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  1. Thank you Bruce, it is very difficult to know where to post to find other Imagine Cruising/Koningsdam travellers. kevin.
  2. Greetings from L’il Ol England our Hearty Shipmates. Anyone else on the Belmont Andean Explorer train to Machu Picchu etc., then embarking the Koningsdam at Callao Port? We are getting more info reading CC contributors here, than from Imagine. In fact, it was here, we found Victoria had been dropped in favour of Seattle! We’re unsure if Imagine may have even advised us. Same thing with the HAL OBC for not cancelling! Thank you CC contributors. From the Roll Call posts, we can only see 2 other Brit couples on the Koningsdam and wonder if one of the ladies who references being in Peru 7 days before embarking Lima, MAY possibly be on our tour? But as with the couple from Nottingham (England!), personal messages are unavailable (don’t know if that’s my lack of Forum savvy?). At this point, UK travellers do not appear to be precluded from entry, nor subject to 14 day quarantine on entry to Peru, however, we expect Covid-19 to get MUCH WORSE in UK over the next 4 weeks. So Peru could ban us by the time we are due to arrive April 6. We have approx 14 hr Brit.Airways flight to Lima, then 5nts in Belmond Miraflores Hotel before rest of Imagine party (60 px?) arrive. We then fly to Arequipa and pick up the Andean Explorer. After 12,000 ft Lake Titicaca and Cusco, Machu Picchu, we fly back to Lima to bus to Callao and the ship. So a real Bucket List trip and one we do not want to miss. However, there are NOW a host of “pinch-points”, where we could get tripped up. Ignoring the 3 weeks we have back here in England to avoid the virus, we could get “impounded” in Peru (unfortunately, don’t speak Spanish), contract Covid in a number of enclosed spaces and if we do make the Koningsdam, will it end up just being a 16 day cruise to nowhere ? When the “icing on the cake” of the Machu Picchu holiday, was the unusual Cruise Itinerary. With so many Nth American & Canadians on this cruise we can see that San Diego and Vancouver could even be suspect now. UK press coverage of the 2 Princess ships’ passengers- and especially, Donald J’s comments on the Californian ship, making our usual British “sang-froid” is start to simmer. We are hardy folk here and both our parents survived The Blitz so do not intend to cancel BUT there are now many aspects of “our dream holiday” that are way beyond our control and we wonder if any other Brits - especially, Imagine clients, are looking at these boards and how they feel? obviously, if B.A cancel the flights (to Lima or back from Vancouver), if Peru blocks entry or HAL cancel, the decision is made for us. Good luck, stay safe & healthy to you all - whether we meet on board this cruise or another. KEVIN & SUZANNE.
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