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  1. Just rebooked our cancelled cruise, was very easy , they booked new one with no deposit and said as soon as we get FCC to email RC and tell them new booking ref to apply it to ,this was thru planet cruise
  2. Just been watching programme saying they aren't sure what the legality of a FCC is if company went bust would we still be covered by abta for amount , What do u all think is it safe to accept a fcc
  3. Hi, looking at symphony for end Jan 21, want to see as much sea life and wild animals as possible was looking at these 2 itenaries Eastern Labadee- excursion out to sand bar island San Juan - paddle boarding to see manatees St Thomas- sapphire bay Coco cay - stingray excursion Western Costa Maya - blue quay Cozumel - chakanab or money bar Roatan - little French quay and sloths or West bay and sloths, monkeys Coco cay - stingray excursion What do u all think is better for end Jan
  4. Hi, is there any way to work out exactly how much on a FCC we would get, how do we know what port fees we are due back , looked at my invoice doesn't seem to say anywhere We spent £2252 in total ,u.k cruise on anthem for may 15th Thanks if anyone can help
  5. HI, its the 4 day preview cruise to amsterdam and Bruges we’re thinking of doing thanks for all replies still unsure what to do
  6. Hi, I’m from u.k just joined, was looking for info on celebrity apex, been on rci and po before loved rci for entertainment and food options, not keen on po too old mostly the other cruisers and boring entertainment and food options, looking at the new apex how would you describe celebrity to other cruise lines is entertainment good, food looks good on here so not too worried on that but would it be more geared up to an older crowd would be for a 42 year old and 23 yr son thanks all
  7. Can u take water and snacks from ship to island save buying them there
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