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  1. I appreciate your recommendation. Mobile is close enough to drive to from Atlanta.
  2. Definitely some food for thought. I have postponed the trip and plan to extend it out to 6-8 days max. I believe you are right with the 3/4-day cruises, specifically on Carnival.
  3. This is the post I needed to read. I believe you are right in that the cost is low enough to attract a certain type of clientele. I am going to consider making the trip a few days longer. Thanks for your insight.
  4. Yes, I am in Atlanta. I was looking at reviews of Miami and the Carnival Conquest. Unfortunately, many of the reviews made it seem like it would be unpleasant. So I am looking for an alternate cruise ship from Carnival in Florida. I will check out reviews on the Liberty and see what cruisers are saying. I’m trying to gather enough info concerning the ships to make an informed decision on what to book for our group. Thank you for the info.
  5. I have sailed once before a few years back on Royal Carribean to the Bahamas. We are looking to sail Friday through Monday probably to the Bahamas. I don't believe there will be many who will do excursions so that is not a big deal. We are mainly looking for a ship with good entertainment, decent cabins, relatively decent food and good nightlife. It will be a mix of males and females, no couples among us.
  6. Hello. I am planning a group trip and Carnival cruises seem to be priced really well. I am looking to leave from a port in Florida, Alabama or Louisiana. The group will range from late 20s to mid 40s. Things like casinos, dance / night club, karaoke, comedy, shows, activities like bingo and relatively good food is highly desired. What particular Carnival ships and ports do you recommend? I have read some reviews regarding Carnival Conquest out of the Miami port being "interesting" with cruisers smoking marijuana in their room, etc. I am looking for a lively, great time
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