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  1. Again thanks for the feedback - again at this point it is hypothetical... but she does tend to get a minor cold before travel. this seems crazy to me we could call in the day of the cruise and say decided not to come - no reason cruise credits please, but if we go and are denied we not only lose flights...which I understand cause we used them but there is zero cruse credits when they say she is to sick? Shouldn’t it the fall into regular part of the insurance....a medical professional has said no go - and it would be cash back for the cruise?
  2. I didn’t know that - it has a whole list of reasons so I thought it had to be one of those specifically...we both have platinum so I guess we are ok...now just have to decide. Based on what has been said they will probably let her on. If we decide to cancel will they refund the cost of air travel booked through ez air as well? It seems unclear in booklet. thank you all for your replies...it is taking some of the stress off
  3. So it seems we chose a bad time for our cruise with what’s going on in the world (not that it was foreseeable when we booked)...Coronavirus in China and it seems a nor virus in Caribbean. I feel confident princess will do all they can and don’t really think in the Caribbean it is very risky - although a quarantine would be rough... What does worry me is generally my wife gets a cold when we travel...stress and anxiety of work and the travel. Not a huge deal sore throat and congestion. What happens if this happens beginning or on our cruise...we have been nowhere close
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