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  1. What may have been a good decision last year isn't necessarily good atm. To the OP consider your options carefully. The advise offered by myself, alirat 153 and Kiwi Kruzer indicates the current condition of downtown AKL. It really is a 4 block disaster zone
  2. Downtown Auckland around the bottom of Queen street/wharf area is a ***** fight at the moment, avoid it like the plague. Head for the Novotel at the airport
  3. If you are going to quote our language please have the courtesy to check your spelling.....Kia ora
  4. Youre on holiday, wear what ever you want on holiday. Go casual or dress up, you are not in a fashion parade or on show. You wont be judged
  5. someone said usb ports are beside the bed as well. I also am booked next october from sydney edit....oops, im talking ovation
  6. All the small change from local currencies goes into a glass in my cabin and at the end of the cruise is an extra tip for the steward. Saves bringing it home and not being able to convert it
  7. Ovation scheduled to depart Tauranga bound for Wellington at 11.00am tomorrow 11th Dec local time. Cant really see it going into Wellington but that is what is reported
  8. Thanks lissie. I was born and breed in Tauranga and my wife was born in Whakatane. As you would know both these cities are a stones throw from the Island. Even thou we left for a better life more than 30 years ago we are both very sad for the NZ people and another disaster which has been thrown at the NZ people.
  9. Where on earth did you get that from. The island is around 70 klm from where the Ovation is docked over the open seas
  10. I just go to the buffet, fill my plate and go back to my room
  11. Skytrain for me as well. Last time in Vancouver we actually stayed at the airport (I'm a plane nut, had room over looking the airport) and went to and from the city on the train. Worked well
  12. Ok from what I am reading is if I get a 1 device package I can only log on with 1 device. When I am finished my session I need to do the "logoff.com" thingy and then my wife would be able to log on with her device and use the internet. When she is finish she would also need to do the logoff.com bit as well. Is this correct ??
  13. After owning 3 or 4 iphones, ipads and apple watches I have numerous chargers in both USA and AUS fittings
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