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  1. I was on a cancelled NCL cruise departing next Saturday. I am taking the 125% FCC but how do I actually find it? Will it show up in my NCL profile somewhere? We have chosen our new dates and want to hold them but I don't want to put down a $2,000 deposit that will be covered by the FCC. Thank you!
  2. I have two reasons for doing land first. First, we are flying in and if there are any delays, it's much easier to catch up to a land tour than a boat! Second, the land tour will be more active, so I like the idea of doing that more 'hectic' part, and then being able to relax on the ship. We have some older folks going with us, and they may be 'done' after the land tour, so they can skip a shore excursion or just relax, and not feel as if they didn't really see Alaska.
  3. Trying to narrow down all of the options and I think we've settled on a Princess Cruisetour, land first. I want at least one full day in Denali (so, two nights) so we can do some hiking and activities. Is it worth doing 2 nights in Denali and then one at McKinley? Or is the experience similar enough that as long as we are doing Denali, we will be happy? If we skip McKinley we could do an extra day in Fairbanks or even possibly a third in Denali before catching the boat. Thank you for any tips!!
  4. @champdds, perhaps against my better judgement we are going with the HNL excursions. If it was just me, or just me and my husband, I'd do much more on my own. But with his mom and our kids, I know all of the stress would fall on me. I'd be dealing with gassing up rental cars and worrying about missing the boat. Yes, it's going to cost more but I think the trade-off mentally for me will be worth it. As a compromise, we only booked 3 tours and will leave the other days open to uber or book something locally at the last minute. We will be there the week after you!
  5. Thanks @SunshineGirl100. Do you mind sharing the name of the independent operator? I ideally would love to go with something similar but there is comfort (though expense) in going with a known entity!
  6. Thank you in advance for any advice! We are taking a NCL cruise in Hawaii in March and the shore excursion prices are pricey; when I add up what we want to do - one excursion per day - it's over $4,000, almost more than the cruise itself. I can save some by booking tours through Viator or similar but that has its own headaches (namely transportation from the pier to the tour start, and just coordinating with a third party). So my questions are: 1. Is it worth trying to do some third-party tours to save money or is it not worth the angst? If so, are there particular ports where it is easier than others? 2. There are places where we may just want to hike in the national park; are there options to just uber or cab into the park and then be on our own or again, more of a headache? I know a day rental at Enterprise would be an option too at some ports. While I've cruised seven times (including this exact itinerary as a teenager), it's always been with others who did the coordinating, so this is the first time the decisions have been all on me! I don't want to get it wrong. Ports are Maui (2 days), Hilo, Kona, and Kauai (2 days). Traveling are me, my husband, my MIL (who won't go on the active tours) and kids 8 and 13.
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