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  1. Introducing The Key, your premier access to exclusive experiences during your vacation....... Is this worth it for $25.99 pp for a 7 day cruise? Appreciate the thoughts & input. Thanks ahead of time.
  2. What's the lowest you've seen the UDP special go down to per day? Debating going for the 3 day due to cost and I want to get a good few stabs at the MDR.
  3. Can you link that thread please? Because as of right now still no official confirmation of the test or results on the Royal Princess crew member but they did clear the Regal today....
  4. Its quite the multi million dollar question right now considering the Royal can't sail until they have clearance of the test by the CDC. Of course Princess was very vague about it. Not sure if they didn't have a test available or they tested and the results haven't come back, etc... But the Panaroma passenger was tested yesterday before disembark and they received the negative test results last night already.... So if they were tested yesterday, I would assume we should have the results by now...
  5. So funny what a week does... Everyone on our ship(Royal) last Saturday was eyeing the Emerald princess like she had the virus since it came back to port two days early LOL But yes.. as the op for this thread, I won't stop posting here till I find out the test results of that crew member.
  6. Don't worry. I was on the 2/22 sailing on the Royal when the crew member from the Grand boarded. I'm still watching the web like a hawk for the test results and will update accordingly. I'm sure the 3/14 sailing will depend on that as well.
  7. Yea.... This was never a post about the government, covid19 facts, responses, beliefs etc... It was a post for two situations pertaining to the Royal Princess only: 1.) The embarkation delay of Royal Princess on 3/7/20 due to the 1 transferred crew member from Grand Princess on 2/21/20 2.) The test results of said transferred crew member because if positive, that would affect close to 7,000 passengers from the 2/22/20 and 2/29/20 Royal Princess sailings. I'll continue to scour twitter and the web for an update on the test results but have not found it yet.
  8. Correct... He boarded the crew 2 days before my sailing on 2/22/20. I'm glad they are testing him officially instead of relying he has no symptoms and if the test didn't come back in time then that's definitely good enough reason to stop the sailing. Sorry for all that were scheduled to depart; the whole ordeal really sucks but better to be safe than sorry. Now for my sailing and the sailing that just disembarked today... let us pray it comes back negative.
  9. still no reason on officially why they couldnt get the 'necessary clearance'
  10. Would love some clarification on WHY it was cancelled. Did that 1 crew member test positive or not?
  11. Im waiting on this one as I was on the 2/22 Royal cruise with the same crew member
  12. They had to of tested the crew member. I don't see any other reason why. Or the piers are contaminated? Why not let them leave.
  13. Announcement was supposed to be at 5 PM... Behind schedule plus those flashing lights doesn't sound good ;( Crossing my fingers.
  14. It was the Royal Princess. Chief Medical Officer confirmed it. He also said the 1 crew member was cleared by the CDC yesterday for not showing any symptoms after 15 days... Not sure what the holdup is; we find out at 5 PM of her seaworthiness
  15. Guess we'll find out at 5 pm PST
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