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  1. We are considering a 7 night Poesia cruise in a B3 Aurea cabin with the following itinerary: Warnemunde St Petersburg Tallinn Stockholm Copenhagen Warnemunde Anything I should be aware of? Read the reviews and some stuff seems hit or miss, but we have a credit from last year that we need to use and this seems to work best for us. Just trying to find out if there are any major red flags for this ship or itinerary. Thanks!
  2. No, it wasn’t. Itinerary was a loop of Civitavecchia, Palermo, Barcelona, Marseille, Genoa, Valletta.
  3. i was booked on a Mediterranean cruise in balcony. I have no idea where the Caribbean restriction came from - it’s very odd. And the YC restriction is just greedy - I’m obviously going to spend more on a cabin to be in YC so they still have new money coming in.
  4. MSC sent me a FCC good only for a Caribbean cruise and cannot be used for YC. I was booked on a Mediterranean cruise. How does that make any sense? Have to call and straighten this out. Ugh.
  5. We were supposed to leave today (March 9) from Palermo. So glad we decided not to go. Staying a few extra nights in Paris. There are worse things. This is going to be a mess for people who are scheduled to disembark in CIV or PMO and have flights booked from there.
  6. Don’t make sensible suggestions. This is the internet. 😁🤪
  7. That’s my understanding as well, but the poster above stated refund.
  8. Thanks! I called last week, got right through, then got sent to the crisis line, waited an hour, and was told my TA had to call. TA has been in email contact with MSC and they said they would handle, but haven’t yet. So frustrating. Worried that MSC is going to screw up and then shrug their shoulders leaving me stuck.
  9. Does anyone know if you have to book within 12 months or sail within 12 months? Thanks! PS - My TA is still waiting for MSC to process my credit. Sailing is Monday. Ugh.
  10. I don’t disagree with you one bit. I was just providing the way they are looking at this. If anything, you would think they would be in a position to understand your point given that they are a family owned company and are not beholden to public shareholders.
  11. Agreed, but at the end of the day, MSC is a corporation and they want to make money. Why would they volunteer information to their passengers inviting them to cancel the cruise? For those concerned, they have provided a solution. But they are not going to publicize it and make it easy. Same reason you can sign up for everything online but usually have to call and cancel subscription services.
  12. Decided not to go. Not risking quarantine on my way home.
  13. My TA said that MSC will give me a credit to use on any MSC cruise within the next 12 months. I should have 100% confirmation within the next few days they said.
  14. Of course - I fully expect a no, but it would be nice if that’s not the case.
  15. Using your example, a staff member gets $33.33/day from the DSC.That’s probably a lot less than if tipped directly by each pax.
  16. Wonder if Alitalia will refund airfare Paris - Palermo we booked to get on the cruise given the CDC warnings? Doubtful as its irrelevant to them, but will call and ask.
  17. I saw what looks like the same note on a different group chat. The important parts are posted above. The rest is just marketing fluff saying here's some stuff for you to send clients, here's some deals we have, here's what happened to Mer, etc.
  18. Thanks. I am mostly worried about somehow a quarantine being issued upon our return to the US due to FUD.
  19. Two of Grandiosa's ports of call in March are Palermo and Malta. I'm booked on a March 9 sailing from Palermo.
  20. Aside from the obvious risk of contracting the virus, the practical implications of missing ports and/or being quarantined either on the ship or somewhere along the way back to the US is enough to keep me from going on my Mar 4 Grandiosa sailing which starts in Palermo.
  21. Mods - feel free to merge into https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2737614-thinking-of-cancelling-european-cruise-june-2020-am-i-the-only-one/ Thanks!
  22. We are in a very similar situation, except our Grandiosa cruise starts March 9 from Palermo (same itinerary as yours - the ship does a circle and people board/disembark at each port). Aside from cruise, only cash loss is some museum/Eiffel Tower tickets in Paris and flights CDG-PMO, though if I wait the flights may be cancelled by Alitalia anyway. All other flights on miles. Situation just seems too unstable at the moment.
  23. I am booked on the March 9 sailing from Palermo with stops in Valletta, Barcelona, Marseille, Genoa, and Rome. The ship seems to be doing the same circuit throughout March. I'm concerned about the recent Coronavirus outbreak in Italy and how that might affect the entire cruise, the itinerary, and/or my return to the US after visiting a country where Coronavirus has been present. Any ideas on how proactive MSC may be on this and what their threshold for cancellation might be? Would they let me cancel with no penalty given the situation, whether for full credit or an outright refund? Thanks!
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