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  1. Finally received my full refund from MSC on this morning (October 21st). I cancelled in March for a April 25th sailing.
  2. Thank you, I saw the email. I was hoping they wasn’t going to change the itinerary. I’m ok with the date but not the ports.
  3. Just signed onto to manage my account on carnival website and my booking is back there after being gone for some time. I was sailing on the sunrise leaving on April 25th, the date has change to April 19th which I was ok with. But they changed my whole itinerary, i will have to cancel my cruise because I wanted to visit Jamaica and grand Cayman, they change it to Nassau, Half moon cay and Grand Turks 😔.
  4. Just checked my account, I received a refund for taxes ONLY from MSC.
  5. I am hoping something happens by July 29th, this is crazy. I have called Msc this morning and they do not have the answer to why our refunds are not made as yet, told me to get in contact with my Travel agent. This is very frustrating and I am very disappointed.
  6. This is crazy...... cancelled on March 13 and I am still waiting for my refund as well. This will be my first and my last time booking a cruise with Msc.
  7. Cancelled my April 25th sailing on March 13. I'm still waiting for my refund 😤
  8. I booked a April 2021 cruise departing from Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) and I received an email saying that the cruise will be leaving from Miami on a sailing within 2-7 days of the original departure date.
  9. Hi, I requested 100% refund on a cruise I was suppose to set on March 13th. Once I submitted my option to received my funds I was told 60 days after submitting that I would received my money. I never received an email confirming that I requested this option, I just decided to wait for the refund, my 60 days has past and I called MSC only for them to tell me that I requested a FCC which I did not. Has anyone experienced this and if so, what was the out come?
  10. I was also hoping to book another cruise with MSC but they are taking so long to return my refund. Will be booking with Carnival for sailing next year.
  11. OMG 120 days, this is long....... I booked through a company called cruisesit. Hopefully I wouldnt have to wait 120 days
  12. I am still waiting for my refund, I cancelled my sailing on March 13, I was supposed to sail on April 25th. MSC is moving pretty slow with their refund system. When i requested my refund I was told 60 days from the day of cancellation, well I am pass my 60 days (business days) hopefully I will get my money this week coming. My mom was sailing on Carnival July 19th, she cancelled her sailing in May and as of today she received her full refund.
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