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  1. Costa Maya is our last port stop on our cruise. I have been looking at possible excursions, but none are interesting. We don't want to go to the ruins because wife is diabetic and worried being a bit away could be an issue. We are already snorkeling in Cozumel and Roatan. We are thinking just seeing what is in the port area and enjoy the ship. I don't think paying for a beach pass just to sit in the sand and ocean is worth it. I have free drinks and food on the ship already. Anyone else just store hop, maybe have a quick bite at the restaurants, and enjoy the port and ship?
  2. I am not doing any knee jerk reactions. We sail on 08/02. I am extremely hopeful it goes, but not upset if it doesn't. If it doesn't, we are stuck with the school breaks to get our next one in. It will be tough because we did not have the best of vacations last year because I lost my job. This was suppose to make up for it, be a grand 50th b-day, and give my family what they deserve. If it doesn't, we can hope for Thanksgiving, XMas, or Spring Break.
  3. We are hopeful this will all be over before our cruise. If we cannot cruise, we will have no Summer vacation and it won't be until Thanksgiving when we could go again. I prefer that not happening because we would be getting hit with some hefty price increases.
  4. Not a fair vote for me, but we will be on our first cruise in August assuming they are sailing. If not, we will try over Thanksgiving.
  5. Thank you for the feedback so far. I can't seem to justify the price. If it was $30-$40 per person, then maybe. The wave pool is small. There are only about 6-7 different slides. Our plan is to chillout at the beach and pool, grab some food, have a few drinks, party a little, and back to the ship. For me, when I am on the beach for a few hours, it drains me and I need an hour or two nap. So, that is what I am planning on doing (assuming we still sail in 4 months).
  6. I have been looking at posts and prices for Perfect Day for our cruise. To go to the waterpark, it is $90 pp if we buy before our cruise. To me, that is very high for what looks like 7 slides and a wave pool. We have been to places like Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Water Country US in Busch Gardens Williamsburg, we have Great Wolf Lodge, and Wet n Wild all near us. I just can't get a grasp on paying that much for the few things that are offered. My question for those that have gone, is it worth it to pay that much for a few extra things to do? Only two of us would do it...myself and DD14. The other reason I ask is if you want to slide, just stay on the ship (in our case HOTS). The slides should not be crowded, Flowrider would be less crowded. Hoping those that have been could give some tips to first time cruisers.
  7. It's highly unlikely we will be able to vacation anywhere else this Summer. If canceled, we will reschedule over Thanksgiving.
  8. I am booked through an agency. I have been extremely lax in contacting them because I am sure they are slammed. I remembered to call them very early this morning to check why my payment hasn't shown. They said it was just a glitch between their system and RCL. RCL had the trip paid in full which is really all I was worried about. Since it was slow (4AM), the agent said he could check to see if there are any price reductions he could find me on the cruise. In the same category there wasn't any (2J), but there was in the (XN) category. So, we move from a Central Park Balcony GTY to a Neighborhood Balcony GTY for $750 less. Glad I called because they will cover all gratuities plus some. We do go down $50 in OBC, but still get $200. It was a great call this morning and well worth the ~30 minutes it took to complete.
  9. Allianz sent an email that if the trip is canceled and I rebook, the insurance will move to the new booking.
  10. I have Allianz insurance and was wondering the same thing. We don't cruise until August and hope this is over by then. I know they are slammed with everything right now. I asked if our cruise date shifts, does our insurance shift with the trip. I have not heard back, but I hope it follows the travel and not a date because of this. If we do sail in August, I will be on it.
  11. This is concerning because we are looking to use Rony. We may have to consider an alternate route.
  12. Thank you. We just upgraded rooms from interior to balcony. We also get Socially dining included. I have been told it is good for 3 nights in the cruise. We are going to do My Time Dining for now. That may change if we can update it later. I am perfectly fine eating at the other places instead of the dining room. Since I have never been on a cruise, I will learn a bit and make some mistakes.
  13. Thanks for the correction. It is Category 2J, Central Park Balcony
  14. You are correct. This was not a negotiation. RC does not do that. And yes, what we received is available to everyone. We learned a lesson as first time crossers... Always fare check with a bunch of sites.
  15. Ok. Royal Caribbean would not do anything. Because of a few logistics issues, we would not be able to go out of Miami and NCL. I contacted the agency from this site and they looked into what they could do. I have now transferred the reservation to them. Here is what changed... Upgrade from interior to Promenade Balcony Added Specially Dining $250 or $300 On Board Credit (which one is TBD since it is on the borderline) Totally increase for me was $100.
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