, when in reality I have two booked. Is this normal / a glitch / wrong ? Many Thanks in advance! Reece
  6. Completely agree :) I would definitely never stop me socializing with anyone, just an initial meet up would be nice. Especially on things like a Caribbean cruise. It would be nice to be able to have the opportunity to people who have been to islands and have experiences of places that are good to go or should definitely be avoided (we have been in a few situations where as a gay couple on one of the islands we have not felt safe) I definitely would not stop socializing with straight people, we use it as our opportunity to show a lot of straight men what "black tie" actually means ;-)
  7. Ah interesting! It they do, they don't seem to advertise it haha Tbh it isn't really my sort of thing, I think it would be a case of go, then say hello in passing, i'm not a massively social or party person lol
  8. One thing that me and the husband discussed numerous times onboard Azura in December was we would love them to do something like an LGBTQ+ afternoon tea or similar. We have never had a problem being Gay whilst on board (well, apart from an incident on this last cruise) but it would be nice to be able to easily meet up with some like minded people etc :)
  9. HAHA! Tell ya what, send her round ours as well to do mine and the husbands, that can be another 2 people she can rescue lol
  10. Hey Mick, We fly out on Saturday, what a fab start to the holiday haha!!!! oh well I am sure it will all be ok!
  11. For me the entertainment is the one thing that let's pando down, We are off on Azura on Saturday and are wondering what the entertainment is going to be like this year!
  12. Thanks everyone! Not going to lie, we are actually from Derbyshire so I am quite looking forward to the updates ;-)
  13. Hi Everyone! Long time lurker here :) Does anyone know who the current captain is on Azura please? Many Thanks Reece
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