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  1. I know that, but a CPAP is neither. If there is not more to the story, then being removed once onboard because you don't have a CPAP is concerning.
  2. This is interesting. What happens with people with other issues like diabetes? We requested a sharps container. My wife does not take shots anymore, but has an automatic pump. She may only need to use the container 2-3 times on the cruise.
  3. I have it for Nov and expect it to be there. With more ships sailing, they are going to want to get as much money coming in as they can. As they use July, August, and September to learn, they will know more.
  4. Unfortunately, no one really knows. I would guess HMC, Ocho Rios, and Cozumel.
  5. Exactly. The CSO still exists, but the judge's ruling is that it is non-binding. Cruise line execs are smart enough to realize they can ill-afford to abandon it. The only national news that has been made is that they are cruising again. The CDC still has a lot of power. They can deny re-entry in to the US ports if there are a number of cases. They could require all covid cases to be medivacced off the ship and everyone onboard tested negative before permitting to return. There are a ton of things that can still happen and this is why the cruise lines won't take more chances than they already are.
  6. I think cruise lines are less likely. You always have an idiot around and a Village that is happy they are gone. A lot of what is happening on airlines are people getting money who normally not travel, demanding special treatment, and doing exactly what the media has programmed them to do. There are countless recent incidents of this stuff going on. Look at the crazy lady trying to get checked in for a flight knowing full well she is on the No-Fly list and can never fly again. Her 4-5yo pleading and crying not to get arrested. Her son just back off a ways knowing he is going through it again. You had 2 people fly down to Miami after stimulus check time. Followed a drunk woman to her hotel, drugged her up, and you can figure the rest. They were arrested for murder and the other charges. Never would have been down there without the stimulus money as they stated. As for the cruise ships, they have security and can deal with it. Getting dumped at the next port with their local authorities is surely fun. Imagine getting picked up by Mexican Police. Not many people would want to go to a Mexican jail. The financial burden alone is massive for being dumb like this.
  7. A bit of side advice, the way Disney pricing works is better for consecutive days instead of some up front and some a week later. Disney no longer will have free transportation, so that is something to consider. They also charge something like $25/day to park at the resort. Those are some things to consider. Another thing to consider as above is taking Carnival's shuttle. They have stated that people will not get in the terminal until their boarding time window. It use to be a free for all once you got there, but they state they will not let you in the terminal now. We have to see how that goes for the time being.
  8. They sure are selling it to bring in money. It is better to have cash in hand now and have to refund it in 6+ months if the choose.
  9. A simpler solution is to have casinos smoking. Just require smokers to stay in an airtight bubble where all the smoke stays in it and on them.
  10. Don't count on rental car availability to change much. Rental companies are not buying vehicles because manufacturers are not discounting fleet vehicles at the moment. The chip shortage is a massive impact. Recalls have to be given priority which limits what they can manufacturer. With lower new cars, the manufacturers are not looking at low cost fleet sales. But do not fret. Renting would probably be your most cost effective option between all the round trip Uber/Lyft. If the fall back plan is Uber/Lyft, then that is not a worry either. My advice since you arrive early evening and the current prices near MCO are not that low anymore, is to find a room for Fri/Sat and another room at the same place for Saturday. This gives you 2 rooms still.
  11. We have a deposit on 1 specific in St Maarten because space is very limited. Other than that one, not until we are sure to board. I think there is only one other port stop that we would and that may be a book in port thing in St Kitts.
  12. If you do the rough math on these "smaller" ships, they are sailing with ~3,000 passengers max. That only gives 150 unvaxxed exemptions. I don't know the numbers, but I would guess the typical number is probably 2x that if not more.
  13. Happens once in a while when they are doing maintenance.
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