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  1. Wow, am I glad that we decided NOT to go on the Costa Luminosa's transatlantic crossing leaving Florida on March 5th. Based on the news, this cruise has become another Diamond Princess cruise!!! I am actively trying to get my money back...
  2. RCCL, HAL & Carnival would be between 4 & 5 stars Norwegian would be 3 to 4 Celebrity almost a 5..
  3. So, it seems that Costa just needs to get its act together overall....😕
  4. I continue to see low (1 star reviews) on the Luminosa….. Yes, I wish I had checked the reviews, but expected a Cruise line under the Carnival Corp. would have similar reviews to the other ships under the Carnival umbrella... I just wish they (Costa) would look at these reviews or have the Cruise Critic folks forward these reviews to the Carnival Corp. management.
  5. Well, it is too late for me NOT to go, as I have paid for an up & coming cruise on the Luminosa. I have a total of 17 cruises, which include Several Carnival ships, plus several RCCL ships, one Celebrity and one HAL ship, so I assumed the Costa would have decent reviews... Oh well; I will post a fair review when I return..
  6. Folks, thanks for the good feedback... It would seem that if Costa would make Tea Bags and water available 24X7, like the other Carnival ships, Costa's reviews would go up a few points. I think the few cents it would cost per tea bag, would be a very good return on investment..... Are you listening Costa/Carnival!!!!
  7. What is "Take one of DW stockings " a DW? (I'm American : - ) ....
  8. For any one that was on the Luminosa recently; can you buy regular bottle water on the ship or just mineral water ( which I really hate and is all they show in their packages)?
  9. I hear ya, but they are owned by Carnival Corp, who also owns Holland America Line, and of course Carnival Cruise Line, both of which i have cruise on various times, and would never give a 1 star review.... Does Cruise Critic have the ear/s of the Carnival Corp.?
  10. I continue to see poor reviews for this ship; Does Costa (or Carnival) going to address these very poor reviews?
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