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  1. I don't, but that's good to know!
  2. Edit made! Thanks! 😆
  3. Hi everyone.... My wife and I are sailing on the Sun 4/3-7th. I've cruised Alaska before but this is my first Caribbean cruise. Can I get some tips on using the tender to GSC? I want to be sure I get my passes lined up as soon as possible, be on the first tinder of the morning, etc. I'd appreciate any veteran/insider advice. Thanks!
  4. I'm really bummed. We're in Nassau on Monday 4/6 and Sandy Toes is closed on Mondays. 😧
  5. Thanks for the input. I did some googling but am still a little unclear on something.... Sandy Toes looks like the name of a beach on Rose Island, is that correct? Are Flying Clouds and Seahorse charter companies that take you to Rose Island?
  6. Hey ya'll.....First time poster here. I've tried to read through the posts and have gleaned some information, but would like to ask about a comparison of the beach day experiences. For context, travelers are my wife and I, late 40's/early 50's. Looking to chill out with a book and a drink or three. We can deal with crowds, but the less crowded the better obviously. We sail on Norweigan Sun April 3. It seems that there are 4 options for a beach day in Nassau. Pearl Island, Blue Lagoon, Balmoral Island and the beach pass at Atlantis. Right now, I'm leaning towards Pearl, as it seems the nicest. Atlantis is an option as the aquarium is included in the day pass to the beach, which I really like. Posts I've read have me a little scared off of Blue Lagoon, though it looks beautiful. And Balmoral seems to be about like Pearl, but a tad bigger. I would appreciate any opinions/experience/insight ya'll have on this topic. THANKS!
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