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  1. Is Food Republic much better than Wasabi (restaurant on the Getaway)? I have seen the FR menu and it's certainly more eclectic than traditional sushi, but I can't seem to find a menu of Wasabi. We don't get to try FR anyway, but I was just curious if Wasabi was equally good.
  2. My favourite thing, as someone going on my first cruise, is reading threads that basically say how everything has gone downhill. Let's balance the negative with some positives so we don't completely turn off newbies, yes?
  3. x So I still don't understand, LOL. So the snowflake button, confirmed a snowflake not a fan, is something you push when you want your room to be warmer? It turns off the AC? And I totally agree with you regarding room temperature particularly at bed time - freezer cold. If my room is too warm when I'm trying to sleep, I do not sleep. I would have never survived if I had been born before the invention of A/C...and I only really experience 3 months of hot weather where I live, LOL.
  4. It sounds like in the Haven they may still do it by default. I wouldn't mind seeing a towel animal once, but I'd definitely tell the steward not to bother otherwise. I do want one of those elephants though!!! hahaha
  5. Ok that made me chuckle! haha.
  6. Interestingly, your post prompted me to do a quick google search: "Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Macau and South Korea do not stamp passports upon entry nor exit, but issue landing slips instead." Huh...who knew?
  7. I think the part I found odd in their policy (at last as it was yesterday via their Message Centre) was that anyone with a Chinese passport would be denied boarding regardless of the country of residency. EXCEPT, if the individual was a resident (non-citizen) of the U.S., AND held a green card, AND sailing from and ending at a U.S. port. Then they could sail: So, it doesn't seem particularly fair to me that someone like the OP who has a Chinese passport and is resident in Canada, and will be departing and returning to a U.S. port is banned from travel, but a resident in the U.S. (with a green card) who has a Chinese passport can travel. It's NCL's prerogative to institute whatever policy they want, but I can't say I understand how if you have a Chinese passport the scarlet letter is suddenly removed because you are U.S. resident with a green card? Huh?
  8. That makes sense. Just the four of us. And our kids...<here we go> are two of the most well behaved kids on the planet. Well one of two.
  9. And that is why they will still do them! I actually think it is a great compromise. Several folks have posted here saying they are either pro or con of the towel animals, but I don't think anyone is saying it is an outrage to stop doing them 'by default', and instead they should be by request. I just wonder how anyone would know they could ask for them "by request". If I wasn't reading CC, I wouldn't know.
  10. Yes, there is always the buffet. And I have no doubt my kids will go there several times, and I'm sure the parents will try it too!! I didn't explain this but for us we don't eat dessert at dinner at a restaurant, so we have apps and dinner...and we're done. So, my expectation would be we are done in about an hour, or hour 15,...but 2 hours to have appetizers and dinner? That's slow service. But I'm basing my opinion on land experiences (home or resorts).
  11. Wow, that was a bit harsh? lol I have to say I am not used to spending anywhere close to 2 hours eating dinner in a restaurant. And our kids would agree with not wanting to spend that kind of time in a restaurant. This isn't Michelin dining.
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