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  1. I had an Olympus eM5 Mk II. I never really liked the system and now hate the camera shop that pushed it so hard. The only advantage the system had for me was cheaper gear, but at the cost of not enjoying having it. I moved to the Sony a6400 which is night and day better. I lose overall zoom, but it is crop factor zoom anyway. IBIS is good for certain purposes, but I would speculate only 10% of my shots ever required it. Of those, most of them could have been captured with better autofocus and technique.
  2. We are in the same boat. There are travel opportunities, but the cost is the same regardless of what is available. I don't want to spend $1,000 for a long weekend trip to only have to stay in our room mostly and order take out. Camping has been good for many but most of the places to go are booked out and renting an RV is expensive as well. The way I manage is that I still have a job, I am successful at it, we have vacations planned (2 cruises), and we will eventually get over it. I know of 4 people now that have had CV19 and their reactions to it are extremely minimal. Just have to stay positive, watch retirement savings, and it will be gone sooner or later.
  3. No, not at all. We rent from timeshare owners for pennies on the dollar. Insane deals you can get from other owners.
  4. It doesn't look like it, but I don't know for certain. We have been looking at this ship as a fallback plan if our Nov cruise gets canceled.
  5. I have a feeling our Nov cruise will get canceled. My original fallback plan was to move to the Easter HotS to St Thomas and St Kitts. They have priced us out of that cruise. We have a Belize, Roatan, Cozumel, Costa Maya cruise in July. I know there is excellent snorkeling on that cruise. Below are some of the cruise options available that we may have to switch to. If any are better than others, I would love to hear. I have looked at videos to get an idea and have my opinions. Labadee/ABCs: I know Aruba and Bonaire have excellent snorkeling sites. This I think is my top choice but it is on Explorer of the Seas instead of an Oasis class. Labadee/Falmouth/Cozumel: Not my first choice but very doable. Snorkeling would only be in Cozumel which is still great, but not a lot of other options Puerta Plata/St Thomas/Tortola/Stirrup Cay: I think St Thomas offers the best opportunity. I am not sure about the others though. Aruba/Curacao/Turks & Caicos: Aruba is great and the Baths at T&C.
  6. I would be willing to bet if you told 4,000 people on a cruise ship if 1 person gets Covid-19, that they would not be able to return to port until 100% of passengers test negative and you will be stuck in a prison cell until that happens, no one would get on a cruise. It would cripple fleets world wide. Cruises should be no different than taxi, Uber, Lyft, air travel, trains, buses, etc. There is no difference on the methods of travel and that is what the real problem is.
  7. At this point, I will take sea days over staying in the house, not being able to get out, businesses shutdown, etc. At least on a cruise ship at sea you have entertainment, pools, slides, music, drinks, sun, activities, casino, shows, dining, and the list could go on.
  8. It is like I said, no one would cruise if this was the risk. It is as simple as that. Get stuck on a ship for 30-500 days, no port to go to. You would lose homes, businesses, jobs, etc. If that is what the CDC states, then cruising will be done.
  9. Cruising will never happen if an entire ship is quarantined because of 1 person. Travel insurance, employers, nor cruisers would accept it.
  10. We would go tour the fort and the town a bit, but not much selling me on it. St Thomas is more for nostalgia and snorkeling.
  11. Thanks for the offer, but March 26th would be the only one we could get on. That is their school Spring Break.
  12. She and my wife would only miss 1 day of school for the 9-day cruise. It would be the Friday before their Spring Break anyway. Nothing will be going on that day because teachers want out and the kids won't care.
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