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  1. This is what it looks like a couple of days pre cruise. It is not what it looks like if you download it before that. It will look similar to your page on NCL.com where you select tours, dining, etc.
  2. I believe it is $9.95 regardless of how long the cruise is. The app is actually free and you can do a lot on it prior to the cruise. Then, about 2 days prior to the cruise, the format changes to "vacation mode" and you access a map to the pier and your e docs. Once in the ship, you select "I am on board" and it gives you directions on how to enable the wifi and at THAT time you will pay the fee to use it. You do not need a wifi plan and it does not take minutes from any plan you have.
  3. Thank you - that makes sense. I do know (or so I've been told) that once you create a group you cannot add someone to it and that a new group has to be created but I wasn't sure about how the new number worked.
  4. I see two issues - #1 that the activity level was changed without notifying people. I would book a level #2 excursion, but based on a prior experience with a level #3, I would not book one for most locales. The second issue is that no matter whether she complained to the right person or not, she was treated rudely by a cruise ship employee as was apparently another cruise guest.
  5. And that's why I really hate to ask for them even though we really do love to see them every night. On the other hand, we are in a large 2 bedroom suite and it is really unlikely that the other bedroom or other bathroom will ever be touched, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad to ask since our room really won't take the time that it would if it had a family or more people in it. #tryingtojustify
  6. I understand what you are saying, but almost without fail when someone knows you work for Southwest, the first thing they mention is bags fly free. It's the experience, not the actual savings. And more specifically that it is just something people associate with Southwest, just like many people associate towel animals with the experience of cruising.
  7. Am I reading the information correctly that once onboard and after the NCL app has been activated to use the communication feature, you will be assigned a new "number" to use instead of your room number or phone number? What kind of number (how long is it?) I'm trying to put together some contact cards for our group and if that is the case, then I need to leave a blank for that information next to everyone's room number. Thanks!
  8. I can't say I'm upset. Disappointed maybe. It's a little something special to look for when you come into your room in the evening that you don't get anywhere but a cruise. You can't deny that almost every group of photos someone takes on a cruise includes at least one towel animal photo. That in itself shows that it's a special memory that people want to remember. I think it's reasonable to be disappointed that that part is no longer a part of your daily experience. I kind of compare it to "Bags Fly Free" on Southwest Airlines. I can tell you (as part of their employee family) that it is the number one thing someone says when they find out you work for Southwest. "Oh, Bags Fly Free. I love that." If they were ever to change that, there would be an uproar.
  9. I know that there is a $9.95 service fee to use the communication feature on the ship and that it uses the ship's wifi exclusively so it isn't active off the ship. Is that separate from any wifi plan you have (don't have)? We have a large group so I'm trying to make sure that those that don't upgrade to a larger wifi plan don't burn up all their minutes with the app without knowing that they are doing it.
  10. I haven't personally used it (yet), but we have signed up. The way that I believe it works is that you (as the main account name) sign in using your NCL ID and password. Your wife would download the app and create a new user ID for herself. She will input your reservation number, so it links to your cabin reservation. From my understanding, once you get onboard, the calling and messaging part of the app is activated and it is then you are given the chance to pay the $9.95 and it will generate a new "number" for you instead of your actual phone number (someone please correct me if that is wrong, but that is how I read the FAQs). That feature is only available while on the ship because it uses the ship's WIFI. What I am not clear about is whether it uses any WIFI package minutes that you receive or if just purchasing the app gives you unlimited usage to message/call separate from your WIFI package.
  11. If the route or ship matters, specifically I'm talking about a Panama Canal crossing on the Joy. I'm extremely hypoglycemic and always carry a packaged protein bar for a quick snack if I need one that won't make me crash the other way. Will I be allowed to have it in my purse or backpack when we leave or return to the ship?
  12. I'm quite certain that the social media does not allow streaming such as Netflix or the like. It "may" allow you to play something that is embedded in the social media site, but does not allow actual streaming. The info from the package for the social media package is The Unlimited Social Media Wi-Fi package gives you access to majority of social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, etc.) • The package allows you to view, post and upload videos on social media and also chat on all popular messenger platforms. • Price displayed is per day use. Total cruise rate will be calculated based on the number of cruise days. • Can be used only on one device at a time. • This package does not include email access or web browsing. This Unlimited Premium Wi-fi package gives you access to unlimited web surfing, email access (including VPN), social media access, all apps. • The package also gives you streaming options via YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Audible, Hulu etc. • Price displayed is per day use. Total cruise rate will be calculated based on the number of cruise days. • Cruises of 13 days and longer will have a lower rate. • Log in to My NCL for more details. • Can be used only on one device at a time. • Please note that some on demand content may not be available. Live streaming channels are based on your subscription package and location
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