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  1. Sorry I was at work. We found the staff had attitudes mainly in the casino. We also encountered the attitudes while eating in the dining room. We had Your Time Dining. Our stateroom steward however was excellent in the Cloud 9 spa area where we had a balcony. If I speak a bit on the dining room experience, we missed how they would come around with the bread and ask which one you want. We didn’t get that service at all in the dining room. Also no one ever put the napkin in our laps like they used too. But I assumed maybe this was the new thing with Your Time dining? I don’t know. We also were seated a few times for lunch and dinner with no table settings, like napkins and forks for example (things my mother didn’t like, I can get over stuff like that.) I won’t really get into the food as much just that we didn’t care for Guy’s Pig and Anchor but loved Guy’s burgers and the omelettes on the Lido deck. The rest of the food was your typical cruise food which too me has always just been ok. That goes for all cruises I’ve been on though. My mother did not like the workers attitudes mainly but I did not like the layout of the ship especially with it being a new ship. I felt for a new ship I expected a lot more. I did not like that the night club and comedy club were in the same venue and the shops on the ship seemed smaller. I’m just comparing this ship to the Sunshine we were on last year and the splendor which we were on in previous years where I had no problems with the layout of those ships. So for those reasons I’m just glad the ship won’t be leaving from NYC next year when we go on our next 4 day cruise. I like how the Carnival Splendor and Sunshine ships looked so was disappointed that the Horizon was not doing it for me. We definitely had fun since we have fun on cruises anyway but we both felt this ship wasn’t all that.
  2. Wow 😮. This is my opinion only. In my opinion, some negative reviews I’ve read about the Horizon were right. Me and my mother were very disappointed with this cruise. I’m so glad the Horizon will not be sailing from NYC in a few weeks as we did not like the ship. We mostly had problems with the attitudes of the staff members. We were not sure why many had such attitudes. I’ve never encountered rudeness from staff on a cruise before. But I know I did not like it. Not on my vacation. But for me I personally did not like the layout of the ship at all so I will not be cruising on this ship ever again. We are planning to take another cruise on Carnival next year per usual from NYC and I see it’s on another ship so that’s good. :) PS. We were ok with the elevators. I kind of like the new system. It wasn’t a huge big deal to me but I can understand why some people don’t like it.
  3. I got an upgrade email for playing in the casino. I took the deal. ;)
  4. Going on Horizon out of NYC this Thursday. Is this new card system at the NY port?
  5. I'm in a spa cabin too and glad I read this thread. Now I won't waste my time. I can't stand sales pitches. Thanks.
  6. Going on Horizon this week so let me start reading. :D
  7. I just would never suggest someone to not have a stroller. A stroller is a God-send. I would defn take it on a cruise. No question.
  8. I didnt even know there was a change and we did take a Carnival cruise last year :confused:. We always have twice a day. I defn don’t want once a day.
  9. I personally avoided bringing my now 4 year old son on any cruises since he’s been born, because I want to have a stress free vacation. I do take him on other road trips. I’ll wait to take him on cruises when he’s maybe 5 or older. Anyways if I did, I would defn bring an umbrella stroller (ignore anyone telling you not too, you can’t hold a 2 yr old the whole time yeah right) and many many snacks and my iPad. These things would defn help us get through any trip.
  10. Oh thank you I forgot all about the block feature. So tired of seeing “It’s” comments. They’re so dumb.
  11. I think the best thing for people to do is call their specific cell phone company and see what they say. I've been there and done that when it comes to getting off the ship and having a large phone bill when I didn't even use the phone the whole time. These days there are so many different cell phone providers that following any one person's general advice on how to avoid charges may not be the way to go. Call your cell phone company.
  12. You are so correct. Once the ship was sailing from NYC last year, my mother all of a sudden wanted to dload the Hub app though she kept saying she was scared to before the ship left, and she was not able to during the entire cruise. So yes dload the app before the ship sets sail or at least before you are out of range and put on airplane mode on your phone.
  13. Just turn Airplane mode on. You do not need to go thru all the stuff this person wrote below. And if you need, turn your Wifi back on if airplane mode turned it off. Now that's more simple.
  14. Thanks for answering. :cool:
  15. We leave next Thursday and I plan to pack this weekend. I can't pack weeks in advance for anything. :D
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