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  1. You are so right. I miss it too. We love Seaside and have already missed two sailings.
  2. Yes. It is advertised on their website. We are booked.
  3. I agree. We have one in November, too.
  4. With that in mind, I was thinking about how crowded the theater gets on the Seaside during their evening shows--especially the one spotlighting Michael Jackson.
  5. Love these pictures. We love MSC.
  6. We are doing the same--pretending to be on vacation and just going out for groceries. We have trips this summer--doubt we will go and even if MSC will go--it's Seaside in the Caribbean.
  7. Yes!!! We would love that itinerary.
  8. I know what you mean. We are even questioning July.
  9. Thank you. We were cancelled for March, and just cancelled June--all MSC. We felt June would be too early to have a worry-free cruise. Time will tell.
  10. So, when do you think all of us will be cruising again?
  11. Thank you. You are correct about returning back to the ship.
  12. brightestfan


    What happens with the crew during the "suspended" time?
  13. Quarantine is the problem.
  14. Yes, the Assurance Policy begins tomorrow, the 10th. I just read it. You can re book with a Future Cruise Credit up until December 31 2021. Only on sailings that you have prior to July31, 2020.
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