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  1. Now it's all too confusing 🙂 You don't know what pier it's going to get to, and whether it's tendering or docking. Hard to choose where to rent a car, or book excursion - as some have pick up points close to one pier, others to another.
  2. Exactly. There are Brilliance and Breakaway at Langosta. And then Edge and another ship at International (it has left already, so I don't see - possibly Independence). And then Sky Princess, Carnival Horizon and Carnival Vista at Puerta Maya. I checked this few times before. I don't see I ever saw more than 3 ships at Puerta Maya.
  3. Today Escape is in Cozumel. It looks like despite what cozumelinsider webpage indicates it is not at Punta Langosta pier but rather closer to the Internation pier: And also looks like it is tendering: Unless I am misunderstanding something...
  4. That's my worry, that someone will have to tender on such a busy day. And I have heard NCL Escape was tendering in Cozumel on some days before. I don't know how it is decided who's tendering and who's not. Is it somehow based on arrival time? Escape is one of the 5 arriving earlier (7 to 8 am), the rest come at 9-10 am..
  5. You can check how many ships planned to be in port here: http://crew-center.com/cozumel-mexico-cruise-schedule-january-april-2020 (this one is for Cozumel, but website has all ports for any day). Cozumel will have 9 (!) ships on Feb 20 Thu. This week on Thu there is 8. 9 ships in port seems to be very rare even for Cozumel
  6. Thanks for the link! Knowing a week ahead of time is better than not knowing at all. :)
  7. Thanks redlock! Great idea to check the bridge camera! I didn't think about it :) Just checked and saw the same image. I was checking the ship position on the map on www.***** website, but I guess the map doesn't have the new pier yet, so it looks like the ship is not docked. It's wonderful that we will be docking. Now, just need to figure out whether it's docking or tendering in Cozumel as there are too many ships on that day - nine! :)
  8. interesting, I didn't know they are building a new dock. my concern that if it's tendering we won't be on the first boats (as these are for suites and pre-booked excursions from the cruise line) and going to lose more time waiting in line to get ashore.
  9. I never thought it can be such an unsolvable puzzle... 🙂 We will be in Roatan on Feb 17 2020 on NCL (Norwegian) ship. As far as understand, NCL goes to Coxen Hole (not Mahogany). Nowhere on my NCL itinerary it says that it is a rendering port. I also gave a call to NCL to double check - they said they don't see that it is tendering in Roatan, but I suppose agents on the phone are pretty clueless anyways. However, Roatan Tourism website clearly says: The Port of Roatan can only accommodate one cruise ship at a time alongside its pier and two more ships via anchorage. If your day in port coincides with another ship's arrival, you might be docked, or you might need to tender to shore. Usually, Royal Caribbean cruise ships dock while Norwegian cruise ships tender when they coincide at Port of Roatan. According to the cruising calendar there will be two ships in the port on that day - exactly RCCL and NCL, meaning that NCL will have to tender. Is there any way to find out for sure? I am trying to book my own transportation, but want to avoid booking cruise line excursions. But if we have to tender, this means it is unpredictable how long it it is going to take us to get to the shore.
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