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  1. 1. Do Sky suite have a dining table inside the cabin? I know they have a big table on balcony. 1B. If no table inside, how does room service work? Just a tray brought in? 1c. Do you have to ask for MDR menus for in suite dining or will they be brought every night like the daily schedule? Can specialty dining be in suite too? 2. I know there are no walls separating the bed & sitting area, but is there a curtain you can use to separate both spaces? 3. is mini bar stocked with drink & snacks?
  2. Thanks everyone for y’all’s thoughts!! & with flights, hotel, excursion Celebrity will be more expensive but that’s if we go with most basic Regrnt suite. I’ll look at penthouse prices and see how it works out. I’m thinking regent is a better value. But we’re both concerned that regent won’t have much to do in daily activities. i really wish we could do a shorter cruise to try it first because we wanted a month long honeymoon. I’m honestly considering pushing our month long trip back till we can try a few lines so when we take the big trip we’ll know what cruise line to
  3. Currently booked on celebrity reflection for holy land and transatlantic of total 27 days in aqua class then Sky suite. considering switching to regent. Same cost according to regent website. so we’re looking into a 12 holy land cruise followed by a 29 Med & TA on Seven Seas Mariner in veranda. Total 41 days. Quick things about us.. both 26, love quality food & entertainment, variety is preferred, liked the game and theatre shows on princess, don’t need active nightlife or high intensity activities or excursions ex: zip lining. Also were Shy so not big socializers. We’re v
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