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  1. There are a lot of people publishing things to manipulate market price. Some very well to do fund managers would love to see cruise lines drop 20-25% for their Shorts. Then buy back at $15-$20, sell at $25-$30. They have been doing this repeatedly since March. This article has less to do about cruising and more to do about the stock market.
  2. The government is against cruise lines because they are not giving politicians and leaders the proper handshakes. It is as simple as that.
  3. And FL is not vaccinating front line workers, they are vaccinating prisoners instead. That pretty much tells you where cruising will stand. July is a possibility as is June. I don't think anything before that will happen.
  4. I am thinking June at the earliest. From a US perspective, states are being given their own choice on who to vaccinate first. FL is vaccinating prisoners before front line workers. That tells you where port workers fall in the category to get the vaccine. I would back the CDC in requiring Covid vaccines to cruise. That includes all port workers, terminal personnel, all onboard crew, and all passengers. If that is the case, June is a best case scenario.
  5. It was 89 days, but I expect RCL to follow NCL and cancel May. Now we are 207 days until Mardi Gras
  6. You'll see, just have to wait for it. They will not announce them because of stock hits and investor relations, especially with their creditors.
  7. Not that this is "news", it is just officially announced. More delays are coming and expect cancelations through May. I just wish they would get on with it sooner than later. I just found that I cannot get a refund on flights for my March cruise. So, I have to take a credit that I have no clue if I can use this year.
  8. Just be sure those November cruise prices are not more than the 125% FCC. Every RCL cruise we can take in 2021 has skyrocketed beyond the FCC and in many cases 2x of the 125% FCC. I am not paying 150% - 250% premium for the same cruise. We will take a refund when March is canceled and book with CCL or NCLH for the amount of our refund.
  9. Yes!!! By thinking things through, you will quickly find that most of the cruises working people can go on with kids are WELL beyond the 125% FCC. I have already looked at our soon to be canceled March cruise. All cruises that we would be able to go in in 2021 are at least $1000 above the 125% FCC amount. In most cases, they are $2,000+ over what our FCC would be. I am not going to pay that much more for the same experience. That is like getting it twice. I will take the refund and book CCL or NCLH. They are both within my total refund amount when we can cruise.
  10. First off, the FCC is no longer your money, it is RCL's. They make the rules, policies, and governance of all FCCs.
  11. Not sure, but I have seen FTTF for my Mardi Gras cruise in July since we booked this past Summer.
  12. I could only imagine this being my biggest issue.
  13. They are criminals and should be prosecuted for being Felons!!!
  14. I won't take that bet at all. I am fairly certain they know cruising is canceled through May. They don't want to be the ones to announce it so they can save face. They want the CDC to flinch so they can blame the CDC.
  15. Actually they don't have to do anything really. They don't know what is happening with ANY of their cruises. I fully expect June or July to be the start of the short trial cruises. I expect the CDC to make it a requirement for Covid vaccines: port personnel, terminal staff, all onboard, and all guests. Because cruises from the US have to go to a foreign port, they may not allow most ports until they get vaccines. There is a lot of craziness going on and no cruise line will make a decision until they are forced to.
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