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  1. @Debde Yes, always nice to know "who dat" other Saints fan is. Now you guys can get together and discuss your unwavering love & dedication to all things Saints;
  2. Masks remain into 2022? Are you kidding me? How far into 2022, spring? fall? winter? And, how many masks? 1?, 2? 15?? A continued mask mandate into 2022 is absurd.
  3. @Debde, @WhoDatNan Who Dat Nation NY chapter, meet Who Dat Nation Georgia chapter.
  4. Wow, if you're in the Atlanta area, still holding on to your Saints season tickets and drive down to NOLA for Saints home games, you're a hard core member of Who Dat Nation! I'm really impressed!! Glad you're an Aggie. Once an Aggie, always an Aggie. I find it fascinating that Aggies hold Aggie muster all over the world, even in war zones! I have some the best memories and life experiences of being a voluntary member of our drill team (I went to Texas A&M at Galveston; Texas Maritime Academy) and marching in Kyle Field during halftime of Aggie home games.
  5. That would be right around the time I have been predicting; 2nd 1/2 of 2021. As far as booking, I've got you beat @seaman11 with 11 booked.
  6. Have you seen RCL's sale lately? 60% off the 2nd guest. This essentially lowers the solo supplement down to 40%. Also, another good way to go for us solos is RCL's Quantum-class ships with the studio balcony cabins. Celebrity also is becoming more solo friendly; Celebrity Edge has 16 single infinite veranda staterooms and her newer sister, Celebrity Apex will have 24.
  7. I know, I was able to book the Norwegian Getaway (9-day Baltic cruise R/T Copenhagen, Denmark) for all the way out to Aug 15-24, 2023. I was surprised I was able to book that far out.
  8. Yeah, the Bucs have the GOAT. Paid dividends this past season, for sure. Do you think Brees is going to retire?
  9. I moved up to Michigan not too long ago, so I don't have any friends; A big reason I moved back up to Michigan was to care for my 84 yr old mom. A possibility for a roommate might be my nephew though. Hmmm, I'll have to think about that. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Nice picture, thanks for posting. Good to see you post again; it's been awhile. Looking at your signature block, I'm amazed at the loyalty level your are at with multiple cruise lines. You must've taken many, many cruises and have serious "water under your keel"! Btw - where is the location of the picture?
  11. Hi @DCGuy64, I was quite interested in MSC as well. They seem to be trying to establish a foothold in the U.S./North American market and therefore are being very competitive in their pricing; except for solos (like me). I did a couple of mock bookings on a couple of their FL based ships (Miami & Port Canaveral) and they were very expensive for me. No studio cabins and I'd be required to pay the full 100% solo supplement (pay for 2 in the cabin). It's too bad (for me) because MSC looks like they have some really beautiful ships and a large fleet. I think they have a
  12. That's great! Yeah, hard to beat a continual "2-for-1 special". I'm sure they appreciated your generous tip.
  13. Thanks, I'm really glad to read your post (since I'm booked on PoA in Oct 2021). I think I read somewhere (maybe here on CC) that early on, there were service complaints/issues but that NCL addressed and corrected them. I guess you could have 1 or 2 "bad" service staff members (bartenders, waiters, etc.) on any cruise/cruise ship. But, I am very encouraged by your report of the service you got on PoA. Makes me look forward to my cruise on her in Oct even more! Thanks again.
  14. First, I came across a member of the "Who Dat Nation" who is up in NY (sorry, I can't remember his CC screen name), now you - another member of the "Who Dat Nation" over in the Peach State (Georgia). Are you close to Atlanta? If yes, you're able to go see (after these virus lock-downs end, of course) your Saints every season when they play the Falcons in Atlanta (NFC South divisional game). Yeah, if you're from the NOLA area or lived down there, no surprise that you are familiar with our (A&M) rallying cry, "Gig 'em". God forbid you're also an LSU Tiger fan (please God no).
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