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  1. Thanks Sirius, that sounds good! Even if we go for a dinner somewhere else first we can always have a drink there afterwards
  2. Thanks Nok :) We are on a different tour, I think it is called Best of the Best. For now we have just decided to reserve a table in a nice restaurant (most likely serving highly recommended Georgian food). But thanks for the info, we still have enough time to change our mind.
  3. Hi Gnome12, do we need a whole day there in case we decide for it or would 2-3 hrs be enough?
  4. I haven't been there but based on what I could find on Internet it is indeed a very small and cozy town, probably not fully suitable for a bus tour but perfect for a nice and relaxing walking combined with good restaurants and cafe's. Good shoes are recommended in all Scandinavian ports, same applies for Stockholm and Copenhagen for example.
  5. LaPochCka, having read this we have now put a special "Russian box" in our living room to collect the bank notes which would suit the requirements 😆. So far I have found only one $20 note which looks ok 😂😂
  6. Olympic Girl, I checked with my bank, they said either Visa or MC, AMEX is not that common. Don't know about restaurant tips, good question actually
  7. Our travel is scheduled for July and we decided to wait for a while before we cancel anything. I still hope that in a couple of months we will at least have clarity on what is going on and how to proceed, so far too many guesses. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  8. Sirius, Don't remember exactly in which thread I found it but in one of the forums somebody mentioned they did Vodka tasting combined with ICE-CREAM!!! Can you imagine???? 🙈🙈🙈 However even if this sounds completely weird from the start, actually in my case it is a solution - I can concentrate on vodka and my ladies (we are travelling with two teenage daughters) can have ice-cream ðŸĪŠ I am starting to love this country already!
  9. Thank you! I asked the guide too 😁, but I always try to use multiple sources, sometimes it is better to ask twice 👆
  10. Wow! This looks terrific! I must try khinkhalis or whatever you call these huge dumplings! Thanks a lot!
  11. Thanks a lot, dogs4fun 🙂 I think we will stay around Pikk and Raekoja. Most important is outside seating (given that the weather is nice of course 😄) and good food, ideally with a glass of beer 😀
  12. Yes, my bad! The workshop is NOT at the Faberge museum, it is exactly at the place you mention (cannot spell it, sorry 😁). Our manager at Best Guides told me they got several requests from the roll call cruisers asking for this museum workshop 🙈🙈🙈, sorry everyone for missleading infos!
  13. Hi! We are looking for a good Georgian restaurant in St. Petersburg. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Awesome, thanks a million! I didn't think about the zoo, I am sure they will love pandas. Otherwise viking ship or music museum could be something of interest.
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