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  1. Yes that is the one we are going to go on, and one that they matched.
  2. As I’ve mentioned to others before your post I’m a little new, but thought I might try to help out. I know the LATEST you can do the price match is 7 days before your cruise starts. To specifically answer your question, I haven’t seen any limit to how early you can price match. It seems that as long as you have bought the Carnival excursion, and filled out the form with the comparable excursion’s information that they will consider it. I hope this helps. 🙂
  3. Yes! That is the one that they approved. 🙂 As far as I can tell it is identical to the Carnival excursion with the addition that they provide water, and Carnival does not.
  4. Hey there! Just a reminder that I’m a total noob to this whole cruising thing...my first one starts this Saturday...😃😄😆 Anywho...I noticed that when I filled out the price match form they asked for the booking number. I don’t know if each stateroom has a different booking number, but it seems like that is how they assign the onboard credit. Hopefully someone more experienced here will be able to clarify this for you more, but I’m hoping that maybe it will help if you have different booking numbers for each room. I hear some of the independent excursions are really great. My only fear is
  5. Good news! I was approved! However, if you saw what I had added above I almost had a snafu with it. Scott emailed me the other day asking about the $49.99 price I saw because it didn’t match what he was seeing online. When I went back to the website the price had gone up to $69.99 which was the same amount as Carnival. I let him know my suspicions, but also told him that I had found an identical trip elsewhere, and asked if it could be considered. I got the response back that we will be getting $21.99 each in OBC. I’m so happy! First time cruising and first attempt at a price match. Thank you
  6. Hey! I’m a noob to this too, but here’s what I’ve learned so far... You definitely have to book and pay for the excursion through carnival FIRST. Then there’s a form on their website (someone linked it in one of the previous posts) that you fill out with the comparable excursion information. Within a few days someone will get back to you approving or denying your request, or they may ask for additional information or even tell you they’re looking into it further. You have to do this 7 or more days before the EMBARKATION date of your cruise (I thought it was 7 days before your excursion.
  7. In the meantime I found another site that was the same price as the original, but identical to the carnival excursion https://www.discoverbelize.bz/tours/altun-ha-maya-ruins/ I’m hoping they will accept this for me. I don’t know if I will need to fill out another form.
  8. So I received a reply to my request earlier today asking where I’m seeing the $49.99 price because they don’t see it. When I went to the viator site above it looks like the price hiked. So unless it drops by the time I respond them I’m SOL...😕😕😕 Has this ever happened to anyone while trying to get the price guarantee?
  9. Thanks! I looked into an option like that as well as the GAEMS system here. Both seem like too much additional to bring with us. That’s why I had been hoping for a workaround with the existing hardware in the stateroom. I had seen a bunch of things online and on YouTube months ago, but wasn’t sure if anyone had actual success on this specific ship. But thank you for that! I may actually consider it once more before the end of this week. Or just tell him to kick rocks until we get off the boat 🤣🤣🤣 jk I’m not that mean. 😉
  10. Thank you! I had planned on doing this as well. 😁
  11. You and I think alike for sure! I tell him that he needs to turn the TV and phone off to TRY to fall asleep. He insists his mind still races, but I know that even though his mind is still going a million miles a second that when he starts playing or being on his phone that’s not helping. I’m still waiting to see what he decides to do since I told him that there is a few potential workarounds, but as long as he enjoys his time on vacation that’s all I want. 😌
  12. Thank you very much for this! It’s a very rare once in a blue moon occasion that he will bother taking it because it doesn’t usually work for him either. I have mentioned to him about other causes as well. I’m hoping maybe this year we can get a better idea of what it stems from. I don’t remember him being like this when we met all those years ago, but he says it’s been like this for him long before we met...at least since he was in his late teens. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Maybe the gentle rock of the boat will help 😊
  13. Oh thank you! To correct my original statement, it wasn’t in the email they sent. It was on their website under things you can/cannot bring on board. It merely mentioned that it wouldn’t work, but I’ve heard numerous stories and seen online where people have done it. Just not on this specific ship. Thank you again!
  14. You’d think that would work right....but I’ve seen him stay up for 48 hours while running around in the summer sun, and even taking melatonin. He finally crashed, and slept for less than 4 hours before waking up again. Insomnia isn’t nice to him sometimes. I am hoping that all of the daytime activities we have to do will tire him out though. Me...I KNOW I’ll sleep like a baby each night. Lol Thanks again.
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