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  1. Thank you so much, everyone!! Tahitianbigkahuna, I’ll definitely be giving you a shout. Any tips to save money is greatly appreciated. I agree that opting for the window instead of the balcony definitely saves you money, I can’t see us having a room without one. Every cruise I’ve done, we had a balcony and had our morning coffee every day on the balcony. And Larro9, I agree with you.....sometimes you just need to get away from everyone else. Thanks again for your input!
  2. Tahitianbigkahuna, You’re answer is EXACTLY what I was needing. We were thinking that PG is a lot better, but since we haven’t cruised on either, I wanted to ask the experts! 😜 Thank you so much for your response. Which cruise line is your ultimate favorite?
  3. My husband and I are planning to do an anniversary cruise to the French Polynesia in the next few years. We are really wanting to go to Tahiti, Bora Bora, Fiji, and some other islands. The pricing between Paul Guaguin and Princess Cruises for a regular balcony room are very different. Which cruise line would you recommend for a luxury cruise to this area?? Thanks!
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