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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you got to go, and that was fun to read! I would love to do an Alaskan cruise. My rep at NCL said I could move my kids' cruise credit to me and my partner, so I have thought (as an option) to do that and book Alaska for August 2021, just me and my partner. Either that or we take the kids to the Caribbean March Break 2021. Or so I hope we get to! Again, thanks for your post, it was a nice uplift. 😀
  2. I guess the “bonus” was a sign-on, vs. the ongoing incentive comp payments. He seems comfy.
  3. Barbados is amazing. Beautiful country. And some of the friendliest people you could meet. Never been there via cruise, but wonderful country to visit.
  4. Of all the posts the mods chose to delete, this survives? You have got to be kidding me. Seaman11 (or "whoever you are" LMAO), keep being you. OceanBlueWaters: your sanctimonious post is the definition of trolling. Thanks for coming out.
  5. I just think if you are not an immediate part of the solution, not sure why you would make a post to point out all that is going wrong. A lot is going wrong. Look around. I would imagine NCL is feeding these folks and they have a place to stay - I'm not suggesting at all this is an acceptable situation, but I don't have a solution considering as others have repeatedly pointed out NCL doesn't have permission to deboard the crew. To the OP - what would you have them do?
  6. So other than Bjork who gets to go on cruises until... I didn't watch the show but I'm not sure I understand him going on Mad Money. That's the show a CEO of a struggling company who just raised $2B to keep afloat choses to communicate to the shareholders, team members, and customers. Ok.
  7. Well, and I know some may feel like this is very selfish sentiment, but gosh, if all the warnings and cancellations had come down one week later, I think we would have gone on the cruise and been fine. Oh well. If ..."ifs and buts were candy and nuts"
  8. I also feel quite bad for all the rank and file staff. I never worry about executives at large companies whose biggest concern is if they have to delay their next luxury purchase due to COVID-19. Seems like a high chance my money / cruise is gone forever (never got to go on my first cruise!), but it was vacation money and considering some folks can't even afford food or medicine, I'm humbled by the whole situation.
  9. Hi - unfortunately nope...I booked direct with NCL. womp womp.
  10. Oh well...looks like those of us with FCC may be up the creek without a paddle. At least we don't have "murder hornets"...oh, never mind. I spent far too much money on my planned cruise. I'm out quite the stack if they go belly up. Oh well, I did have fun planning it. Maybe I'll pretend I actually went on the cruise and write a review. Ya, that will make me feel better. lol
  11. Hi there, For the Joy, I believe the Entourage (teen club) is quite a small space, but I heard that the staff actually take the teens out of the Entourage area more often than not to do activities around the ship. Not sure if that helps your concerns at all, but you can probably sign up and gauge how it works and how many 16/17 year olds there are. Worst case, I guess you ditch it, but I think it makes sense to at least register and give it a chance. If there are other 16/17 year olds that you meet, I'm guessing you may (collectively) decide to ditch it anyway. Good luck!
  12. But they were evolving their policies, real time, as COVID-19 was coming crashing down on the world. Would I have preferred a refund? Of course. But I made the decision to cancel. I made the decision to cancel under the policy at the time understanding what I would get (FCC). If you cancelled, you are subject to the terms of the cancellation at the time. I'm assuming you knew what you were getting when you cancelled? I complained on this board myself about the insurance premium not being refunded, they did ultimately refund the insurance premium, but my complaint was more that it "sucked" they didn't refund my insurance premium. I never said I was entitled to it, so for someone who is in a similar boat (no pun intended) as you, I'm confused why you think NCL should be obligated to apply a policy they instituted after you cancelled, to you. I cancelled my cruise, NCL didn't. If I waited, NCL would have cancelled and offered me either a refund or even better FCC deal. Oh well, sucks to be me.
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