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  1. My vote is to just leave it the way it has always been. PPL can self serve with no problems. Standing at Guys burgers is no problem either. Using the percentages for the population, less than 1/10th of a percent might be a carrier, with a passenger load of 2000, that would be just 2 PPL.
  2. The only thing that they told me was that they would be testing temperatures on embarkation.
  3. One indication might be when they start hiring and training their entertainers. I think I read somewhere that the training can take two weeks or more for each dance/singing group for the Headliners.
  4. You didn't answer any of my questions, but that is OK. All you're doing is speculation. You've already made up your mind that there will be a lot of cases on one of the cruise ships. This is not a safe world to live in. You might as well come to grips with that fact. On this planet, death is the rule, and life is the exception.
  5. actually the virus can't live in the heat and the sun. That makes beaches the safest place to be, if you'e concerned about the lack of social distancing. The CDC, bless their hearts, just announced that the virus doesn't survive on surfaces either. So, all the energy ppl are putting into wiping door handles and other surfaces are wasting a lot of energy.
  6. You're using cumulative numbers incorrectly. Where are these numbers? What state? Plus, are you talking cases?
  7. Well, take that up with China.
  8. I've cruised over 30 times on many ships from NCL, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival, and the only negative experience that I remember was on the Princess Grand. It was her first cruise or second, I don't remember, out of Galveston. I'm assuming they probably had a large number of crew changes as well. But, it just seemed that the crew and staff were all out of sync. I was talking to one of the officers, and he hadn't been on the ship any longer than me. hi hi. The ship was great, nothing to complain about. Just the crew was out of sorts.
  9. Who thinks that the CDC is NOT going to extend their "Do Not Sail" order? The aggressive impossible to meet "conditions thrust upon the cruise industry" is why these companies are struggling for their very existence. It's the CDC that should be going out of business and announcing layoffs, not the cruise lines.
  10. One thing that I love on Carnival ships is their Karaoke! They absolutely have the best! Now, I don't participate, but I love to go and watch and it is always more entertaining that what I find on other ships.The emcees or hosts make it more entertaining as well. I'm of the opinion that there are a lot of ppl that sing, single out Carnival ships so that they can Karaoke!
  11. Another point that I think of, is that in Tender ports, you can get off of a Fantasy Class much faster than the big ones. I remember one year, we were on one of the bigger ships, and pulled into the Cayman islands, which requires Tendering, and there were at least 6 big ships all contending with Tendering. It was a disaster, because I guess there were close to 12K ppl wanting to Tender to the same pier. We sat in the Tender boat at the pier waiting our turn to get off for almost an hour.
  12. I booked on the Freedom for aug 9th just two days ago. Not many cabins were left, that's for sure!
  13. I'm at 72 days and will reaach Platinum on the next cruise after the 3rd day. How do you guys get credit for 75 days or more cruising with less than 75 days? What am I missing? OBTW, I keep my key cards in a box, so that's what I use to keep track of my cruises, when, where and what ships.
  14. My cruise on the Dream march 16th was canceled and I received my 100% refund last week. 🙂
  15. I guess my question is more to why Barbados? That's just one of many Caribbean islands. Is Barbados going to be the center of expatriating Caribbean crew members? That article didn't mention the Caribbean, but did mention So. America which would be the closest.
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