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  1. To everyone who has posted on this, I thank you. All of the information supplied has been very helpful and I have a much greater understanding of what this cruise and offerings is all about and likely to be, this forum and the users are pretty decent I have to say. Basically the top shelf is there to be had but at a premium above the deluxe package and this has my mind at ease as to spending a little more when I need to buy the better booze. Aside from being a tad fussy I would say that most decent pubs have woken up to a surge in the nation’s appetite for a variety of drinks that allow you to enjoy what is on offer rather than just get drunk, micro-breweries, many nations doing malts, gins and vodka and all opening the mind and palate to options beyond what the pubs chains are wanting to give us. I recall a whisky tasting where the large drinks firm (very large) predicted that rum would be the next big thing ... gin was actually the winner but rum may be next but the point is that the big firms are keen that we open our minds to premium or top shelf as well as the regular. Fusspot signing off now
  2. I've just about got my head around it now, still disappointed that there isn't a top shelf package that would allow me to drink the best without reaching for my wallet but I get that there is the option to pay the +$12 for the better stuff. Offhand I do think that a supposed luxury holiday of a lifetime cruise operator should have the top end option but perhaps I am on the wrong ship with the wrong operator to fulfil that expectation. I hope I am not coming across as unnecessarily fussy because I know I am that annoying sod stood at the bar trying to spot a particular beer or spirit whilst the crowd are happy to drink whatever the pub chain are fishing out to the masses. Thanks all for the replies
  3. Oh well, have to be more selective next cruise. They seem to have the Botanist hidden at the end of the list so that is a decent gin (as long as they don’t run out), just hoping they have something that would qualify as real ale or beer as against mass produced stuff
  4. Anthem of the Seas, 2016 (I thought it was last year!!!!)
  5. I will be looking for malt whisky (10-20 year), decent and original gins (not the usual Gordons or Bombay Sapphire), craft beers/real ale, cocktails, others with me Strongbow cider + their horrible fruity one
  6. I know people who were on RC last year and they signed up to a better package
  7. Thanks act, pretty poor thinking if that is the case as, in my ignorance, I thought that Royal Caribbean was upmarket compared to the opposition anyway. If this pans out this way then I will be giving RC a wide berth for the next cruise
  8. Hoping you can help a complete cruise novice. Booked up for Rhapsody of the Seas next June and the best drinks package is average at best with entry level branded drinks, no malts and no top shelf. I’ve called RC and the helpful American lady could not provide any information other than what is on the website. I’m pretty disappointed with the Deluxe offer as people I know who have been on RC ships extol the virtues of their Ultimate or Platinum package. Any ideas anyone please
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