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  1. Such great feedback to think about, thank you! Since I posted the initial thread, we have made numerous decisions! Our initial plan was a landcruise, but the more we thought about it 2 weeks for the littles is too much, so we've compromised on a 7-day cruise from Seattle on a super kid-friendly ship with a great itinerary 😉 I can't wait!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Coral. Do you have any suggestions? I know most say look at itinerary first, then book the ship, right? We just need "some entertainment" for our littles - and we don't want to 'bother' any other more mature travellers 😉
  3. We looked at this one too - beautiful ship! And we almost booked, but GB is a must for me 😉 Have so much fun!
  4. Such great advice! Thank you! Now if I could get the rest of my "party" to agree 😉
  5. Wow, thank you! I didn't know this existed!
  6. Help! I'm so overwhelmed and looking to the "experts" for help! Traveling to Alaska this summer with two active girls - 6YO and 9YO - and trying to find the "best of both worlds" ship! Does anything exist like this - enough entertainment for the kids (pools/slides/etc.) but small enough to fit through the glaciers (Glacier Bay is our top pick!)? My first thought was Princess Cruises, but I'm not seeing "much for kids." So then I looked at NCL's Bliss, which has 'all the things for kids,' but is HUGE! Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. And I'm not sold on either of these lines, if you have other suggestions. We just need Glacier Bay on the itinerary ;) Thanks in advance!
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