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  1. Awesome thanks for all the input. I am doing the mexican riviera. I liked the idea it sailed out of my hometown. I am not interested in the racetrack etc but wanted to make sure we still had the comfort. Sounds like a winner to me:0)
  2. Originally I did all kinds of research on the Bliss because that's what we were sailing on. We have since rescheduled for the Jewel and would love input on that ship. I realize it isn't anywhere near the Bliss but is it still a go to ship? Also what would your pick for a balcony room without a restaurant on top of your head be. Do you guys have any input on what to expect on that ship? Thanks so much for all the advice and input. ❤️❤️ My cruise is booked way out into 2022 but with the reschedules and minimal capacity she said they had I want to switch room early if possible.
  3. Can't wait to live vicariously through you on this adventure you will be having.💓💓
  4. Well I hope it all works out. Both my siblings and their spouses work for Disneyland. Fingers crossed some positive movement happens.
  5. Thank you I am thinking that is the route I will take as well. I appreciate all the input and I understand everyone's feelings on this issue. I am hoping for a fcc toward another cruise down the road. Otherwise fingers crossed without holding my breath lol
  6. Do you know the best number to call to speak with an agent regarding this?
  7. Hello. I understand nobody has a crystal ball but would like other cruisers opinions. I have a cruise booked on Jan 3rd. My last payment is due by Nov 4th. I know the no sail order is until the end of the month currently. I am trying to make the decision to go for it or if I should push the date of my cruise back. The cruise was a casino comp and will probably be one of my only chances to sail with my daughter. I don't know how a credit would come back to me if they do indeed cancel or if the cruise credit would cover enough for another cruise down the road. Should I pay the last payment and see what will happen? I am cruising out of California would the Governor be able to say we aren't allowed out of that port? Would it be best to see if they will allow us to push it back? I just don't know what to do and not familiar enough with cruising to know the ins and outs. Thank you in advance for any input.
  8. Hello :0) I have a comped cruise scheduled in January. I'm curious if the cruise gets canceled will they rebook or just cancel and get a refund? I am wanting to go so would prefer to push back if necessary. What has others experience be? This would be with NCL.
  9. Thanks for all the info guys 🙂 I apappreciate it. I will just purchase the passes. I like where we are.
  10. Oh wow ok yup that's a deal breaker 😞 didnt want noise right up above.
  11. My daughter and I are very interested in the thermal spa passes. We will be on the Bliss in January and was told we could pay to upgrade our room. We have a balcony cabin, 12250 to be exact. Is it worth trying to upgrade to a spa suite? Is it really pricey to do that? Or is it just better to purchase the passes? Thoughts?
  12. I will be on the Bliss and I really hope I enjoy it as much as it sounded like you did. 🙂 when you said you found a Duck what did you mean haha. Dont judge me I'm a newbie 🤣 Thank you so much for the review. I enjoyed reading 😉
  13. Awesome thanks for responding:0) is that per person or cabin? And does it sell out like Vibe?
  14. Have a wonderful cruise. 🙂 I cant wait to be on the Bliss. Sooo excited. Does anyone know how much the thermal suite passes are? My daughter apparently is looking forward to relaxing there.
  15. Hello I have seen many commenting on the internet. Was this the upgraded wifi? Curious if it is worth getting for our cruise or if it is pretty slow period.
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