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  1. It's your time, not theirs. I am on vacation. No need to waste my time if the performance is not up to par with what I call entertainment. Obviously, don't make a fuss or show about it. Get up, leave quietly and contently and be done.
  2. October 31st doesn't matter. All cruise lines in the US have canceled until Dec 1. Nothing will happen until after the election. The outcome will determine the next delay. If it goes one way, it will be month-to-month delays. If it goes another, the CDC will shut it down until Feb 15th and reassess from there.
  3. We moved Aug. 2020 to Nov 2020 and finally to March 2021. As every day goes by, the less chance of that March cruise going. I thought this would have been done by November in the US, but not likely until late 2021. The CDC is about as clueless on this virus as a preschooler doing Calculus III. Every week they change their stance on what is required and what needs to be done: Can't be within 6 feet of someone for 15 minutes. Oh wait, now it is within 6 feet for 15 minutes total over a 24-hour period Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, don't use that mask, use this mask. Gaiters are no good masks, gaiters have proven to be better than the other masks. The virus lives on surfaces for up to 10 days. Oh, the virus can't be passed from surface contact. Shutdown all travel to prevent the spread...except air travel, Uber/Lyft, trains, mass transit, public transportation, taxis, etc. Just target cruise lines and vilify them as the reason for the spread.
  4. This could have stopped it in 2 months, but it would have required a massive military state and shutting down all forms of transportation. Everyone hunker down in their home, if you are out of food, MREs dropped off. But, we are not a country willing to do that and it has nothing to do with who is running the House, Congress, or WH. The People would have never accepted it.
  5. If that is the worst thing RCL has to worry about, then they are in an excellent place. But, I think this would rank somewhere around 435,667 on the list of things that they need to look into.
  6. The CDC made it clear at the beginning of the month that they want cruises halted until mid-February. As a compromise, they agreed to continue the month-to-month delays. 2-3 weeks they will delay until Dec 15...the don't want to impact those XMas and NYE cruises yet. If they have to delay for 2020 a few week later, it will be until Feb 15th then. Protocols need to be in place when cruising does restart. Testing is not the full answer. I didn't know until recently that someone with covid will test positive for 3-6 months after. That will need to be managed between the DHHS database and test facilities. The same will happen for anyone that is on a vaccine trial or received a vaccine (if available).
  7. Improvements and reduction in environmental impacts always happen. I have fun with the people that have that nice new "electric" car and at how environmentally friendly it is. That argument lasts until they have no clue how to answer where the lithium came from to make the battery and where there toxic battery is dumped every 5-6 years. I do believe there will better designs for cruise ships and new methods to make them more clean. They are not going to be a complete fix, but better than it was. We won't be free of a polluting method of travel for decades in not centuries. There is no real clean power. It all comes at an environment cost.
  8. You do know any and all testing is not fact? Current testing also cannot manage people that DID have covid for 3-6 months. There tests will come back positive until all parts are out of the system. Then, anyone with a vaccine will have parts of it injected. Testing is good, but nowhere near fool proof.
  9. Yes, full studies are years if not a decade away. There is no assumption in that. The only thing that can be done in the next 3 years is speculation and extrapolation.
  10. With early vaccines, efficacy is still a question. The flu vaccine is only about 50%. A new, untested vaccine for a new virus pandemic will be much lower. People that get covid are protected/immune for 3 months (according to the CDC). That may just be that the tests cannot detect between an active virus infection and antibodies. I think the protocols will be in place for several years until there is a drug that can be truly depended upon.
  11. Bahamas, Canada, Mexico. Most people have to fly in anyway, so flying to one of these countries is not much different. For us here in the US, the CDC, ports, and cruise lines need to have a serious discussion. No more of this trivial stuff and unrealistic demands. Covid isn't going anywhere, vaccines that work are years away, and it is better to plan for it than to think it will be gone.
  12. Survive...100%. Survive without having to file some form of bankruptcy...50/50. If the cruise lines are not able to sail ships from the US, they will look to other countries that are more open.
  13. Dumping passengers off in a foreign country is not going to go over well with those ports. The ships have a brig and they will have cabins to isolate and lock down people not following the rules. The check-in process will have a list of requirements that will have to be signed off. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  14. You can play what-if scenarios a million different ways. Simply stating what MSC did and many may take the same approach here in the US. They could even create staging areas with minimal people outside of the port. You go there for testing, put on a port shuttle if negative, and taken to your terminal. I don't know what they are going to do, but they will need to find a solution. This is no longer a pandemic and many researchers and scientists are calling it an endemic now.
  15. MSC cruises did this exact thing for their cruises. Everyone on the shuttle was denied boarding when 1 person on the shuttle tested positive. I expect ports in the US to have to do the same thing. Shuttles will be required to have a manifest that is loaded into a database for all cruise ships at a port. If any one person tests positive, the cruise ships will need to block boarding of those passengers. It will be interesting to see how they manage this when cruising does restart. It could be that the ports do not allow shuttles with guests from multiple ships. One shuttle, one ship type thing.
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